August 9th Book Lover’s Day

I love books! They are great for holding down loose papers on my desk, they make great doorstops and they help me sit up straighter when I am in a chair too low for the table I am at… oh, and they are pretty fun to read as well.

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Fiction, non-fiction, biographical, self-help, educational, picture, coloring… well they all have their purpose and can give us hours and hours of enjoyment. They are great for spending some quiet time, catching up on the latest trends, and studying areas of interest we can never learn enough about. They can take us to far away places, times long since past, and even allow ourselves to be transformed into a King or Queen or anyone we can imagine (or the author can imagine).


They help us relax, fall asleep, and get into a zone that betters our mood, improves ourselves, or makes us feel better about the world we live in (often by comparing it to a world we haven’t known). They give us insight into how others think, reassuring ourselves that there are people who feel the same as we do, and often they help us remember things we might otherwise have forgotten.


The written word is powerful, but only if someone reads it. Books are not always right, sometimes they challenge us to be better people, and show us things we may have missed along our life’s journey. They remind us of who we can still be, where we have been, and what we have in common with others when we think we are often alone. In other words, they are like an old friend who knows us, and loves us, and does whatever they can to help us realize our dreams.


They can make us laugh, cry, or consider things we have never considered before. They can make us examine who we are, what we are doing, and what happened to lead us to where we are. In short, every book has a life of it’s own that it is willing to share with us. Oh, and they help us reach that top shelf, fill up empty spaces, and show we have some class to our friends and neighbors.

How to celebrate – Open a book and read today. Start writing your own book (you might be better at it than you think). Learn something you didn’t already know by reading a book that challenges the limits you have placed on yourself.

August 8th Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day

Have you ever noticed that no matter what vegetable you may like, but not your favorite, always seems to be the most prolific growing in your garden? You can count on Zucchini to be one of those vegetables. Now I like zucchini, no problem there, but having it at every meal for 6 months in a row does get to be a bit much.

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I planted a garden for my family and myself and just on a whim I added eggplant. I did not know how to cook eggplant and while I did not hate it, it wasn’t exactly my favorite. Naturally, when my garden started to grow, the only thing that grew in large quantity was the eggplant. I gave away as much as anyone wanted and still had an ample supply to feed several armies on the march. Even when the rest of the plants died off my eggplant was still growing!


I’ve spoken about watermelon before and I will again because if it starts to grow, it never stops! The nice thing about watermelon though is that you don’t actually have to carry it over to your neighbors porch to get rid of the excess, it will actually make it’s way over to them on its own!

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I tried planting blueberries and got three berries, I tried planting strawberries and got one, and my raspberry plants never produced the first berry at all. But even today, after I pulled all my eggplant plants up and burned them, they grew wild in my yard! I finally moved.

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How to celebrate – Warn your neighbors if you plan on planting zucchini, or eggplant, or watermelon. Buy a black outfit so that you can place your bounty on your neighbor’s porch at night without being seen. Make sure you plant your garden where neighbors can’t see it if you intend on making nightly deposits to rid yourself of over stack (that garden is a dead give-a-way of who is mysteriously giving away vegetables no one wants.

August 7th National Lighthouse Day

August 7th National Lighthouse Day


Over the years, it’s hard to imagine how many lives these beacons of light have saved. Built to warn of dangerous coast lines, hazardous shoals, and designate safe entry points to harbors, these lighthouses guide ships, and now planes, to safety.


The first known lighthouse in America was in St. Augustine, built in 1586. The United States formed the US Bureau of Lighthouses in 1789, eventually giving over control to the Coast Guard.


How to celebrate – Visit a lighthouse near you, Most lighthouses had caretakers that kept the light lit, study the history of those heroes of the seas. Build your own mini-lighthouse in your yard.

July 2017 Shake it Up Box

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July 2017 Original Standard Holiday Box

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August 6th National Sisters Day

If you are lucky enough to have a sister you know how really special this day is, if you don’t I feel sorry for you… because you have never known the most loving, caring person in the world. I am lucky enough to have two, both are different from each other, and yet the same.


I’m the middle kid, I have one sister 4 years older than me and one 13 years younger than me. Though there were times I didn’t know it, they have been the one true joy of my life. They ask for very little and give a lot in return and take care of the family when no one else will, or can.


There are times I wish they knew that. Times when they are down or heartbroken, times when they are stronger than I ever could be. So me, sisters are something very special, I can only hope that you have a sister, or two, or three, so you know what I am talking about.


The Andrews Sisters were some of the most famous sisters in history. They sang together, bringing joy to a cheerless world. It’s fitting that we find a least one day a year to celebrate sisters, if for no other reason than them. However, Crayola recognizes Sisters Day as August 5th, Hallmark as August 7th. The truth is, at one time or the other they were both right… in a way. It’s actually the first Sunday in August and this year, that’s the 6th.  But to me, in reality, every day is sisters day, and always should be.

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How to celebrate – Do something nice for your sister(s) today. Make sure they know how important they are to you. If you haven’t spoken to your sister for a long time, find some reason to at least say hello.

August 5th National Underwear Day

So often under appreciated, underwear has been with us for a long, long time. (sometimes too long). It holds us in, up, and sometimes even together. For years we have kept it hidden away from view, which in many ways has been a very good idea. As of late though, the world seems to have taken idea that underwear needs to be shown.


In fact Freshpair, Inc created Underwear Day celebrating it mainly in New York City with 800 models wearing nothing but their underwear in Times Square, it was a Guinness World Record. It all began on August 5th, 2003.



And some underwear I just do not understand. Can it be comfortable? Does it really mean it’s intended purpose? Do we really have to admire those guys that wear their pants down around their knees allowing their boxers to show. Who really wants to see that!?! And forget it if they havr to run or move quickly for any reason. They make plumbers butt look good!


And then their is underwear that covers everything but what it needs to cover. Sexy? Maybe… but what’s the point!?! Do your clothes really need to be protected from your hips? And really, just how comfortable is this to wear!?! Somehow, I think we may be losing our way. I think maybe your old underwear with holes in them will come into fashion, so don’t throw them away or stop using them for rags.

How to celebrate – Go through your underwear drawer and try to figure out what might be in style and what is lost forever. Try wearing your underwear on the outside of your clothes (this way you express yourself and still not show anything no one else wants to see). Save the sexy stuff for the bedroom, it has no place on the street.