October 14th National Dessert Day

Well if you feel guilty about eating a dessert after a meal today is your day not to worry about it. In fact, today you should be eating that dessert because it National Dessert Day. Heck, maybe you can even forget the meal and just go directly to the dessert! and maybe, if you are like me, I feel a little guilty but I eat it anyway so does today give me the right to eat two desserts? And if you are one of those that doesn’t eat all your dinner because you want to save room for dessert, well today you don’t need to worry about it. Maybe you could have a healthy dessert lie some fresh fruit or something. Is carrot cake a healthy dessert? Even though the French make a ton of desserts, Americans are some of the most dessert concerned people in the world. Why are we concerned? Because we might miss out!

How to celebrate – Have a dessert today. If you normally have dessert anyway, have two today! Have dessert before your meal so you don’t have to leave room for it.


October 13th International Skeptics Day

I am a little skeptical that today is actually International Skeptics Day. I mean maybe it is, but maybe it isn’t. It will have to be proven to me. Today we can all be doubting Thomas’. Sometimes it’s good to be skeptical, but then sometimes we just need to believe, after-all there are some things in life that just can’t be explained. Sometimes you just have to see it to believe it. But that, at times, takes the magic out of it. So make sure that before you go and prove it to yourself that you really want it to be proved. It’s sort of like that Christmas present under the tree. Maybe it’s what you’ve always wanted, maybe you didn’t even know you needed what is in that package and maybe sometimes it’s not really something you like, but you like the person giving it to you. There is no doubt that you have the right to be skeptical.

How to celebrate – Make people prove themselves to you. Take a leap of faith. Learn about those things you don’t know.

Oct. 12th National Motorcycle Riding Day

Oct. 12th National Motorcycle Riding Day

Always celebrated the 2nd Saturday of October – today marks the end of the motorcycle riding season, according to the experts, as we put away our motorcycles for the colder weather. The day also marks when Dunlop tires developed the first tire that became practical to use on a motorcycle, hence why Chad Geer of Dunlop Tires created the day in 2015. Where I live motorcycle season never really comes to an end, but then, they aren’t as much fun to ride either on flat land. There is something about the mountains and forests that make a motorcycle ride all that much better. So take you cycle out for one more ride before the season ends and enjoy the wind blowing through your hair.

How to celebrate – Take your motorcycle for a ride. Get a side car so you can take a friend. Join a motorcycle club. Visit the social media sites of Chopper the Biker Dog from San Diego to learn more about his awesome charity work.

October 11th National Fossil Day

They are all around us, or rather below us. The term “Older than dirt” actually becomes dirt one day. We uncover them nearly daily now and wonder at what life must have been like for them, or perhaps what our lives might be like if they were still around. And, of course, many consider those of us that are older as fossils ourselves. The day was created by the US National Park Service in 2010 in order that we may think about what lived before us and to take care as fossils are uncovered. The only real problem with today is that the date varies, and for us already that are considered “fossils”, that makes it hard to find, and remember. Maybe we should celebrate fossils every time we think of them. Guess that’s sort of the point anyway.

How to celebrate – Go looking for fossils. Visit a National Park. Make sure that rock you just stepped on is really a rock!

October 10th World Sight Day

Oct. 10th World Sight Day

Today we celebrate our gift of sight. Not that life can’t be as valued if one has no sight but to get up every morning and see the day we have been given (also a gift) should bring you joy. The idea of the day is to encourage people to get eye exams and that is a good thing. Sometimes we take our eyesight for granted, but over the years as it changes and blurs you do need to get it corrected. You wouldn’t want to miss those sunrises, or sunsets, because you didn’t take the time to make sure the world really was as you saw it! They say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, beauty is there whether you see it or not, so make sure today you have the opportunity to see it for as long as you can.

How to celebrate – Get an eye exam. Look closely at things with the idea you may never see them again. Check out your prescription for your glasses.

Oct. 10th National Handbag Day

Oct. 10th National Handbag Day

Where would women be without the handbag!?! Well, they’d be like men with their pockets blown out from all the stuff they carry. Actually, men are starting to carry the purse themselves, not real manly but they are functional. The day was created by PurseBlog.com in 2012, after hundreds of years of use it’s only right they finally get their due. In the old west, cowboys had purses… they called them saddle bags, Naturally they didn’t carry them over their arm very often but it served the same purpose. The nice thing about women carrying a purse is that, as a man, you can ask them to carry all the stuff you don’t want to! Why not, they have practically everything else in there already!

How to celebrate – Buy yourself a new purse. Count the number of items in your purse. Determine when your purse becomes a suitcase.