November 19th Have A Bad Day Day

Leave it to the people at to create a Bad Day Day… and then copyright it so they can make money from it. Their idea was to get clerks at stores and banks and such to wish you a bad day instead of a good day. I guess the idea of wishing someone something good is not welcome at Wellcat.

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And to copyright it!?! Why? I doubt it’s like anyone else is going to steal the day from them. And just how do they make money from it. All those bad day greeting cards, buttons and balloons.


I think we are all capable of having a bad day without Wellcats help. Asking us is a bit beyond good taste. But there you go, if you truly do have a bad day, let Wellcat know about it.


Well, cats, ignore them. Go ahead and have a good day and defy them! After all, you might have to pay them for it if you do have a bad day.

How to celebrate – Try and figure out what is wrong with the people at Have a good day. Create a good day meter.


November 20th Beautiful Day

Well let’s hope today was created to beat yesterdays Have A Bad Day Day. Because most days can be beautiful if we let them be. True, sometimes you have to look for the beauty and beauty is in the eye of the  beholder. What I think is beautiful maybe be entirely different from what you think is beautiful, that doesn’t make one better than another. just different.


Some find the oceans beautiful, some the mountains, others find a snow covered field beautiful and some a field of wheat. The point is, you can find beauty in anything if you just look for it.

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Writers write about it, singers sing about it, artists try to paint it, sculpt it or mold it to express what beauty is. The facts is, beauty is what you make it. Having a beautiful day is what you make it, maybe by looking at the same old things in a different way.

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We are surrounded by beauty and the best way to find it is by not looking so hard for it.

How to celebrate – Make a list of all the beautiful things you see today. Surround yourself with beautiful things. Think beautiful thoughts.

November 18th Occult Day

This is a dark day. I know there are many people out there that believe in the occult. Personally, I believe it is a very dangerous thing to believe in and an even more dangerous thing to practice. To believe in and tempt devils and demons into your life is to invite the dark side of life, and after life.


It’s fun at Halloween to play frights and scares of the after life but to invite them into your life and practice the dark arts is another story altogether. Your soul is what matters most, and your soul is what you are most likely to lose. Those I have known who were into cults never benefited from them, gained anything or met others into the arts that did them any good.


None of us know for sure what follows life here on earth. The idea of wandering it forever is not very appealing to me. The torment of keeping evil thoughts in your head can only lead you something bad. Something like this that begins as a curiosity generally ends in an obsession.


But we can’t ignore it either. Whether it is real or not, it is dangerous. If I could offer one piece of advice, don’t mess with something you can never fully understand.

How to celebrate – Don’t celebrate today. If you know anyone practicing the occult try getting them some help. Do not tempt evil, you can’t win.

November 17th National Take A Hike Day

November 17th National Take A Hike Day

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Did you know there are over 60,000 miles of trails in the National Park system!?! That’s a lot of hiking but if you get started today you can probably make it by say 2099! Hiking is good for you, it burns calories, between 400 and 550 or more depending on how far and long you go, and it builds muscle, helps your respiratory system and heart health.


And it’s a great time to get to know the person that goes with you because you should always take a buddy along.

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How to celebrate – Take a hike! Remember to pack snacks and water. Wear good shoes.

November 17th National Take A Hike Day

Today is a great day to take a hike. What’s the difference between a hike and a walk? Well I guess it depends on how fast, far and the terrain you hike on. You can hike around a block, but generally that is considered a walk. You can walk up a mountain, but generally that is called a hike.


I think generally speaking a hike is a little more adventuresome than a walk. It’s probably a little more strenuous and often involves exploring things you don’t normally see everyday. It’ a chance to commune with nature, animals and enjoy the weather.


Most hikes have a destination as well. They may involve a picnic lunch or even a sleep over at the destination you chosen. The objective of taking a hike is get out and spend sometime with nature, get a little exercise and enjoy life. Take you cell phone for an emergency but forget you have it unless you need it.

Woman hiking in winter forest with dog

And don’t forget to take your dog. They love hikes, probably even more than their people do! And November is perfect for it. The leaves are changing colors, the air is a little crisper and besides, you need to make room for that Thanksgiving feast coming up.


But don’t ask a soldier to go on a little hike with you… you might get shot!

How to celebrate – Go on a hike. Form a hiking party. Join the army and go hiking every day.

November 16th National Fast Food Day

Fast Food restaurants have been with us for as long as most of us can remember. They became popular in the 1950’s when cars became more affordable and the American population found themselves on the move. Everyone needs to eat and it was so easy to just drop in a fast food store and grab a bite on their way to where ever it was they were going.

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White Castles sprung up in 1921 and have been followed by nearly every  type of fast food restaurant one can imagine. Burger King opened it’s doors in 1953 in Florida as Insta-Burger, McDonald’s officially open in 1958 in Illinois but has roots that go back to 1952. Wendy’s opened in 1969 in Ohio.

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Originally fast food restaurants were there just to provide fast food. To make things taste better they began to add flavorings and lots of salt. Sodas became even more popular in order to wash that salty food down with something sweet. It was a cycle that led to a lot of dietary issues in America, and across the world.

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Most fast food restaurants have begun to change their menus to provide more healthy foods available to their customers. Though the most popular foods are those that are still bad for you. But like anything else, a little excess if not all that terrible. You just need to mix the good with the bad.

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Greasy hamburgers, cheeseburger, onion rings and french fries are great tasting but clog the arteries like  cotton balls. A little of it won’t  hurt, a lot might. Blame the automobile! If we stayed home more we’d cook better meals… but it wouldn’t be as much fun.

How to celebrate – Start your day by having a fast-food breakfast. Go to lunch at a fast-food restaurant. End your day by having supper at… you guessed it… a fast-food establishment.

November 15th National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

Wow, have you looked in your refrigerator lately? Are there items in there that your can’t even remember getting? Eating? Or even recognize what they were in the first place? Then maybe it’s time to clean out your refrigerator.


There’s no telling what treasures you might find tucked away in there. Well, one might not call them treasures but still they were valuable enough at some point to put them in there. Naturally it’s always done with good intent, you know… waste not, want not.


I have found items in a refrigerator that were 20 years old. And a lot of people believe that the expiration date is just placed on a item so the grocery can sell you another item sooner. (Believe that and I have some swampland I will be glad to sell you).


It’s nothing new though. THis has been going on since refrigerators were invented. The biggest problem with saving all those items from last nights dinner (For a month) is that you can’t find the new stuff and it goes bad before you can locate it!


Well today is the day to change all that. Get in there and clean out your refrigerator, remember the gas mask and gloves… there may be items you don’t want to inhale or touch with bare skin.

How to celebrate – Clean your refrigerator. Hire someone to clean out your refrigerator. Just throw the old refrigerator out and buy a new one.