September 30th National Mud Pack Day

There are certain things in life that make you go, hmm… I am not sure who first thought, “Hey, I’m going to put mud all over my face because I think it will help my skin to make me look younger!” Most of us would probably decline the offer, but there are those who pay a lot to have that done to them in spas.


I am sure that the rocks surrounding her head are significant as well. In the old days, soldiers would often cover themselves with mud to camouflage into the ground. I can just imagine them hiding, waiting to ambush whoever they were fighting against and one soldier turning to the other and asking, “Does this stuff make me look younger? I certainly feel younger.”


The Vikings, among others, found that covering themselves up in mud protected them from sunburn and bugs. Of course, they were probably covering themselves with  bugs as well but that doesn’t count. Perhaps they discovered the youthful agents in mud, after all… you never really see old looking Vikings (never mind that they normally didn’t live much past their thirties).

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And if it’s good for your face, why not the entire body! Perhaps that’s how mud wrestling came about! Well, maybe it works, maybe it only works in someone’s mind, but there seem to be a lot of women who swear by the process, who am I to argue.


After all, our furry best friends have been practicing the art since time began.

How to celebrate – Get a mud facial. Dive into a pool of mud and relax. Explore different uses for mud.


September 29th Confucius Day

Today is the day we celebrate the great philosopher, Confucius. Born in China, September 28, 551 B.C. . So why do we celebrate on September 29th? Well your guess is as good as mine. Does it matter? You’d have to ask Confucius!


He was a teacher, scholar, and politician. Many of his thoughts have been repeated in the Bible. There is no doubt he was a very smart man. I am curious though whether he was well known in his time or not, who knows.


He was a favorite in China until suppressed by the Qin Dynasty. His real name was Kong Qiu. It is surprising his works were not destroyed but supposedly he wrote everything down in chapters and they survived.


Many of his teachings seem obvious to us today, they may not have been back during his life. Particularly in China where the Emperor could do no wrong. Logic in a world filled with people who believed they were gods often do not match up well. The funny thing about it is, Confucius was right and they were wrong.


How to celebrate – Study Confucius’ writings. Practice Confucius’ teachings. Try coming up with your own life affirming statements.

September 28th National Ask A Stupid Question Day

Is there a stupid question that can be asked? Well, maybe… asking if there is a stupid question one can ask! The only way one can learn is by asking, and what may seem less intelligent to those of us that have experienced the subject of the question to someone who hasn’t, it’s not stupid at all.


The day was actually created back in the 1980’s by teachers. Why? Well that is probably a stupid question… because we all know we learn more by asking than just waiting around to hear the answer to our question that may never come. So ask, maybe you lose a little pride, but who cares, if you learn for the next time then you can answer someone’s stupid question!


As Forrest Gump put it, “Stupid is as stupid does”. It is so true! Not knowing an answer and not trying to find out the answer is the only stupid thing one can do. In all honesty, I have learned more myself by having to find out the answer to something someone asked me.

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So raise your hands and ask those questions! Or join the Society for Stupid People, because if you don’t ask, you will be one of them. Just ask any woman who is with a man who is lost and won’t ask for directions. The answer is, stay lost then!

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How to celebrate – Go ahead, ask that question you’ve always been afraid to ask. Encourage children around you to ask questions. Realize that when you get that answer to your stupid question, you aren’t stupid anymore.

September 27th National Crush A Can Day

If you have a lot of anger and have no other release for it, take it out on a can. Actually, you will be doing the world a favor by condensing something that might take up a lot of room otherwise. If you don’t crush them, they will be crushed when they reach the dump anyway.

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Personally, I suggest you empty the can first. You don’t have to, but it will be much easier and you won’t create a mess where ever you choose to make your crush. Of course, you are proving you are a man (A stupid one) so there is that to be said.

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See what I mean! Crushing anything on your head is better done after drinking the contents, preferably an alcoholic one, and best done near a hospital or doctor’s office where you can get those attractive stitches if something goes wrong, as it normally does. I am not sure exactly what you are proving by crushing a can against your head, and even worse… if you are impressing someone, I am sorry for the person you are impressing.


There are machines to crush cans for you. They do a great job! My father has twelve bags of cans, crushed by the machine. They have been sitting there for probably three years waiting for someone to take them to the recycling place to gather the 2 dollars they are worth.


But if it’s your thing to crush a can against your head, in your hands when it’s still full, or even in the machine designed to do it, today is your day! Have fun and make room for all the rest of the garbage we create daily.

How to celebrate – Crush a can today! After crushing the can, take it to the dump, it’s a great place to spend the day. Remember to pull those tabs, they contain the most aluminum and are a nice source of income for places like the Ronald McDonald House.

September 26th National Johnny Appleseed Day

No one loved apples more than John Chapman. He loved them so much that he spread them all across America in hopes that he could share them with everyone, well, so the legend goes… and it may be true, or it may not be.


Legend says that Johnny Appleseed went into communities trying to teach the value of the apple and planting groves in areas to get them started. He was also noted for giving donations to that community to help with causes dear to his heart. Born on September 26th, 1774 a great deal of this may be true.

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On the flip side, some were not as impressed. It seems he would show up and plant his seeds and then move on, leaving the hard work of tending to the trees to those who really didn’t need the extra work. Apparently he also would come back a few years later and try to claim the land he had planted the trees on. It’s hard to know which of the stories is actually true.


He was a humble man, very religious and did travel at least through New York and Pennsylvania. From there on, anything could be true, or not. It is believed he died of the “Winter Plague” on March 11th, 1845 but no one is sure. He did exist, and many places that now grow apples would never have seen them if not for him, no matter what the motives might have been.

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How to celebrate – Have an apple today in honor of Johnny Appleseed. Discover new and different ways to use the apple. Plant your own apple tree.

September 25th National Comic Book Day

Comic books officially got their start in 1933 when Famous Funnies came out. There were elements of the comic book printed in Japan in the 18th century and again in Europe in the 1830’s but it’s first actual recognition was the American contribution.


I grew up on comic books, mainly the Classics Illustrated. These were comics based on novels or historical events, sort of a cliff notes for the real thing. I enjoyed them and learned a lot about history because most of them were accurate in the stories they depicted.


My absolute favorite was one about a Sergeant serving in Europe during World War 2. It was fiction but I am sure a lot of what he went through was real to many.  Sgt. Rock again tried to represent things real people went through.


Of course, most comics are about super heroes and monsters. Nothing wrong with that. I never really related to them because I knew man could not fly or see through walls, still they were (and are) entertaining and generally give us characters to look up to.


However today, there are a lot of comic books that tell a different story. I am not sure what they are teaching the young but I have also found that the young don’t really buy comics all that much anymore anyway. 

How to celebrate – See if you can find a copy of your favorite comic book growing up. Read one of your kids comic books. Admire the artwork of a comic book, whether you approve or not it is quite good.

September 24th National Cherries Jubilee Day

If you like cherries, cognac (or Brandy) and vanilla ice cream you should like cherries jubilee. It is the perfect ending to a perfect meal or maybe you can pass on the meal and just have the dessert.

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All you need are cherries, cognac and vanilla ice cream… oh, and a match. Then stand back and let the fire do it’s thing. (You might want to make sure you have placed the cherries in a bowl that can withstand fire.)


Chef Auguste Escoffier created the dish in honor of Queen Victoria’s 50 (1887) year of being the monarch of the UK. It needed t be something spectacular and Escoffier was known for making spectacular dishes. One he was already noted for where his eggs scrambled and cooked in champagne. (Are we catching a theme here?)


Now I honestly do not know too much about Queen Victoria but she does appear to need a little cheering up. If the cherries didn’t do and the ice cream didn’t do it surely the cognac would. Since then cherries jubilee has been on the finest restuarants dining tables.


I suppose you can use any cherry, Bing would be my choice. But then I love just about anything made with cherries. If you do not care for cherries, you might try blackberries or raspberries. But be careful, that might anger the Queen.

How to celebrate – Fix some cherries jubilee for your family after a peanut butter and jelly supper.  (They should be confused) See if you can add anything to the recipe to make a slightly different cherries jubilee. If all else fails, forget the cherries and ice cream and enjoy a nice glass of cognac.