October 19th Evaluate Your Life Day

Well, here’s another fine day that comes to us from the Wellcat.com organizaton. Evaluate Your Life Day. This sounds like fun! Though I am not sure how they are going to profit form it, but I am sure there must be someway.


I’m not exactly exactly sure we are capable of evaluating ourselves. We should know our strengths and weakness’. Of course, how those things effect others is kinda hard to see since we normally blame everyone else and not ourselves. That’s perfect for the world today where everyone else is wrong except for us.


But maybe we should take a look inward, at who we really are ourselves and try to find a way to improve ourselves. After-all, we really can’t change someone else, we can only change ourselves. “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.” There are a lot of rocks flying out there but, are any of them hitting the right target?


We are not as good as we think we are, nor as bad. We are just people, flawed, just a lot of us don’t realize that. So maybe today is a good day to reflect on who we really are. But we have to be honest with ourselves too. It is great to make yourself better, so long as it doesn’t make someone else miserable.


It is only alright to tell someone else they are wrong when you first understand what is wrong with yourself. Come to that understanding of yourself, and then you can advise others about what they are doing wrong. I really doubt Wellcat understands this because they only try to profit from every day they create.

How to celebrate – Improve yourself. Reflect on what you do. Stop worrying about yourself, worry about others.


October 18th National No Beard Day

Well, you can shave another holiday off the list, this is no beard day… and it’s national. So if you have one, today is the day to get rid of it… or hide it… which is sorta hard to do. With the summer rapidly falling behind us it is obvious it’s time to get rid of that beard.

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Because we all know we grow beards during the summer to keep us warm! So as the winter approaches, it’s time to get rid of it! That goes for women too. Not that many of them wear their beards openly.

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It seems like lately almost every baseball player is wearing a beard. I guess it has something to do with batting streaks and winning games. In the old days, men normally wore beards, mainly because they didn’t have razors. However, today is all about having no beard at all.


Well, guess it doesn’t matter, this is just something else that men allowed to be controlled for them. Some people like beards, some don’t… and no matter who the person with the beard is with, it all depends on whether their mate likes it or not.


And would ZZ Top be a band if not for their beards?  At least two out of three seem to think so! A beard, somehow, seems to give a man power. So, it is only fitting that it should be taken away.

How to celebrate – Shave off that beard! Shave off half your beard. Let’s strike for a new, improved, beardless Santa!


October 17th National Fossil Day

This week is Earth Science Week and every Wednesday of Earth Science Week is National Fossil Day. (It only comes once a year) But if you think about it this is an important day, after-all, some animal, or person, gave their all to make today possible.

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And if it wasn’t for fossils, we wouldn’t ever have had a Jurassic Park movie! Not 1, 2 or 3… 4, 5 or 6! We can learn a lot from fossils… like never bring them back to life! And we wouldn’t have oil if not for those fossils. Geez, there must have been a lot of them!


Today was created by the National Park Service which actually makes it a National holiday! Now I am actually big into history, we do have a lot to learn from history and fossils are a part of history. It is amazing that creatures so large, and so violent, could have walked he earth at one time.


Although, since we weren’t around back then maybe it is us that made them violent, our imagination which made them so mean and horrifying. Maybe they were nice and loved each other. Although, one look at them and they did look a little scary.


I am not sure what we learn from an animal that went extinct except maybe how not to go extinct ourselves. But, I am not sure what we learn will save us from massive fires and a world wide flood.

How to celebrate – Spend the week learning about science. Become a paleontologist. Give your pet dinosaur a hug.

October 17th National Take Your Parents To Lunch Day

October 17th Take Your Parents To Lunch Day

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How many times in your life have your parents taken you to lunch? If you count back to when you were a child, it’s probably a lot! Well today is your chance to pay hem back a little. It’s also a chance to catch up a little and let them know you care. It doesn’t have to be fancy, in fact your parents would probably prefer something cheaper because they want you to save that money. And in the end, you may actually get more out of the lunch than they do.


How to celebrate – Take your parents to lunch today. Make a picnic lunch today for your parents. Make lunch a surprise, take your parents someplace they’ve never been to today.

October 16th National Dictionary Day

Today we celebrate the guy that tells us what all those words we don’t understand mean. Well, it’s good somebody does… I’m just not sure what the point of using them is but at least we know where to go look them up!


Daniel Webster was 43 when he started writing the dictionary. It took him 27 years to finish it, and it has changed even since then as words are added and created. He is known as the Father of the American Dictionary. At least it was in English!


And today is his birthday so it’s a great day to celebrate! In fact, every word I am typing in here is in his book. Even fiction is in his book although his book is not fiction. There are other words that apply to his book that are written in it but do not actually describe it… like, exciting, fun and joyful.


Just kidding! Which is also a word in his book! The general idea is to learn a new word everyday so you are able to speak better. Never mind that no one will understand you, it’s important that you learn.


Actually having a good vocabulary is important, knowing how to spell words is equally as important because spelling it wrong may cause great consternation. The one thing I never understood was when my teacher or parents told me to go lookup a word I didn’t know how to spell in the dictionary. Ah, hello… don’t you have to know how to spell it to look it up!?!

How to celebrate – See if you can find your dictionary. Have a dictionary party. Learn a new word today.

October 15th White Cane Safety Day

Today we celebrate all the wonderful things that people who are blind can do, not what they can’t do. It is amazing what they are able to accomplish, as much… if not more… than many who are able to see ever do in a lifetime.


And just like sighted people, they want their freedom and independence too. A white cane is used to help guide them along their way but it is also a symbol those of us that can see should recognize. it’s not that they need our help, if they do you need to go to them, but it’s a signal that we need to avoid making mistakes that may block their path or put something down that they have to negotiate around.

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Those of us that do have sight need to remember to value it and protect it and we need to help provide for those that have been born without sight, lost it for numerous reasons or have extremely poor vision.


We can learn the obstacles put in their way to better help them by understand what they go through, how to trust others and learn to do things by touch or hearing. Like animals that lose a sense, the other senses kick in picking up a lot that help them get through the day. It is the same with people.


Today was created by President Lyndon Johnson on October 15th, 1964 and made a recognized day by act of congress. It takes so little to help someone with any kind of disability, we owe it to mankind to always keep them in our thoughts and make life easier for them when we can.

How to celebrate – Cover your eyes and try to get through one hour not seeing where you are or who is around you. Test your other senses. Honor the white cane for what it stands for.

October 14th Be Bald And Free Day

Just think about it, never having to brush or comb your hair… well this is your chance. The freedom of not having hair and not having to worry about it. A bald head says something about you. I’m not sure exactly what that is, but it does say something.


It’s becoming as popular with women as it has been for men. It has it’s advantages, your head generally stays cooler, sometimes hats fit better and for some unknown reason, people generally think it makes you look either smarter or tougher.


And there are those that we would not recognize if they did have a head of hair. Which could also be good because if they didn’t want to be recognized all they would have to do is throw on a wig and we would never know them. So I guess, you can always add hair but it’s a little more difficult to get rid of it!

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And it has it’s disadvantages as well. Your head sunburns easier and in the winter it can get really cold. Hats generally fly off in a strong with and people often have a hard time looking you in the eye is the sun is gleaming off your head.

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But remember, our national symbol here in the United States is bald so aren’t we making a statement that bald is beautiful, strong and appealing?

How to celebrate – If you are ever thinking about going bald, today is the day to do it! Get a bald cap and see how you would look if you were bald. Name ll the actors/actress’ you can think of that are bald.