Holiday Blues Gift Giving???

Well it’s coming up on that time of year again…
For us, every day is a holiday! For others there’s what they call a Holiday Season! We can help with that… It’s that time of year again!!! Let us help you with the holidays!

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September 14th National Cream Filled Donut Day

Here’s another of those important days of your life. It’s National Cream Filled Donut Day. How could we ever get along without it!?! Heck, we don’t even have top spell doughnut right to celebrate it. And since we apparently have to have a day like today, at least I am glad it is cream filled, my favorite!

download (2)

It can be chocolate, vanilla, strawberry… any flavor you desire but it must be blended into a cream filling to qualify. Though I admit I am not an expert about this holiday I do not believe jelly filled meet the requirements.


I’m pretty sure places like Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts, and any other brands around you, like a day like today. I would imagine sales increase as you struggle to find your cream filled doughnut to complete the quest for the day.

images (2)

I really don’t have much to add, I think the holiday states it pretty clearly. The fact that these are pretty much dead calories does not need to be thought about, in fact… ignore them. They are pretty filling (joke intended) particularly if you eat a half dozen of them.

images (3)

About all I have to add is that remember a baker’s dozen is 13, and since we celebrated Friday the 13th on a Thursday, why not get a baker’s dozen of cream filled donuts! I need to hurry, shops close up soon!

How to celebrate – Have a cream filled donut today. Learn how to actually spell doughnut. Try a cream filling you have never had before.

September 12th National Video Games Day

I am not sure this is a day we should be celebrating but so long as we keep in mind it is just a game and not real life, I guess it’s okay. Video games and be fun, educational and help us develop skills we might not otherwise develop. However, it must also be remember when it’s time to quit and deal with real life.

images (2)

Now I’ll be the second to admit I like video games. (The first one being my wife!) They are challenging and you get a sense of accomplishment by winning the game that you often do not find in real life. I sort of drew the line at games like Guitar-Hero where being an actual guitarist showed me how unreal it was.


Now I watch my nephews play video games, that to me make no sense at all, and forget to eat dinner or do homework. It seems to be a great way to lose weight but not put on muscle! I think nearly everything in moderation is fine… the key word here is moderation. So having a National Day for Video Games is sort of a good idea. Play it from morning to night without break to get it out of your system.

images (1)

The great news is that there are two of these days, one national and one not. It is good to get to know Mario, just don’t ask him to help you out anywhere near as much as you help him in the game world. There are games where you  have to learn some valuable life lessons. Game where you have to learn economics and where some long forgotten countries were.

Three Boys Dressed as Nerds with Mind Reading Helmets

So if you don’t play video games, join in today to find out what you are missing. But maybe do it as a trade out taking that avid video game player out for a walk after a video game session. Games are great, just remember they are games and winning there does not make you a winner in real life. You have to earn that right in the video world, and the real world.

How to celebrate – Take the day and play video games! Play a video game with your child to see what they are experiencing. Find a video game you can believe in.

September 11th No News Is Good News Day

Okay, so most of us know what today really is but let’s not go there. It’s not a day to forget but we have to move on, keeping an eye open to anything going on around us. So that brings us to “No News Is Good News Day”, and ain’t it true!


I have lived long enough to remember back when the news reported was just that, news. Today it is more opinion than just the news. What ever happened to letting us make up our own minds rather than being told what we should think about something? If you don;t have a mind, then it’s good to be told what something means, if you do… it’s better to figure it out for yourself.


I no longer listen to the news at night, read a newspaper or even follow any of the numerous internet sites that tell me what it is I should be thinking and that if I disagree, I am wrong. (I get told that enough through-out my day!) Because some one reports the news, is a star in a movie, sports or music, or thinks they are more important than they are that they are right about anything.


This includes me! And thank goodness for today, when you can turn off the news, not listen to or just ignore the ignorant. It doesn’t matter what side you are on, what race you belong to or what you do for a living… just ignore the news today.  And if you can’t, just remember that the news, whether the television, newspaper or internet has become an entertainment medium, not what it was originally intended to be.

How to celebrate – Turn off the news today. Trust yourself. Realize that just because someone is popular, it does not make them smart.

September 10th Swap Ideas Day

You never know where a good idea may come from. You also never know when it might lead if that idea is developed further by sharing it for input with a friend or business associate. We all get ideas, most never lead anywhere, but maybe they could be developed further if we allow others to have some thought about them.


I know it’s not popular to share ideas. We all want them to be ours and ours alone. We want the individual credit for what we have dreamed up and the benefits, if there are any, to come back to us. But the truth of the matter is, anything can be improved by sharing it with others. No one comes up with an idea that is perfect on it’s own. Even after numerous attempts at improving the original idea sometimes more input is needed.

download (3)

If you take the United States as an example, and yes I know many of you feel it is a failed attempt, there were many, many people involved in creating the republic we have now. It’s still not perfect, but it is (to me) the best governmental experiment on the face of the earth right now. And all ideas are nothing but experiments, always striving to be better than when they started.

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So if you share your ideas, and listen to the responses, you will end up with a better product. It may not make them what you wanted them to be, but even rejecting those ideas will make the original idea better. It’s called trial and error. And it may take several attempts at improving the idea you have shared. The idea is, listen and see if you can find anything in the suggestion rather than just declining it because it came from someone other than yourself.

How to celebrate – Share your ideas. Listen carefully to any response, even if you rejected it may be improved upon by highlighting something missing. Do not be an island.

September 9th National Pet Memorial Day

I am already sad. Remembering all the great friends I had over the years, all those family members.  Some of those I was closest to were the pets I’ve had. (Not degrading the people relationships) I will recall a few here but there have been many.


When I lived in Illinois it was on a farm. We had a dog named Sailor who no one paid a lot of attention to. We had an inside dog but Sailor was an outside dog. When our inside dog got out and was run over and killed it was tough but suddenly Sailor began to get a lot of attention from us. He loved it and we loved him.

images (2)

We had gone on many vacations before and Sailor always sat at home, waiting for our return. But when we started giving him the attention he deserved, and we went on vacation, he suddenly decided to follow us. He was hit by a car and died. He died because he loved us and we had finally loved him back.

images (3)

I had another dog I called Puppy. He was an Australian Shepherd and after a rough start we became best friends ever. When he got old and could no longer walk, he would drag himself over to be just to be close. I was devastated when he died. He was my best friend. He had a good life, was loved and gave a lot of love back.

images (1)

I am sure you have such memories yourself. I wish cats and dogs could live out their lives with us… but they can’t and that makes me very sad. The International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories created today. My hope is they didn’t create to just make money because that degrades the memories we have of some of our best friends.

How to celebrate – Remember your pets, but don’t dwell on them, they are still with you in so many ways. Get a pet if you don’t have one. Say a prayer for your friends.

September 8th International Literacy Day

Since most kids go back to school in September (Here in Florida it happens in August) it is only fitting that we celebrate International Literacy Day. It’s kinda important! If all the people of the world could read, maybe we’d get along a little better than we do.


The United Nations created the day on September 8th, 1965 for UNESCO, or the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. The more we learn about each other the more we will respect one another. (At least in theory)


When the doors open, opportunity presents itself. Sometimes it doesn’t work as well as we plan but maybe that’s because we expect too much. Opening up the world of reading to those who have never read before teaches them that there is a world beyond that they live in.


We can learn to laugh and cry with others, read their struggles and their success’ and become closer as a world, not just a country. I read everyday and I learn so much that it sometimes amazes me. (Because I am old and thought I had learned everything!) Books let me know, I have learned so little, even though I have lived so long.

download (1)

It would be nice if the United Nations worked. Maybe someday we can read about the success stories because of their efforts. However, as long as there are politicians most nations are subjected to only what they want to teach us. So when reading, remember to always accept what you learn with a grain of salt.

How to celebrate – Donate books you have already read to those that have none. Read new books with new opinions. Write your experience down for others to share.