July 2nd I Forgot Day

Today is the day that you make up for all those days that you have missed over the rest of the year. Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, you know, those days that get you in trouble for forgetting them. We all forget things and recently we have good reason for forgetting even what day it is. That does not change the fact that we should not have forgotten them and being human, we have invented a day to make up for all those things we have forgotten. Gaye Anderson of DeMotte, IN created today, probably after someone forgot something like their birthday or anniversary.

How to celebrate – Try to remember a special day you have forgotten. Buy flowers, candy or whatever make up to that someone you forgot. Try and figure out how you will remember today is you forgot really important days.

July 1st National Postal Worker Day

Six days a week most of us look forward to the arrival of the mail. Well, at least we hope we get something good. It’s sort of turned into junk mail these days but it doesn’t change the idea of something coming to us that can change our day into something better. Like the mail or not we all thank our Postal Workers for all they do. Of course we see the one who delivers it to our door, or mailbox, but there are many many more that work to keep the mail moving. It requires some 490,000 in the US to get the job done while that person that delivers it to our door, well they walk between 4 and 8 miles a day.

How to celebrate – Thank your local mail person. Leave treats for your mail person. Use your postal system to keep it in business.

June 5th National Doughnut Day

Today was created by the Salvation Army in 1938 during the depression as they handed out doughnuts to those who could find little to eat as the country suffered from economic struggles. The day was created to honor the “Lassies” that went to Europe during World War 1 under Lt. Col. Helen Purvianee. They were the only women allowed on the front lines serving doughnuts and coffee to the soldiers of the Allied forces. Even then, these women were a part of the Salvation Army. There is something comforting about a doughnut. Check your local doughnut shops, they may be giving away doughnuts today for free!

How to celebrate – Support your local Salvation Army. Learn to make your own doughnuts. Learn more about the Salvation Army during World War 1.

July 31st National Mutt’s Day

Who’s your buddy? It only seems right that after yesterday being International Day of Friendship that today we celebrate our true friends, dogs. Now the pure bred dogs are fun to look at but for a true friend, you require the half-breed, the mutt. This is a dog that has nothing to prove and often nothing to lose so they give you their all and often asking for only a small bit of you in return. I am a true dog lover. They are my best friends which makes me want to give them all I can. They celebrate with us on our highs and stay by our sides during our lows. They don’t care about about what kind of house we have or what kind of car we drive, whether we were the most fashionable or dress like a bum, they love us because… they love us. And the best of all is the mutt. They may not be pretty and they may never win a ribbon, but they will always be your friend.

Hot to celebrate – Love your dog. Adopt a rescue. Treat your dog like a King or Queen today.

July 30th International Day of Friendship

Friends are very important to people, and animals. In fact, if you have a good friend you can get through practically anything. Historically, the United States was actually the first country to have a friendship day back in 1919 but it was not nationally recognized. Paraguay was the first to declare a national day of friendship on July 30th, 1958. Since then the United National has declared an International Day of Friendship in 2011. It’s amazing that it has taken this long to create the day, of course the world hasn’t always been that friendly of a place. I guess in many ways it still isn’t. Maybe if we try a little harder this is something we can actually accomplish. Then again, maybe not. But there is not harm in trying. The more friends we have the less enemies. But the only way to have a friend is to be a friend, it has to come from both sides.

How to celebrate – Say hello to an old friend. Make a new friend. Treat others how you want to be treated.

July 28th National Parent’s Day

Today we celebrate parents. Those who guide us and help us achieve our goals. Are they perfect? Is anyone perfect? Since no two people are the same it is impossible to take others experiences and say they have all the answers. Parents don’t either but they try, bending themselves to help us become the people we are. No one knows exactly who created today, some think it was a candy company to sell more products but it is not Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, it is a day to recognize all of what our parents do for us and as individuals themselves. Bill Clinton proclaimed the day in 1994, the 4th Sunday of July. It is a time to honor our parents for doing the best they could and recognizing that we are better for it.

How to celebrate – Take your parents to lunch if you are lucky enough to still have them. List all the things you can remember that you know your parents did for you. Do a family tree.

July 27th National Day of the Cowboy

The cowboy is one of the most misunderstood characters out of history. This man, or woman, settled the western US. They are tough and loyal and work hard, with pride, at what they do. A large number of the original cowboys came out of the American Civil War, people trained to ride horses aggressively during the war that found themselves without work in the east. The day was created in 2005, the fourth Saturday of July, though there is no record of who created it. The cowboy is much more than just a man, or woman, who drives cattle to a destination, they are the soul of the working class, doing what they love, in the only way they know how… straight forward never looking behind.

How to celebrate – Visit the west. Learn the ethics involved with being a cowboy. Love what you do for a living.

July 26th All Or Nothing Day

July 26th All Or Nothing Day

Today is the day that you should go for broke and gamble it all that you will win! It’s time to show you are “All In” on whatever it is you are going to do. This can include gambling everything on the stock market( Not a good idea), jump in that pool before checking the temperature of the water (But make sure there is water there first) or tell someone that you love them (Even if they have never met you before) In other words, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead! The point is, when you give something your all you will always get better results than if you do it half-way. You can win big, or you can lose big, but the results will probably change your life forever.

How to celebrate – Commit to something in your life. Go the track and bet on your favorite horse! Try submerging yourself into a real passion and make it work for you.

July 25th National Thread The Needle Day

If you are going to sew you first need to thread the needle. When I first saw the day listed I thought this was going to be something about surfing. Nope, it’s all about threading the needle so you can either make something or repair something that requires sewing. Now I have tried to sew things in myself time, I admit I am not very good at it. I think a lot of the reason why I am not very good at it is because it takes me hours to thread the eye of the needle which means when it comes time to actually do the sewing part, I am either tired or frustrated so I just want to get the job over with! Someone should invent and sell the pre-threaded needle. Of course you could only use it once but who cares, life would be so much easier!

How to celebrate – Sew something. Thread some needles just for fun. Spend some time trying to make your point.

July 24th National Amelia Earhart Day

A number of years ago I was searching through a local barn and found all sorts of photos and letters to, and from, Amelia Earhart visiting a local doctor. It got me interested in what happened to her and why she disappeared on her historic flight before World War 2. Other than being a real party animal nothing I found added anything more than what everyone already knew. She, and her navigator Fred Noonan, seemed to have fallen off he face of the earth in their Lockheed Model 10 Electra, better known as “The Flying Laboratory”. From all I read my belief is, she wanted to just disappear. She was a tough woman who had already celebrated nearly everything she looked for in life. Amelia was born on July 24th, 1897 which is why today was chosen to celebrate her life.

How to celebrate – Read about Amelia Earhart. Learn to become a pilot. Travel around the world.