May 29th Learn About Composting Day

Here’s another real exciting day, learn about composting day. There are books upon books, one more exciting than the next about how to make and use compost. Need I say more!?! Actually, composting will help your gardens grow and help it retain moisture so if you are into gardening, this is a good read. Compost also helps keep the weeds away which generally try their best to overtake any garden ever planted. And it helps the environment as well. Compost is made up of vegetables and fruit you might otherwise throw away, along with paper, untreated wood and cardboard.

How to celebrate – Learn what to put into your compost. Make sure you put your compost away from where you live so you don’t have to smell it. Start a garden.

May 28th National Hamburger Day

The Hamburger is, without doubt, the most popular American food on the market. Is it truly American? No one really knows, in fact, no one really knows when the hamburger as we know it today actually was first served. I think most of us know what a hamburger is so I’m not going to describe it here but I will add an aside that may family learned. In the Popeye series there is a character known as J. Wellington Wimpy. He is always trying to get someone to buy him a hamburger for which he will repay them tomorrow. Well apparently Elze Crisler Segar, the creator of Popeye, knew an Uncle of mine who was a hamburger panhandler in Illinois and based Wimpy off of him. Wow, a claim to fame! Not sure it’s a good one but what the heck…

How to celebrate – Have a hamburger today. Read Popeye. Have a cook-out.

May 27th Sun Screen Day

Well among those things starting to open up first after months of “Stay at home” are the beaches. In our hurry to get back outside we need to remember to bring the sun screen with us. After having been inside for so long our skin needs the sun screen to protect it from the Ultraviolet Rays that can cause us so much damage. The higher the SPF the more protected we are. It is suggested we start with at least an SPF15. Some of us have been going outside every day but for those who haven’t been able to, remember you will burn much easier than before we were forced to stay inside. Enjoy the sun, get that vitamin D, but be safe!

How to celebrate – Get out and enjoy the sun. Protect yourself from the sun. Hit the beaches!

May 26th Sally Ride Day

Today we celebrate the accomplishments of Sally Ride, the first American woman in space. She was a part of the “Challenger”, STS-7, in 1983. Most of the American Astronauts had been men serving in the military prior to Ms. Ride. She went through the same training as men and had to become as qualified to be a part of the crew as anyone else. She was the Challenger’s physicist for STS-7 and STS-41-G. Born in Los Angeles, California in 1951 she unfortunate died of cancer in 2012.

How to celebrate – Learn more about Sally Ride. Read about NASA. Learn about the requirements to become an astronaut.

May 25th National Towel Day

It’s National Towel Day in the UK. Apparently there are a lot of uses for a towel in Douglas Adams’, “The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. For those of you too young to remember it, it was a book and radio series back n 1978 which became one of the most popular series ever. It is, and was, a little strange but people really, really liked it. I remember reading it but I have to be honest, I don’t really remember much of it except the towel was a more important item for the traveler. The first National Towel Day came in 2001, two weeks after Adams passed away.

How to celebrate – Read “The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. Look for recordings of the Guide on You Tube. Wash your towels today.

May 24th National Escargot Day

Eating snails maybe a real treat, I will never know. The idea of eating something that crawls along the ground has never appealed to me. To others though, snails are a delight. I believe the French, who were among the first to see this creature crawling on the ground and said, to themselves, “Yum”. However, leaving them entitled “Snails” may have turned others off so they named them Escargot instead. (That’s probably not true but I don’t really want to find out) If you eat snails remember to extend your little finger so people know you have class cause otherwise they might just think you are weird.

How to celebrate – Have some escargot. Go out and see if your supper is climbing your walls. Visit France.

May 23rd Lucky Penny Day

The penny isn’t what it use to be, but then who of us are? The penny use to have a lot more value than it does today. In fact, governments are eliminating the penny in many economies because they aren’t worth the money the materials cost to make it and even penny candy that use to make children happy is lie 50 cents now! (If you are lucky enough to find it!) There are many theories of what makes a penny lucky, the one most common to me is when you find a penny on the ground. If the penny is on heads, pick it up and it brings you luck. (But you can’t spend it) If it is on tails, just leave it where it lay.

How to celebrate – Go around looking for pennies on the ground. (Have a partner watch that you don’t run into anything.) “A penny saved is worth a penny earned”. “A penny for your thoughts”