February 25th National Pistol Patent Day

February 25th National Pistol Patent Day

We celebrate the pistol patent today and Samuel Colt who sort of made the patent in Europe in 1835 and the US in 1836. It is patent #138. This is somewhat confusing to me however. Colt invented the revolver, not the pistol. By definition, the revolver is a weapon that contains a cylinder that revolves around the hammer, a pistol is an automatic, or semi-automatic where the ammo is delivered by a clip. But then, does it really matter? Let’s all call it a side arm and everyone can agree.

How to celebrate – Learn to fire a pistol/revolver. Learn weapon safety. Read about Samuel Colt’s life.

February 24th World Bartender Day

Here’s another one of those bizarre holidays that no one seems to have placed on this day but somehow it ended up here anyway. Bartenders have been around since time began, in fact the first person to ever serve a drink of any kind was a bartender. Not only do they learn how to make drinks but they have to learn how to listen to others as well. It probably has something to do with drinking alcohol but for some reason we all tend to tell our problems to bartenders. Maybe it’s so we don’t have to pay such high rates for professional help. However, a bartender is a professional as well so maybe there is something there after all.

How to celebrate – Go to a bar! Become a bartender yourself. Find out what is really in a Harvey Wallbanger!

February 23rd Tennis Day

Today we celebrate the creation of tennis. Ah, no one seems to know why today was chosen but I suppose it’s as good as any other day. Walter Wingfield maybe have invented tennis at Pimlico, England in 1874 when he created lawn tennis. I do find it curious that February was picked since much of the world is still covered by snow. Have you ever tried to play tennis in the snow? Ice would be interesting, snow… not so much so. Tennis use to be a sport for the rich, today practically anyone can play. It offers a great workout, is fun to play and gets you out in the great outdoors.

How to celebrate – Go play tennis! Get a new tennis outfit. Try playing tennis on ice but remember the padding.

February 22nd George Washington's Birthday

Today is the original President’s Day, it’s George Washington’s birthday. Washington was born in 1732. He spent most of his life before the Revolution as a soldier and planter, and in 1789 he became the first President of the United States. He had been offered to be made King but refused it realizing, among other things, the world did not need another King George! He would be President until 1797 when he retired, dying two years later on December 14th, 1799.

How to celebrate – Have a piece of cherry pie. Read about Washington’s life. Visit Mount Vernon.

February 21st Card Reading Day

Remember back when the only way to get a card was through the mail or hand delivered for a special occasion? It was such a joy to receive a card from someone for the holidays, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and sometimes… just for no reason at all. The world has changed, today email and digital cards are more popular and probably more practical. However, they don’t actually mean the same thing. You can’t put them up on your mantel or display them for others to see (well you can if you print them out or make them your desktop background). There is something special about getting a card from someone, it’s even better if it’s from someone you know.

How to celebrate – Send someone a card today. Go to the store and read through all the cards in the card section. Start writing your own cards.