December 6th Put On Your Own Shoes Day

Dec. 6th – Put On Your Own Shoes Day

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It is believed that shoes came about during the middle Paleolithic age. Probably because they had to run from all those dinosaurs chasing after them. What we would call shoes probably came about 40,000 years ago.


Sandals came along in ancient Rome. My question is, if you aren’t putting your own shoes on, whose shoes are you putting on? And if someone else is putting them on your feet, well… that’s just wrong.


How to celebrate – Put on your own shoes. Determine which your favorite type of shoe is. If the shoe doesn’t fit, it’s probably not yours.


December 5th Bathtub Party Day

Today is a day to clean up your act. It’s bathtub party day. Sort of reminds me of that old joke, “Shower together and say water”. Well, I guess you can have a party by yourself. It is a little hard to decorate the tub if it has water in it. There’s always the rubber ducky but banners and party favors normally do not fair well.


Now I looked up pictures for today and nearly everyone was dressed, in the tub, without water. So, how often do you climb into the tub with your clothes on, use no water and fill it with balloons and streamers? I can only remember a half dozen times this year that I did that.


Of course, party hats are pretty much mandatory. And again, you must be aware this day has been created, and copyrighted, by the good people at  So you will need to remember to pay them a fee if you do decide to have a bathtub party.


And frankly, I don’t understand the point of baths anyway. Unless you are having a party it is not the ideal way to get clean. You are dirty getting into the water, hence the point of taking a bath, and to get yourself clean… you sit in that water that you made dirty.

Elegant bathtub party day 81 best Happy Bathtub Party Day images on Pinterest
Elegant bathtub party day 81 best Happy Bathtub Party Day images on Pinterest

Now some bathtubs are larger than others. They sort of look like pools and there, I can understand having a party. The rubber ducky is optional at that point and the more, the merrier!

How to celebrate – Throw a bathtub party. Invite your best friends. Put some bubble bath in your pool. (No! Don’t do that!)

December 4th Santa’s List Day

Christmas is coming and Santa is getting his lists together, or rather his Elves are getting the lists together for him. So have you been naughty or nice this year? You can’t hide the truth from Santa, or rather his Elves. (You can’t hide it from Mom or Dad either)


And who is to say what is naughty and what is nice? There are times that being naughty is nice and sometimes when being nice is being naughty. I guess it is all how you view things. So while everybody is getting their shopping lists together Santa is determining who gets what.


There is an incentive for Santa to give out a lot of nice listings. After all, he will have the rest of the year to contend with those he has left on the naughty list. His vacation could even be effected by leaving someone on the naughty list. Naturally if you are going to the beach you certainly do not want to leave sharks on the naughty list.


Even animals want to be on the nice list, well most of them anyway. It affects the rest of their year too! The types of treats they get, whether they get to sleep in the bed with you, whether they get that toy they have had their eye on. Come to think of it, kids and pets are very similar to each other.


So as you are planning your year you should keep in mind which list you want to be on. After all it would be a shame to end up on the naughty list for something you did on December 26th.

How to celebrate – Try and figure out if you are on the naughty or nice list. make up a list of your own and send it to Santa. Plea bargain your year.

December 3rd National Roof Over Your Head Day

You don’t realize just how important your roof is until you get a leak or even worse, don;t have one at all. Today is a day to celebrate your roof and celebrate you have a place that has a roof. There are many who do not.


There are a lot of things you can do with your roof, or on your roof. Adding solar panels can help you save energy and reduce the emissions into the atmosphere by drawing less energy from the grid.  They can even help you during power outages.

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A roof keeps you dry, warm (or cool) and keep some falling items from hitting you as they tumble back to earth. They keep the sun out of your eyes and your possessions from rotting away long before they should.


But the main point in celebrating today is for those who don’t have a roof at all. They are subjected to the cold, heat and rain or snow. Imagine having no place to go when it storms or getting caught out in the cold with no way of protecting yourself. Just go out when it gets to be twenty degrees outside without a coat. Stay there for as long as you can stand it before you get yourself back under a roof.

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I love animals. Anybody who reads any of my blogs knows that. But it is odd when we make sure our dogs, cats and other pets have a roof over their heads but not a fellow human-being. My dog and cats stay in the house and it makes me feel bad I do not do more to help protect a man or woman who does not live as well as my pets.

How to celebrate – Help provide shelter for those in need. Take care of the roof you have. Get a roof inspection.

December 2nd National Fritters Day

If you have ever lived in the South, you’ve had fritters. Actually, if you are from the North you’ve had fritters too! Apparently, if you are anywhere you’ve had fritters at some time in your life. It is simply deep friend food wrapped up in dough.

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It may have fruit, vegetables or meat inside the dough. In the case of hush puppies, it may not have anything other than spices mixed into the dough. It’s probably not all that healthy, but boy is it good.


You can try and make them healthy by putting healthy foods inside of the fritter, the problem is… they are deep fried. We are talking grease here! But that said, eaten in moderation you can probably survive it. It makes me wonder… is a doughnut a fritter? Corn dogs must be fritters, and I assume everything you find in Long John Silver’s is a fritter!


And the best way to fritter your day away is by eating fritters. You can become a fritter fritterer.  Oh, and don’t forget the dips. Guess that would make you a fritter dipper fritterer.

How to celebrate – Buy a deep fry cooker to make your fritters. Invent your own type of fritter. Have a fritter party, make sure to keep a defibrillator on hand.

November 30th – National Mason Jar Day

Woohoo – best day ever! TY for sharing the love Mahoney Team for our holiday – National Mason Jar Day! We are very excited to see how people celebrate the day!

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Today is National Mason Jar Day! Don’t ask why that’s a thing or why it’s today and not any other day. I have no idea other than the National Day Calendar has declared it to be so.

It seems like such a random thing, but Americans have used their fair share of Mason jars over the decades – a lot of which were purchased as recently as 2015. Originally intended for canning fruits and vegetables, Mason jars are now used for anything from over-the-top milkshakes to homemade snow globes.

Mason Jar Christmas Craft Ideas Check out the “47 Magical Ways to Use Mason Jars This Christmas” from Country Living! Photo courtesy of ProFlowers.

But back before they became an American classic, the jars were patented by tinsmith John Mason for the sole purpose of canning food in a better way. Being a tinsmith, Mason first designed the cover of the jar before creating the jar…

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December 1st World Aids Awareness Day

Aids is perhaps one of the most devastating illness facing the world today. It is rampant across the face of the earth and will affect over 40,000 new victims in the U.S. alone this coming year. As of yet there is no cure, though scientist are working on it. Maybe some day soon we will learn enough to wipe it out but until them you have to be aware of it or you too may fall victim to it.


This day has been created by the United Nations World Health Organization, as much about the cause as it is the cure. It was founded in 1988 before many of us were even aware of the decease and as a result, because of the lack of education, there are over 40 million suffering from it today, a million of those in the United States.

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We now know it affects the human immune system and while Aids/HIV may not kill you itself it allows germs to enter the body that normally can be fought off with the immune system. When the system is blocked, or not functioning properly, the body cannot fight off these illness’ and even the simplest of things can be deadly.


In nations where health care is not readily available or simple hygiene is ignored, a decease like aids can run its course through an entire population. When settlers came to the America’s in the age of discovery, entire tribes of Native Americans were destroyed by something as minor as measles. Aids is far worse than that.


And right now the best way to treat it is to educate those susceptible to it so they can avoid the causes of passing it on to others. Yesterday was Stay Home Because You Are Well Day. Don’t mock those who would prefer to be able to go to work by pretending you are sick.

How to celebrate – Educate yourself on how the Aids epidemic is passed on to others. Help support those fighting Aids. Thank God for giving you the ability to avoid catching and spreading the decease.