October 18th National No Beard Day

Today is the best day ever for companies that make razor blades.  It’s National No Beard Day. A day when we celebrate men without beards… and some women too.


It use to be that a beard was considered dignified, a sign of wisdom and experience, and demonstrated the male image for years and years. Soldiers were often not allowed to wear beards, particularly in the day when swords and spears were the main weapons. You could grab a man by the beard and pull him in closer. Although, since a soldier didn’t often carry a kit for shaving, this rule was not often enforced.

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However, the real reason for the lack of beards come down to women and whether they like them or not. Men married to, or dating, either have a beard or don’t in most cases by virtue of what the woman in their life prefers. To the man they can be hot and are often itchy. But they are a great place to store things, like food, and they make a statement to those who see you about you.


Then here are those that make a statement but no one is exactly sure what they are saying.  Remember Lincoln never really sported a beard until a little girl told him she thought he looked better with one, and in his day, even six year old’s had beards!


So all in all, this is a choice for the ladies in a man’s life. Do you like a beard, do you hate a beard? Well today is the day to make it known that you hate beards! I’ll bet there is a beard day for those in favor of beards too.

How to celebrate- If you do not like beards, stock up on razor blades and give them to your man, or mate, or self. Consider a fake beard to hide your true identity. Surprise your loved one and shave.


October 17th National Pasta Day

It’s just water and flour mixed together but oh what you can do with it. Basically, the only difference from one pasta to the next is how you cut it and what flavors you add to it. Pasta, in Italian, means dough.


It is believed Marco Polo brought back the idea of pasta to Italy from his travels to China. No one seems to know how long it had been in use in China but evidentially it had been use for quite some time (Some think as far back as 5,000 BC.) Apparently, it changed life in Italy from there on out! His travels would have been in the mi 1200’s but there is also evidence that pasta was in use in the Arabic nations in the 1200’s as well.


Thomas Jefferson, serving the US after the revolution, spent a great deal of time in Europe and brought back pasta to the US from his time spent in Naples. He also determined that tomatoes were not poisonous as originally thought and probably started the tomato sauce craze.


Pasta makes up a tremendous amount of our diet in the US, and across the world. Mac & Cheese, Spaghetti, ravioli, it’s actually hard to think of a meal where we don’t use some sort of pasta whether as a main dish or a side dish.


In fact Americans eat over 20 pounds of pasta a year. That’s a lot of dough!

How to celebrate – Use pasta in your meal tonight! See if you can make the world’s longest strand of spaghetti! Invent a new shape of pasta to entertain your friends and family.

October 16th Bosses Day

When arriving at work today remember it is bosses day. That is unless of course you are the boss. And if you are the boss, expect to be showered with lavish gifts and praised for your work, that is if you are a good boss.


In the army the General is the boss. Of course, he or she has a boss too…. the President. Douglas McArthur would have done well to remember this. The plain truth is, even most of our bosses have bosses.

principal sign

In a school, the principal is the boss. A good principal creates a safe and exciting environment for their students and teachers.


And naturally, the mom is the boss of every family. Some think it’s the father but boy, are they wrong! It’s the mom that makes the household work, or not. They either create a home or just a place where we live. 

Good bosses realize that they have to follow as well as lead, listen as well as talk, and set examples by what they do.


Or they play music and are soap opera stars!

How to celebrate – Remember your boss today! Celebrate Bosses Day with a cake to honor your boss. Remember that most bosses have bosses of their own to answer to.

October 15th National I Love Lucy Day

I Love Lucy was, and in some households is, one of the most popular shows in history. It began on October 15th, 1951 and lasting through the 1957 season going out while still on top of the charts. The show stared Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance and William Frawley and is considered the #2 most popular television shows by T.V. Guide.


Naturally, the main star was Lucy. Lucille Ball had been a movie actress before taking to the small screen and a story that revolved around her and her real life husband, Desi Arnaz. One of the true Queens of Comedy was born in 1911 and went on after I Love Lucy came to an end with shows like The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, The Lucy Show, Here’s Lucy and Life With Lucy. She died in 1989.


Desi Arnaz, alias Ricky Ricardo, played Lucy’s husband both on and off the show. Though their marriage ended they continued to work together and be close friends for a number of years. Desi was born in 1917 and died in 1986. After I Love Lucy he turned mainly to producing shows like Ann Sothern Show and The Untouchables.


Lucy’s friend, Ethel, on I Love Lucy was only 2 years older than Lucy in real life being born in 1909 and passing in 1979 of bone and breast cancer. She continues to perform on The Lucy Show, stared in the movie The Great Race and on Broadway. She made several appearances on Life With Lucy before finding out about her cancer when she retired.


William Frawley was truly the elder of all the cast having been born in 1887. He was actually a bit of a hot head, at one time punching a fellow actor. He was warned by Desi Arnaz when hired for I Love Lucy that he had three chances and after that would be fired. I don’t know how many chances he used up but he did make it to the end of the 1957 season. After I Love Lucy he went on to star in My Three Sons. Frawley died in 1966.

How to celebrate – I Love Lucy is on regularly in re-runs, spend a day catching up with the episodes. Check out all the collectibles continuing to sell from the I Love Lucy Show. With Halloween coming up, consider dressing up at one of the characters.

October 14th National Dessert Day

What’s better than a great dessert!?! Absolutely nothing! In most cases we save great desserts for company or some special occasion but why? Do we not deserve to treat ourselves! Our Families! Our egos!


It’s hard to keep desserts healthy. That’s not what they are meant for. They are meant to please our inner self who doesn’t care how fat we get or what we stuff our faces with. But for the sake of argument add a few blueberries, raspberries or bananas.

national-dessert-day (1)

Of course, all desserts should be topped off with a cherry. It’s only fitting and a dab of whipped cream doesn’t hurt either (Unless of course you are doing a flaming dessert). Most of us have been known to save room from our suppers, probably by not finishing the healthy stuff on our plate. This is sound thinking. And others of us insist on dessert even if we aren’t hungry anymore.


Well, here’s to sugar, a true friend for all who love desserts. In fact, maybe would should just skip the meal and have dessert instead! The idea of today is to have a dessert with every meal, and maybe for a few snacks along the way. And make it all of your favorites so you can save some for tomorrow.


And let’s not forget our pets either. They enjoy something sweat after eating their gruel. In fact I once had a dog, God love him causes he’s gone, who I could set a piece of cake and a piece of steak done in front of and he would eat the cake and leave the steak. (Maybe that’s why he’s not with us anymore.)

How to celebrate – Have a dessert today! Make your families favorite dessert. Try, if you can, to find a healthy dessert.

October 13th Friday The Thirteenth

Somewhere along the line, Friday the 13th has become a dreaded day all across the world. We avoid certain things on the 13th like don’t walk under a ladder and avoid letting black cats cross your path.


I get the ladder. I would rarely consider walking under a ladder because, well first of all they are normally low enough they are difficult to get under and secondly, someone didn’t set up the ladder without the intent of going up it, meaning, they could easily drop something down on you from above. The black cat thing I don’t really get, unless it’s a panther in which case yes, you should avoid continuing on in that same direction.


If you are afraid of Friday the 13th you suffer from Triskaidekaphobia. Personally, I am more afraid of the word than the day! Apparently the Babylonians (1,700 B.C.) were concerned about the number 13 as they left that number out of the laws that went with the Code of Hammurah. Today we do not put a 13th floor in most buildings, ships do not allow 13 crew members and during meetings, 13 people are not allowed in the room.

Mayan Pyramid

The Mayan’s considered 13 a lucky number. However, throughout history, Friday has been considered to be unlucky. So add the 13th to Friday it was double trouble. Historians also believe that is was a Friday the 13th that Cain killed Abel. Since there was no calendar back then I am not sure how they figured that one.


Anybody who runs into Jason on Friday the 13th is bound to have a bad day. However, avoiding him it’s another Friday and in the culture today, we look at Fridays as being good! TGIF, the weekend is coming! It will also be one of my sister’s birthday so that’s good luck for me!

How to celebrate – Celebrate my sister’s birthday! If you believe in the 13th being unlucky, stay home and in bed. If you don’t believe in the 13th being bad, go out and party like there’s no tomorrow!

National Old Farmers Day

The oldest profession known to man has to be the farmer. If it was not for them, none of us would be here and there wouldn’t be any other professions!


I think farming is often not referred to as a profession, that is sad. These men, and women, have to know a lot to be able to provide others with the food and materials they require! They do not go to fancy meetings with champagne and caviar, they do not hold large meetings with stock brokers and accountants, they do not wear the latest fashions or make the internet go crazy with the latest fad. They provide life.

Farmer In The Barn

My father was a farmer for nearly 30 years of his life (actually a little longer), and I have never known a harder worker, ever. Farmers had to be inventors and pathfinders, explorers and businessmen, warriors and community leaders, long before any of those jobs were led by “professionals”. And you’ll never find a farmer that is not wise.


The entire world operates off the farmers’ seasons, daylight savings was established because of farmers, work days were formed because of farmers, and cities were built where farms could supply enough food for people to live.

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Apparently Old Farmer’s Day has been celebrated since the mid 1800’s. The days do seem to vary probably because of the regions people live in. October generally becomes the time of year when crops are harvested and the farmer is set to work with limited time to bring in the fields.

How to celebrate – Thank any farmer you may happen to know, they are truly the ones who settled this, and every other, country. Spend a day in one of those “you pick” farms and see what it’s like to be a farmer for a little while. Learn the value of the farmer, it is rapidly becoming a lost art.