December 11th National Noodle Ring Day

It’s hard to imagine it has been a whole year since the last Noodle Ring Day but it has. It seems like only yesterday we were making noodle rings, celebrating their creation and rejoicing in the memories of long forgotten Noodle Ring Days of the past.


Really? We actually celebrate Noodle Ring day? And we do it Nationally!?! Oh well, why not. At least we can pasta the time away wondering about it. And as long as you are going to probably make noodles today anyway, why not put them in a ring.


They sort of become a pasta pie when you serve them in the round and you can serve them with whatever you like… meat, fish, chicken, vegetables… you name it, you can even serve it with fruit or as a desert.

images (2)

Perfectly molded they look impressive, even good enough to eat! However, when they are out for a few hours they start to turn a little so you might want to serve them early on and hope they get eaten pretty quickly.

images (3)

I could go on for seconds and seconds more about the purpose and usefulness of the noodle ring but that might get boring so I won’t. Plus, how much more can you can about a noodle ring without repeating yourself!

How to celebrate – Fix a noodle ring for your family and friends today. You could try stepping out and fix a noodle square just for something different! Visit a Spaghettio factory.


National Nobel Prize Day

Alfred Nobel held 355 patents at his death in 1896. He left a will with the Swedish-Norwegian Club in 1895 giving most of his fortune to reward those who serve mankind. At first, the Club refused to honor his will but finally gave way in 1901, awarding the first of the Nobel Prizes, a medal, a diploma and 10 million Swedish crowns.


When Nobel died Sweden controlled Norway as well until 1905. Since then, Sweden  has issued the awards given out by the King of Sweden. The winners are announced at the beginning of October and handed out on December 10th.


The King wears several hats, (Look him up they are literally hats and normally pretty weird) one of which is presenting the awards to over 500 recipients annually. The current King of Sweden is Carl XVI Gustaf.


The awards are issued in Stockholm, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A fitting place for those who practice the art of peace, literature and the arts.


How to celebrate – There are too many recipients to list for this years, look them up here. Study the life of Alfred Nobel. Try and watch the prize awards if you can.

December 9th National Pastry Day

Well this ought to be a tasty day! We should thank the French! They call their pastry, patisserie in which case I thank the English for shortening the word. Actually I thank the Pastry Chefs who make the pastry!


I was surprised to find there is more than one type of pastry. There is shortcrust, flaky, puff, choux, phyllo and hot water pastry. Does anyone really care? Probably not so long as you are invited to eat at least one of the varieties.


It’s sort of odd that something so light and airy can be so rich and filling. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy about it, but still amazed. As it should be, the French have made a real art of food with their high point reaching pastry.


I say that because when you consider some of the other dishes the French make might be a bit questionable. Snails strike me right off. I mean, if you like them good for you but I am not sure who saw a snail crawling along the ground and said to themselves, “That looks good enough to eat!”


But back to the subject at hand. I can see someone walking by a table filled with pastries and saying, “That looks good enough to eat! I think I’ll have ten or twenty of them!”

How to celebrate – Have a pastry! Take in some pastries to work today (Or at least pretend to since today is Saturday!) Become your household pastry chef by learning how to cook pastry yourself.

December 8th National Brownie Day

Sweet, today is National Brownie Day! The first recipe for a brownie came from Fanny Farmer in 1896 but no one seems to know exactly when or where the brownie was invented. Who cares? When they come to the table no one is thinking, “Gee I wonder who invented the brownie.


Now if you don’t know how to make brownies, here’s a recipe. Personally, I just buy them. (And no, they aren’t as good) There is something about walking into a house with fresh brownies cooking that just makes it feel like a home.


Now I will admit, they are better with nuts but we must remember there are those allergic to nuts so lets make sure that if we are likely to be serving them to people with that allergy to leave the nuts off the brownie, no sense in temping them and then not allowing those people to participate in the days festivities.


And let us remember that the only single ingredient that makes a brownie even better is a nice tall, glass of milk. Then again, there are people who are lactose intolerable so milk may be a problem along with nuts. If you have friends that are allergic to both nuts and milk, just don’t invite them over.


A tasty treat, great smelling and better served warm (Maybe with some ice cream) what would be better than a brownie right now!?! It’s great for breakfast, lunch or dinner or even just a snack in-between.

How to celebrate – Have a brownie. Make some brownies. Invent your own recipe for making a new and different brownie.

December 7th National Cotton Candy Day

Very few people have never tried cotton candy before, even fewer don’t like it after they have tried it. It is a favorite at carnivals and festivals and while normally served during the summer months, for some unknown reason it’s celebrated here in December.


The cotton candy machine was invented in 1899 by William Morrison and John C. Wharton. They took their invention to the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904 and it instantly became a hit. It was originally called Fairy Floss. Morrison was a dentist and Wharton a confectioner.


Originally most cotton candy was pink, but today you can have it in practically any color you want though the flavor doesn’t really change all that much. It’s been a kids favorite for years and adults generally take to it as well. Even though it’s nearly pure sugar it is refreshing and light.


And I guess you can even use it for clothing, though I serious doubt you want to sweat too heavily in it. It’s flavor is also infused into many of the food and drinks we consume today. They even make grapes into a cotton candy flavor.

images (2)

But it still is best when served as it was intended.

How to celebrate – Have some cotton candy today. Look for the cotton candy grapes in your grocery. Buy a cotton candy machine and start making it yourself.

December 6th Saint Nicholas Day

Whenever somebody tells me that Santa isn’t really I  remind them that he was. No, not exactly as we portray him today, but he was real. Like nearly every other legend in history, we tend to make them bigger than they really were and we have sort of done the same thing with St. Nick.


St. Nicholas started out Priest in Greece several hundred years after Jesus was placed on the cross. He eventually became a Bishop in the Catholic Church. Of course a great deal of a Bishops wardrobe is lined with red so red became a Christmas color. (The other color is black, not exactly festive) He did hand out presents to people during his life, children were among his favorite.


Legend has it that he is responsible for the Christmas stocking as well. One day he was throwing out coins to the poor and some ended up in a child’s shoe or stocking (There is some question about which it was) Since then, children would hang stocking in hopes that St, Nicholas would fill them up.


St. Nicholas died in either 345 or 352 A.D. but his tradition,and legend, continued on. In the 1800’s he became Santa Claus in the eyes of Americans. Originally St. Nicholas was pretty skinny too, we Americans fattened him up.

maxresdefault (2)

So the next time someone tells you Santa isn’t real, tell them the truth. You can leave out the part about the North Pole and flying through the sky on Christmas Eve, that really isn’t important and who knows, now that Nicholas is a Saint, maybe he really can fly!

How to celebrate – Let some legends live on. Study the real history of Saint Nicholas. Let the magic of Christmas lead you to a more joyful and meaningful holiday.

December 5th Bathtub Party Day

National Bathtub Party Day December 5thread-in-the-bathtub-day-e1423393437996

Created and copyrighted by Thomas and Ruth Roy under the ever-watchful eye of National Bathtub Party Day brings back that image of “Rub-a-dub-dub. Three men in a tub”.


Not an image I care to think too much about but, if bathing is your thing, today is your day! It’s all about what you put in the tub that makes it a party.

images (2)

How to celebrate – Take a bath tonight! Remember to invite your favorite ducky. Make sure you fill your bath with oils and soaps to honor the true spirit of this holiday.