September 10th Sewing Machine Day

The first sewing machine appeared in France during the 1830’s. Before that, all clothes were sewn by hand requiring hours and hours of work for just a single garment. If you can imagine those days of the elaborate military uniforms for hundreds of thousands of soldiers all having to be made by hand it is amazing. All those elaborate ball gowns we commonly think of during the 1700’s in Europe and the Americas had to be made by hand. We as society also use to have at least one sewing machine per household for repairing clothing, today we tend to just throw clothes away and the sewing machine disappears from our every day lives.

How to celebrate – See if you have a working sewing machine at home. Try making some of your own clothes. Visit a sewing machine museum.

September 9th Teddy Bear Day

The Ideal Toy Company was formed by Morris and Rose Michton when they read about a story in the Washington Post in 1902 when Teddy Roosevelt refused to shoot a small bear in Mississippi while on a hunting trip. This simple act started a revolution in the toy industry that continues today as nearly every household with children has at least one teddy bear. (And many without children as well) Recently, with the Covide Virus threat the teddy bear took another supportive step as they became a part of a nationwide scavenger hunt among those who walked neighborhoods to get exercise. We all were encouraged to put a teddy bear on our porch or in the front yard so they were a challenge to find but still bringing a smile to our faces.

How to celebrate – Get a teddy bear. (If you don’t already have one) Try to remember your first teddy bear. Give a teddy bear to a loved one.

September 8th International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day was created by the United Nation’s UNESCO in 1965 in order to better educate the world and promote reading. The United Nation’s Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has been instrumental in bringing literacy to the world, teaching those who would not have the opportunity to learn otherwise. The value of reading should be obvious these days, when so much is going wrong in the world and we are trying to fix it. The idea of being able to communicate and share ideas is more important now than ever before.

How to celebrate – Support UNESCO. Visit the UN. Help promote literacy in your area.

September 7th National Salami Day

If you are having a party, celebration or if it’s the holidays there must be some salami around the house. Those spicy sausages normally cut into cubes and served on a toothpick with equally cube cheese of some sort. As I understand it the level of spicy depends on your taste, from mild to hot. Now there is no reason you can’t have salami at any time, it just normally seems to be reserved for special occasions. You might need a breath mint after eating it though.

How to celebrate – Have some salami. Invent your own holiday so you can have salami. Learn how to make your own salami.

September 6th Read A Book Day

Reading is a great way to pass time and learn something, even if its just to learn how to have fun. I love books, I read nightly and unfortunately save nearly every book I’ve ever read. My study is overrun with books. That’s the one good thing about e-books, they are much easier to store! Speaking of E-books, check out “Why The Evergreen’s Stay Green” on Amazon. It’s a quick read and great for the holidays! Oh, and I wrote it so it will do wonders for me! (It’s cheap too!) I’d love to know what you think of it.

How to celebrate – Read a book. Tell a story. Share something you have learned from a book.

September 5th Be Late For Something Day

Are you one of those people that show up early for meetings, dates, parties… whatever? Come on, you are making the rest of us look bad! It’s time you were late for something, anything! My family, for example, sets time for dinner or parties a half hour before we expect anyone to actually arrive. Pretty soon we are going to have to start setting it an hour ahead of time because we all know it’s okay to be a half hour late. Remember being late to something is considered fashionable and, naturally we all want to be in step with society.

How to celebrate – Be late to something. Pick something that doesn’t really matter if you or late or not. Set your clocks back so you are lat to something.

September 5th Beard Day

September 5th Beard Day

Here’s another day for the ladies… or maybe not. Today is the day we celebrate the beard. I’m not really sure why, but we do. The first recognition of the beard came from the Vikings in 800 AD. (Though I am pretty sure there were beards before that) Having a beard is the simple act of not shaving. It can apply to women as well as men. (Remember the Bearded Lady!) The art of growing a beard has become more and more refined over the years. In fact, there are titles for the best beards, just ask ZZ Top.

How to celebrate – Don’t shave today. Cultivate your own beard. If you have a beard check it for any missing birds in your area.

September 5th National Cowgirl Day

September 5th National Cowgirl Day

Well if the internet is correct this year celebrates the first ever year of the Cowgirl (seems like I’ve heard about this one before though). Anyway, we often forget that women drove cattle during the old west as well. Maybe not as much as men, but still they could ride horses just as well – the main requirement for being a Cowboy. In the world today more women are Cowgirls than ever before, of course, more women ride horses today than ever before too. Mommas don’t let your babies grow up to be Cowgirls!

How to celebrate – Read about all the Cowgirls that help tame the west. If you are female, go horseback riding. Go to a dude ranch.

September 4th Newspaper Carrier Day

Benjamin Day needed to increase circulation of his New York Sun newspaper so he hired Barney Flaherty to carry his newspaper to the people directly. Barney was only 10 years old but proved Day’s theory that he could sell more papers. That was in 1833. This eventually led to newspapers being delivered to homes’ front doors over the years until now, where most are printed online to get them out as soon as they have gone to press. The race to get those papers out has led to some “fake news” mistakenly getting out as media groups try to beat each other to the punch. Of course, many newspapers have been inaccurately reporting news since day one, since they are subject to making sales with the first to get the scoop and make the Headlines.

How to celebrate – Thank your newspaper delivery person. Read a newspaper. Find out how many newspapers operate in your town.

September 3rd Skyscraper Day

When you can’t build out anymore the only other option is to build up. The world’s first skyscraper was the ten story Home Insurance Company building in Chicago, started in 1884 and finished in 1885. That’s a far cry from the Burj Khalifa building in Dubai built in 2010 which stands 2,717 feet high with 163 floors. It does seem to me that there is some point where enough is enough but then I don’t like heights either. Personally, I don’t need to be able to see 27 states from where I stand in 360-degree glory to know they are there. I am sure the sight is breath-taking though.

How to celebrate – Go visit Dubai. Go to the top floor of a skyscraper during a wind storm and feel the building sway. Try building your own skyscraper out of Legos.