January 16th National Nothing Day

Nothing from nothing leave nothing. In fact i should not even be doing this blog to celebrate this day because, I would be doing nothing, which is exactly what this day is all about! Oddly, today was created by Harold Pullman Coffin in 1973 who was a newspaper man. Nothing does not make for a very interesting newspaper. A book without words is nothing but is it still a book? If it is still a book then it can’t be nothing. And when one says you should do nothing all day then your day will be rather short, since you have to at least breath to be alive. So it really is impossible to do nothing today and still be around to celebrate it. Maybe today should be renamed don’t do anything beyond what you have to do day. Most of us would claim that as doing nothing.

How to celebrate – Don’t celebrate, do nothing. Don’t make a list of what you aren’t doing. Go back to bed.

January 15th Museum Selfie Day

January 15th Museum Selfie Day

Some calendars show today as the museum selfie day, others show the 21st as museum selfie day so it is your pick. The general idea for either day you choose, or both if you like, is to show your support for a museum, or museums, of your choice. It’s pretty simple. Take a selfie of yourself in front of a museum. It shows you have class, even if you didn’t go inside. The day was created in London by blogger Mar Dixson, who I assume went into the museum as well as took the selfie out front of it. No one will know either way and it does give free advertisement to the museum which is a good thing. Make sure you take your selfie outside as most museums do not allow photos inside, which could create Jail Selfie Day.

How to celebrate – Locate the museums in your area. Go to said museum(s) and take a selfie. Be sure to post it to social media so you get credit.

January 14th Dress Up Your Pet Day

Today was created by Colleen Paige. You go girl! The thing is, most of our pets would rather that you go right on by this day and act like it never was. Sure, it’s cute to dress you pet up to make them look funny or cute. The thing is, I don’t think they really like it. Oh sure, they enjoy the attention for a while and naturally they love spending time with you, but as far as getting dressed up, not so much. In fact, I bet they have a dart board set up with today’s date center that they target. So if you got up this morning and found the date ripped out of your newspaper or if you can’t find your pet where they normally would hang out, you know what day it is.

How to celebrate – Make your pet your mini me. Dress your pet and get your picture and get rid of the clothing, hats and such. Let your pet just be your pet.

January 13th Make Your Dream Come True Day

We all have dreams, even those who have answered their dreams just create more. Some dreams are way out of our reach, at least on a temporary basis. For example, if you dream of being a doctor you can’t just make yourself one (although there are those that do – think…Catch me if you Can…the Great Imposter). You have to take steps to get there. Get good grades in elementary school, study the human body, go to medical school, and so on. So maybe start with smaller dreams, obtainable ones before taking that giant leap. You can be whatever you want to be, just not all at once.

How to celebrate – Start your journey today. Look before you leap. Help others reach their dreams.

January 12th National Pharmacist Day

We thank our doctors and nurses for saving us from whatever illness we suffer from. However the true hero is the pharmacist that gives us those wonderful tablets that make us feel better as we begin our recovery. The chemist behind the counter that mixes up the chemicals, herbs and magic they use to reverse those evil germs we have run into. It really is kind of a thankless job. If the drugs they provide us with work, we happily go on our way. They remain behind the counter, mixing and mashing and trying to read the doctor’s handwriting that regenerate our health, or at least make us feel better while we endure.

How to celebrate – Thank your pharmacist when you feel good, don’t wait until you are sick. Learn home remedies and become your own pharmacist. (Good luck) Watch Breaking Bad.

January 11th National Step In A Puddle And Splash Your Friends Day

January 11th National Step In A Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day

Remember when you were child how much fun it was to splash about in a mud puddle! Back then, you didn’t need to worry about splashing your friends because they were probably in the puddle with you already! If you are older than 10 though, you might want to reconsider celebrating today with friends nearby, they may not be your friend afterwards. If you are at the beach it’s probably okay. If you are at a wedding it’s probably not okay. So choose your jump in carefully… also, you might want to make sure it’s water before you jump in!

How to celebrate – Gather your friends and jump in a puddle! Check to make sure how deep that puddle really is before jumping. Throw a Step In A Puddle Party Day!

January 10th Peculiar People Day

Peculiar People make our days interesting. Who know, maybe someone even considers us peculiar. Peculiar people are the kind of people that books are written about, movies are made of and help make the world go round. Some peculiar people are bad, some are good but most are just like you and me, and I guess I am proud of being peculiar. If you think of what peculiar actually means, I think most of us want to be, and are, peculiar. After-all, what good is it if we are exactly the same? So take pride in who you are, what you do or how you think, even if its different than everybody else. So long as you do not force your ways on others it will make their lives better too.

How to celebrate – Enjoy being different. Respect others. Make a list of what you think makes you different than everyone else.