February 15th Susan B. Anthony Day

Today is Susan B. Anthony’s birthday. Of course, it occurred in 1820 but than’s not important. She is known for her drive to bring about equal rights for women, something we commonly accept today but back in her day, it was not very common. Women could not vote and really had no say even in their own lives.

She was arrested in 1872 for trying o vote in a Presidential election, something strictly forbidden in her day. She did help make the 19th amendment come about, finally award women the right to cast their vote legally. She also stood out for her anti-slavery stance and as well as other socially relevant issues.

Her home at 17 Madison Street in Rochester, New York stands as a monument to her efforts. She has also appeared on the famed coin dollar, not in use all that much anymore. Who knows where we would be if not for people like Susan B. Anthony, it’s good we don’t even have to consider that.

How to celebrate – Honor Susan B. Anthony today. See if you can find the Susan B. Anthony coin. Read the 19th amendment.


February 14th Valentines Day

Today is the day for lovers! It is actually the Roman holiday called the Feast of Lupercalia, the god of fertility created centuries ago probably to help populate the Roman empire. We have changed it a bit over the years to become a day where we show our affection to those we do love and those we would like to. (Let’s not go crazy here!)

Not long ago people believed this was also the first day of bird mating season. I’m not sure how that translate to our current belief in Valentine’s Day but I suppose what ever cracks your tractor. We do, however, often take those we love and cherish for granted far more than we should. Today is the day the world has chosen to show that love in chocolate, flowers, diamonds and more.

It is also the time to express your love for someone who may not know you love them. Take care here though and make sure your advances will be welcomed. Maybe giving someone an apple would be a better choice. If they don’t get your point then you can always claim you just thought they were hungry.

How to celebrate – Let someone know you love them. Find a different gift to express your love from the common place. make sure the one you love wants to be loved by you.

February 13th Get A New Name Day

Ever want a different name than you have been given? Well, today is your chance to do that. Our well intending parents may not have been thinking clearly when the saddle us with the label we are expected to use the rest of our lives. I went to school with a girl named Mary Wanna (Sightly changed to avoid any legal issues). Really, did they realize what they were doing!?!

What is popular when we are young now may have entirely different meanings to our children as they age. Mortimer use to be a great male name but not so much any more. And a name like Uliksa for a girl may be perfectly sound in a different language but in America it can lead to some evil outcome.

So when naming your child use some reason. Don’t try and be funny, give it some thought and don’t try to be too fancy. If people cannot pronounce or read the name you have given your child, it can only lead to a more difficult life later on.

How to celebrate – If you don’t like your name, change it! Thank the people at Wellcat.com for creating the day. Write down a list of names you like.

February 12th Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday

Lincoln was one of the few president’s that nearly everybody agrees was among the top (maybe not so much in the south). He was one of the good ol’ boys, but with a brain. He also lived one of the sadder lives known to any of the presidents.

Born on February 12th, 1809 his life did not stand out all that much before he was elected. He served in a militia unit during the Black Hawk War but never saw any action. He was a failed retailer and a slightly better than average farmer. He did excel at being a lawyer which is what finally got him noticed by those who made presidents back then. But it was his logic and wit that won the day, not his brute force or winning.

John Wilkes Booth saw to his demise on April 14th, 1865, after the war had come to an end practically speaking. It was “Good Friday” and Ford’s Theater was packed since so many had heard the President would be attending. There are dozens of conspiracy theories floating around about who really did what, but the end results are the same.

How to celebrate – read about Lincoln’s life. Throw a birthday party in his honor. Read about the belief that Lincoln was secretly a vampire killer.

February 11th National Make A Friend Day

You can never have too many friends. Some move away, some get mad and go away, some die, few do you keep for a lifetime. If you do have that sort of friend, do whatever you have to do to keep them. The biggest thing to remember is that to get a friend you have to be a friend. Be willing to give as much, or more than you receive.

Some times it’s hard for you to know who really is a friend and who isn’t until you need their friendship. So remember that the next time they need you. “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” If you are lucky enough to have a life long friend, do what you have to do to keep them.

How to celebrate – Take your friend to lunch. find out if your friend needs anything before they have to ask. See if there are any new friends you can make today.

February 10th National Umbrella Day

National Umbrella Day – February 10th

The term umbrella comes to us from the Latin word umbra, meaning shade or shadow. History shows umbrellas have been in use for more than 4,000 years when art from ancient Egypt, Assyria, Greece, and China show umbrellas in use.  In 1830, the first Umbrella store opened in London operated by James Smith and Sons. It is still selling umbrellas today.

How to celebrate – Take your umbrella to lunch today. Order an umbrella from James Smith & Sons. Take your umbrella in the shower with you.

February 9th National Pizza Day

This is one of my favorite holidays of the entire year! Well, maybe it’s not really a real holiday, but of the not so real holidays this is may favorite. I love pizza! I am one of the national average American’s when it comes to eating pizza, that’s 23 pounds of pizza a year. Over 3 billion pizzas are sold every year in the US, the most coming at Superbowl Sunday and second, oddly, Halloween!

No one knows exactly when pizza was invented. I have heard it was the Greek soldiers with Alexander who used to bake cheese and herbs on pita bread on top of their shields. Maybe true, but like most everything else, it was probably first served up by the Chinese.

Chow Mein pizza, yum. And yes I know chow mein is actually an American dish. I wonder how you use the chopsticks!?!

How to celebrate – Order pizza today. Make your own pizza today. Try a white pizza for a change.