January 15th National Hat Day

Do you like to wear hats? Have you ever worn a hat? Do you think hats are cool? Well if you answered yes to any of those questions, today is your day! It is a day to proudly wear your hat of choice and show the world that you believe it is truly a to honor the hats you have.

Hats once were worn to keep your head warm, protect it from something like a mace being beat against it or to show your place in society. None of that is really in play anymore, well maybe the keeping your head warm particularly if you are bald.

But hats do make a statement. It can tell people you are wealthy, crazy, cool or just like hats. There are certain times and places you do not want ot wear your hat, like when you and in a crowded area and your hat takes up the space of four people. When you sit down at a theater to watch a show or when you are riding public transportation.

Times to wear a hat for sure include, walking through a construction zone, performing in a parade or pretending to be an international spy. The spy thing doesn’t work well anymore since everyone knows spies wear hats so they are easily identifiable. 

How to celebrate – Find your favorite hat and wear it. Make a hat that identifies your family. Get one of those really cool hats that carries a drink for you with those really long straws.


January 14th National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Do not be surprised if you find your pet hiding from you today when you get up. They have pretty good memories and may remember that today is National Dress Up Your Pet Day. The day was created by Colleen Paige and surprisingly she is an animals advocate.


I say that because, I have never met an animal that likes to be dressed up! Ever! Now before you get all bent out of shape I know they can look cute. But lets face it, they were born naked! Well then, so are people. Actually, they are born more dressed than people!


Well, at least she picked a winter day where they smaller pets can be somewhat protected from the cold. Since many animals look like their owners, or visa-versa, at least you can wear matching outfits! Sometimes your pets may even look better in that matching outfit than you do!


But let’s face it, do you really think they like it!?! You notice there are no cats in these photos. That’s probably because when yo dress up a cat, you rarely have any fingers left to push the button on your camera.


Now I am all for spending time with you pets and having fun. It’s just that fun should be something shared with your pet, not solely in your eyes. Enjoy your pets, but let them enjoy you too.

How to celebrate – Spend the day with your pet. If you want to dress them up, ask them first. Make sure you get, or make, matching outfits.

January 13th Make Your Dreams Come True Day

As we go through our lives a lot of our dreams seem to fall by the wayside. That is sad because what we live for is our dreams, that is why, in my humble opinion, so many people go through life getting more and more angry as their lives progress.

I have to admit I fall into this same pattern as nearly everyone else. I find my dreams slipping further and further away until they get to the point where I can barely see them anymore. But normally there is a good friend, family member or even a stranger that comes along and reminds me of my dreams and help me go back in search of them.

Well today is the day to start making your dreams come true. They may be baby steps but that doesn’t matter, it’s the fact that you are moving towards them instead of away from them. Now we aren’t talking dreams here like I will be King of the world, they have to be at least a little realistic, something that effort, luck and timing can make happen.

So enjoy your life, reach for the stars you hold over your reach and take the first step in making them come true. Then every day take another step, and another step and another step. You may or not get there, but half of winning is trying.

How to celebrate – Write down your dream and leave it where you can see it clearly every day. Make sure your dream is something a human can reach. Alter your dream when you have the chance to make them more attainable.

January 12th Feast Of The Fabulous Wild Men Day

Okay, so here is a day that is somewhat subjective. What kind of man do you consider Fabulous? What kind of a man do you consider wild? Well, if you know one that you consider is one or the other, today is not for them… they have to be both.. at the same time.


And is the feast about having dinner with them or about looking at them, or… again… both? What one considers makes someone fabulous, or wild, can vary so I doubt we will get everyone to agree on today. However, all things considered, this might be a good thing to be kept private. The feast, however, is open to celebration so long as no one really knows what you are feasting about.

download (4)

Remember too that fabulous does not mean popular or great all the time. Einstein probably was never considered a hunk but he was great, and he was fabulous! I doubt that wild would apply in his case but what is considered wild by one may not have the same definition by another.

images (1)

And then there are those that might be considered both fabulous and wild but not necessarily someone you would want to feast with, or over. So who do you consider consider both fabulous and wild? Do you actually know them or are they just someone you think is fabulous and wild?

download (5)

For me, but I am a man, the most fabulous is obvious. And, considering what he did while he was alive, could be considered wild as well. And we all know what feast we celebrate with Him.

How to celebrate- Make a list of your most fabulous and wild men. Have a lunch at a gym. Go ahead and dream

January 11th Step In A Puddle And Splash Your Friends Day

Remember when you were young and found a puddle after a big rainstorm? The first thing you wanted to do was go out and play in it, and you hoped a friend would come along so that you could splash them. It wasn’t something mean, it was all about fun… and the muddier the puddle was, the better.


It wasn’t until we got older that splashing someone became a bad idea. Well, it never really was a good idea but the only one who really got mad was mom and she generally got over it pretty quick.


As we get older the idea seems to be rejected to splash your friend by jumping in a puddle of water. Note, I did not say it was less fun, just maybe not so much a good idea. Adult are normally on their way somewhere and since  they are in charge of cleaning their own clothing the idea becomes less appealing.


However, if you have a day that you have nothing special to do, nothing dress up to go to or an important meeting to attend… why not give is a splash!?! Maybe, if you have kids, take them along… they are pretty easy to soak and generally take it better.


So go ahead and have some fun today, hopefully it will rain where you are… if it doesn’t you can always turn on a hose unless it’s freezing out. Which makes me wonder, did whoever create today realize hat at least in the northern states the water might be frozen!?!

How to celebrate – Find a puddle. Remember to put on some old clothes. Wet suits for diving are not allowed.

December 2018 Original Holiday Box

  • Put on Your Own Shoes Day
  • Gingerbread House Day
  • Go Caroling Day
  • Eggnog Day

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December 2018 Bizarre Bibliotheca Box

Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day!

  • Star Trek Insulated Mug
  • Time and Again Book by Jack Finney
  • Dr. Who Stone Coasters

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