May 23rd National Lucky Penny Day

I know people who think a penny is worthless. But if they find one on the ground they will go out of their way to pick it up, if it is on heads. It’s supposed to bring you good luck, though I doubt that it really does. Particularly if the one you have found happens to be in the middle of a busy street.

A Day in the Life of Pennies

There are some countries that do not even make pennies anymore and many in the US think they are right. After-all, it takes a ton of them to buy anything. It use to be that a penny was at least good for penny candy or to pay the tax on something you’ve bought but not so much anymore.

pick it up

Actually you can find lots of coins on the ground if you just look. I remember spotting something shiny in my school garbage dumpster and on closer inspection I found over $12.00 in pennies a teacher was too lazy to take home, even the janitors threw them away. Hint- I didn’t!

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A penny saved is a penny earned according to Ben Franklin. He grew wealthy over his career so I figure what was good for him is good for me! And who knows, you may find a double stamped penny worth a small fortune! Even finding copper pennies made during the World War 2 years can be worth a lot of money because they needed the copper for the weapons.

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So don’t think that penny you see on the ground is worthless. Go ahead and pick it up. If you are superstitious, just pick up the ones on heads. If you don’t care, pick them all up. You will definately be richer than you were before, either way!

How to celebrate – Keep your head down when you walk and search for money! Give a penny a break and save it. Bag up what you have found over a years time and see how much it’s worth!


May 22nd National Buy A Musical Instrument Day

Music can calm the beast. Music is used as therapy. Music can help us remember fond moments we have had in the past. Or, music can bring you instant joy by playing it yourself. You get a sense of accomplishment and may even inspire others!

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Renting or borrowing a musical instrument is almost a sure way to prove you are not going to learn how to play it. Even before you have started you are giving yourself an out for quitting. Buy one, showing that commitment and sometimes forcing yourself to learn something because you spent good money on it is the only way to be successful.


And don;t buy a piece of junk. Learning a musical instrument can be challenging enough. I use to teach guitar and I saw so many people buying their children a $50.00 special and I knew the child was not going to learn to play. Pros don’t play on $50.00 specials where the strings are a mile from the fret board and it will not tune properly. How can you expect a student to play such an instrument?


Years ago, people bought organs for home entertainment, instrument that had so many automatic features on them that they required little effort to play. Thankfully it seems those days are long gone by. If you are going to play, even if it’s just for fun, learn to play the right way.

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And if you really want to annoy the family, the neighbors and the entire block, buy a set of drums and start learning how to play. That way, everyone can enjoy your effort! Seriously though, buy a musical instrument and give it a go. The only thing you can regret is that you never tried at all.

How to celebrate -Choose a musical instrument to buy. Make sure you are having fun, you won’t learn otherwise. Make the investment in yourself to create your own memories.

May 21st National Memo Day

Most memos are not really all that important. At the time they are written they are, but by the time someone reads them the event has already passed. Unless you are writing the memo to yourself. Those can be very important, if you can just remember to read them!


I think that’s why the companies that make those memo pads use such bright colors. It’s sort of hard to miss a neon yellow message sitting right in front of you. However, like nearly everything else, if they are constantly there we tend to block them out.


And naturally there are those memos sent out via email. I worked for the school system and should have checked my email memos on a daily basis but I didn’t. I would go on and find over 3,000 memos sent, maybe one applied to me, after a while I just stopped looking. The over use of memos is tremendous.


But then, you have to remember someone felt the information contained in the memo was important enough for someone to write it down. So they do deserve our attention. Memos like, you’re fired, pick up milk for the baby and go pick up your winning lotto ticket can be very important. Naturally you have to read them to make the system work.


You may want to add a joke or something odd in your memos to make people want to read them, even if they are to yourself.

How to celebrate – Write a creative memo! Buy a bunch of memo pads and leave memos all over your house. Write yourself a memo to remind yourself to read your memos.

May 20th National Be A Millionaire Day

So, who wants to be a millionaire!?! Well, probably most of us. Maybe a few of us are, not me! It is very unlikely that you will make a million working for someone else, unless you are an executive of a major company. But what the heck, it fun to pretend.


Just think what you could do with a million dollars! Naturally if you spend it, you won’t be a millionaire anymore, but what fun. You could buy a whole lot of useless stuff that you will later regret! Some of the cheapest people I have known have been millionaires. That’s because they want to continue to be millionaires.


A lot of lottery winners that are made millionaires over night end up being broke a year later. If you do make it rich you have to learn how to spend wisely. Thinking that money will always be there is a huge mistake. That’s why earning it means more than winning it. If you earn it, you will know it’s value.

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Most of us will only earn a million dollars in monopoly, if even that. It is fine to earn that kind of money but don’t become a slave to it, after all it has already been proven that money can’t buy you happiness. It gets pretty darn close, but nearly always fails.

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How to celebrate  -Count your pennies! Play monopoly. Be happy.

May 19th Armed Forces Day

Today we celebrate those branches of military service that have served our country since it began. The day was created by Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson on August 31, 1949. It was signed into law by President Harry Truman on February 20, 1950. Finally beginning to be celebrated later that same year on May 19th.


Prior to today, each branched celebrate their own birthdays, such as the US Army who formed in 1775. Obviously they were around for the American Revolution and have served as the main battle force ever since.


The Navy formed the same year since the Revolutionary  War took to the seas as well as on land. Ill prepared, the US Navy did a tremendous job with the few ships they had in service.

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The Marines formed as well in 1775, serving primarily aboard the ships as sharpshooters and landing forces. Since then the Marines have been the first to arrive in nearly every military engagement America has been involved in.

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To many people’s surprise, the US Air Force did not form in 1947. Prior to that it was a part of the US Army. Today it is a major strike force and a very deterrent defense against aggressors. During World War 2 the air force (Army) were among the few forces that could actually win against the mighty German Tiger tanks.


And far too often forgotten is the US Coast Guard. These men and women are known more for saving lives on the seas but it is their job to protect our borders from drugs, other illegal substances and invaders. While the US Navy is charged with foreign service it is the Coast Guard who keep watch at home.

How to celebrate – Thank those who serve, and have served, in our military forces. Study the history of each branch more closely. Be proud to be an American.

May 18th National Visit Your Relatives Day

Today is the day you have dreaded all year long. It’s the day you visit your relatives. You know, the ones you haven’t seen in like, ten years! Maybe longer! You know you need to. You know they have been waiting for you. And maybe you’ll even find out you have relatives you didn’t even know you had!


Those who live close by you probably see often but that Uncle Fred or Aunt Wilma that live a thousand miles away on a farm in the middle of nowhere are the ones you have been worried about seeing for years. Maybe you won’t recognize them, maybe they won;t recognize you. Maybe you can pass like strangers in the night.


But probably not. Someone will recognize someone and those agonizing hours of ‘catching up’ will begin. In most cases, they are stories you have already heard, maybe a hundred times before. But you’ll sit through them again and listen, as though you are hearing them for the first time.


And remember, they are a part of your family. They are a part of you, like it or not. Somewhere in their genetic make-up are the same genes you carry. You, in some ways, have to be just like them. Whether you want to admit it or not.


And then there is the positive side of it all. You might meet really interesting people, maybe some one famous, or rich, or all three! Probably not, but maybe!

How to celebrate – Visit your relatives. Plan a family reunion. Make a family tree.

May 17th National Pack Rat Day

We all do it, well almost all of us. We keep something because we think we will need it some day. Of course, when we do need it we can’t find it since we have piled all that other junk on to of it with other stuff we think we will need someday.


Some of us keep things. Broken lamps, microwaves, televisions that we intend to get around to fixing one day. Naturally we have already bought ten or twelve news ones to replace the one we have been saving to fix. We may even be saving a few of those replacement ones as well.


And then there are those pesky papers we keep because might need them sometime. There is always that fear that we may need that receipt we kept because we wrote it off back in 1964 and the IRS might be calling. Of course you’ll never find it if you really need it.


I admit it, I am a pack rat. I would love to get rid of some of the stuff I have but… what if I really do need it? Can I ever replace it? The thing is, if you can’t even remember you have it, then you can probably live without it.


How to celebrate – Get rid of some of the stuff you’ve kept. If it feels like Christmas when you do finally find what you are looking for, you are probably a pack rat. General rule, if you haven’t used it, worn it or thought about it in six months… it can go.