November 15th National Philanthropy Day

Today we celebrate all those who literally spend their time and money on helping others. Their time is extremely important, their money even more so. The day was created by the Association of Fundraising Professionals in 1985. Fundraising drives many good groups that bring things those less fortunate badly need. Schools operate nearly all after school programs on fundraising. All those candies sold, magazines read and the dozens of other means of fundraising are well known to us. We may be annoyed, at times, but we have to remember that they are for good causes.

How to celebrate – Become, or join, a fundraising group. Support those groups you know need funding. Thank any Philanthropist you know.

November 14th National Seat Belt Day

November 14th National Seat Belt Day

Uber, Volvo and the Governors Highway Safety Association have all started this day to try and remind people to wear their seat belts. It is a really good idea! It is proven that seat belts save lives. It is law, you can get a ticket for not doing it but worse, you can die for not doing it. All car companies have been forced to put them in cars, so why not use them? In fact, what is the point in not wearing them? Who’s life has been saved by not wearing a seat belt?

How to celebrate – Wear your seat belt. Check your seat belts to make sure they are working. If you aren’t comfortable wearing a seat belt add some padding.

November 14th Operating Room Nurse Day

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad created today on November 14th, 1989. I’m willing to bet he, or someone he knew, had just had a operation and been treated by a nurse somewhere. It takes a special person to be a nurse of any kind, to be an operating room nurse requires even more passion. Naturally the doctors fix the problem but it can be said nurses fix the person. An operating room nurse has to know the person, the equipment and the procedure in order to assist the surgeon and the compassion to insure the individual recovers.

How to celebrate – Thank a nurse today. (Yes it is operating room nurses day but you still can thank any nurse) Learn what duties an operating nurse has. Read about all the different kinds of nurses.

November 13th World Kindness Day

The idea of being kind to each other, animals and the environment in theory is a great idea. It may, or may not, be practical for so many reasons but it starts with one person who is willing for kindness to start. A World Kindness Conference was held in Japan in 1996-97. They made a “Declaration of Kindness” on November 13th, 1997. I am sure their intentions were good but you can not impose kindness on someone, it has to come from inside. We talk about it, profess it but rarely practice it. Maybe today we can be kind to each other, even if its just for one day… it would be a start.

How to celebrate – Be kind to each other. Be kind to animals. Be kind to the environment.

November 12th Chicken Soup For The Soul Day

The secret to life is knowing where you are, where you have been, where you are going and who you will be thankful for helping you get where ever that is, was and will be. Sounds simple enough but how many of us actually know where we are or how we got there? Now I don’t mean literally. It’s all about our soul and the answer to that is much more complicated. Our soul is led by what we believe in, who we believe in and what we will believe in the future. We can lead, be led or go randomly into the night. To me, this entire country, if not the world, needs some good old chicken soup… the cure for every illness because so much of this world is sick and needs healing.

How to celebrate – Figure out why you believe in what you believe in. Learn whether your thoughts are your own or someone else’s. Accept yourself without input from anyone else.

November 11th Veteran’s Day

November 11th at 11:11 in 1918 World War 1 ended. In 1921 the world began to celebrate Armistice Day honoring those soldiers that fell during the war sacrificing the ultimate sacrifice for what they believed was worth protecting. President Eisenhower turned that date into Veteran’s Day in 1954 honoring all Veterans having served their country. We owe our Veterans our freedom and our way of life. We need to remember them, honor them and give them our thanks for all they have done and all they will do.

How to celebrate – Thank all veterans you see. Visit the grave of the Unknown Soldier. Make a list of all the veterans from your family tree.

November 10th Forget-Me-Not Day

November 10th Forget-Me-Not Day

Judge Robert S. Marx returned from World War 1 a wounded man. When he returned he saw other disabled men who seemed to be forgotten. He created a day that all should remember those men, not the just the ones who died, but the ones who returned as well. Sometimes the wounds were obvious, others were not. Sometimes, the obvious wounds are easier to recover from than those not seen. And so in 1921 he created Forget-Me-Not Day. This day works for all wars and conflicts. Anyone serving at any point continues to fight their own wars over and over again, even when they come home.

How to celebrate – Remember all those who served our country. Look up the veterans in your family. Visit the heroes everyone else has forgotten.

November 10th USMC Day

The United States Marine Corp was formed on November 10th, 1775. Though the armed service have repeatedly tried to remove the Marine Corp over the years it has become one of the most proven military forces in American history. Officially the land force for the Navy, the Marines began their service aboard ships as sharpshooters and a policing force for the Navy. Over the years, as a part of the Navy, the Marines were the first to arrive on the scene since they were transported by the Navy but today they are much more than originally intended. The Few, the Proud, the Marines. Semper Fidelis, meaning always faithful.

How to celebrate – Learn about the Marines history. Thank any Marine you meet. Visit a Marine Corp base.

November 9th Chaos Never Dies Day

Have you ever noticed that just when you think the chaos has come to an end it starts all over again? It seems like once you have solved one problem another problem comes to replace the old one. Do we cause our own chaos or does it just seem to attach itself to us and follow us no matter where we go? Would we know how to live without chaos nipping at our heels? Probably not. So today is the day to accept chaos is always with us and celebrate what we learn by dealing with it.

How to celebrate – Learn what causes the chaos in your life. Find ways to enjoy the chaos around you. Watch “Get Smart”.

November 8th Dunce Day

Leave it to the Scots. It was November 8th, 1308 when Medieval scholar Duns Scotus died after giving his Dunce Cap to the world. Now we know the Dunce Cap as a punishment for doing something stupid but Scotus believed that his cap actually helped children, or adults, learn. The idea behind it was that information entered the cone at the point on the top and filtered down into the brain of the person wearing the cap. Ah, so, who is the dunce now!?! Of course today we all know it was given to children who did something stupid in class, that was a long time ago, now if they do something stupid we give them a cookie and send them on their way. My how the world has changed.

How to celebrate – Read about Duns Scotus. Create your own Dunce Cap. Go sit in the corner.