March 10th Middle Name Pride Day

Your middle name is something you should take pride in. It meant something to your parents to give you that name, normally a family member or some special event that happened in their lives.


Now I know some of the names are a little weird. I lucked out because my first name came from one grandfather and my middle name came from the other and neither were that strange. Actually they were a little common.


And, I am sure as is the case with most of you, when my middle name came into play I knew I was in trouble. There were two names in deep water, not just one! And as would naturally follow, that was twice as much of an issue. When I was in a band performing, I used my middle name as though it was my first, so if somebody didn’t like what I did it wouldn’t seem like it was me they were cutting down.


And I have always been amazed at people who would never give their middle names because they thought they were terrible and it turned out that those names were like Ann or Bobby. What is wrong with those names? It’s not like Killer or Meathead or Sue! (Just kidding about Sue)


What is even worse is when your middle name fits but you don’t want it too! Like Sassy or Naughty or Bigfoot… not that I have ever known anyone with those middle names.

How to celebrate – Proudly enjoy your middle name! Research why you were given that name. Choose your child’s middle name wisely before giving it to them.



March 9th National Panic Day

Normally it is not good to panic, a calm, rational approach always gets better results. However, the occasional panic, freak out has it’s purpose. Today, since the professionals are ready for it, go ahead and panic, but only from 5 to 6 pm. Panicking beyond or prior to those hours are not allowed.


This sort of day takes a lot of planning. You need to figure out what you are going to panic about and that you do your panicking in a safe, secure environment. It might also help to tell someone you are planning to panicking so that they can be there to support you. We do not suggest panicking with someone else, if you must then separate your panics perhaps taking from 5 – 5:30 for yourself and giving your partner from 5:30 to 6.


Naturally, if you are going to panic you must make sure it looks like you are panicking. Minimal efforts only mock the day and the hour. Make sure you have a paper bag available should you get carried away. It is acceptable to panic with a group, so long as the panic does not last over 2 minutes. It’s like yawning, one panic can lead to many others and extended periods of time increase the opportunity to cause so serious damage.

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If you do not have anyone around that wishes to share this day with, you may want to think about just getting a panic button. A timed panic button is best so that it  tells you when to stop. make sure it is working or you may panic about your panic button.


How ever you choose to celebrate this day, make sure no one, including yourself, takes it for real.  It’s a great day to let your frustration out but you must make sure no one actually becomes panicked because you are pretending to be panicked about being panicked.

How to celebrate – Plan a panic party! Make a list of all the things you have to panic about. Make sure you set an alarm to end your panic hour.

March 9th National Crab Meat Day

March 9th National Crab Meat Day

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I can honestly say I never thought I would be celebrating National Crab Meat day… or any meat day as far as that goes. However, unless you are allergic to it, if you are going to celebrate a meat day crab meat is a pretty good one.


They make great treats, supplement other fish meals and go well with just about anything. Apparently, most American’s agree as we eat 1.5 million tons of crab meat a year.


How to celebrate – Boil or steam some crab today. Make up your own crab dish. Leave your crabbiness on the plate.

March 2018 Mini Holiday Trial Box


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March 2018 Original Holiday Box

If you like what you see and you’re ready to join in the wackiness with us, click here to visit our site to subscribe to our monthly boxes.

March 8th Popcorn Lover’s Day

This is Popcorn Lover’s Day. A natural treat that can be served healthy, or unhealthy at your choice. Corn itself was domesticated in Mexico as far back as 9,000 years ago. No one really knows when popped corn came about but probably not that long afterwards, and probably by mistake.


The term, popped corn, is first mentioned in John Russell Bartlett’s “Dictionary of Americanisms” in 1848 though it had been around long before that. During the great depression it was a cheap source of food, sometimes having to serve as a meal instead of a snack.


And today, we can hardly imagine going to the movies and not having a popcorn treat to munch on  while being entertained. It has also been used to decorate Christmas trees with and to keep fingers warm on those cold winter nights.


We’ve learned to flavor it, adapt it and make it more interesting over the years. It does have multiple uses, smells great while cooking (Or popping) and when not topped with salt and butter, a good diet food. But that salt and butter make it oh so good!

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The day was created by Bob Matthews on January 6th, 2012 in Rochester, NY. It was placed on the second Thursday of March as a day of celebration… but you don’t need to wait until then to enjoy it.

How to celebrate – Have some popcorn today. Try and come up with your own original flavoring for popcorn. Find a new and unique way to serve popcorn to your friends and family.

March 7th National Crown Roast of Pork Day

You know, there are certain bizarre holidays that just sort of make you go… why? This apparently, for me, is one of them. I cannot think of one single reason why to celebrate a day of meat. (in this case I can only imagine pigs feel the same way.)


I mean, I can understand liking the dish, maybe even liking it a lot but to go so far as to celebrate the day, or even declaring it a day of celebration, is a bit beyond me. And yet, here I am writing about it (in case you hadn’t figured it out by now, I don’t have much to say!) I do have a recipe for you!

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I did not find any history on the day, though pork has been prepared for meals for thousands of years. Pork does have it’s controversy as well though as many religions frown upon the consumption of pork, so I’d guess the above recipe would not be of interest to them.

How to celebrate – Well, have a Crown Roast Pork tonight for dinner. Create your own Crown Roast Pork recipe.