July 1st Build A Scarecrow Day

With summer being here we all have probably dug our gardens and are anxiously waiting for the plants to pop through the ground. The thing is, as soon as they begin to pop through the ground all sorts of creatures begin to arrive to take our gardens from us.

DCF 1.0

There are two choices, either set up a cot and lay out there in the garden with your babies to protect them or, build something that looks like a person to stand guard when you can’t. Hence, the scarecrow is born. Your scarecrow doesn’t have to be dressed to the nine’s, in fact the more ragged it looks the better. If it looks like it would fight the animals for the food, they tend to stay away. (Therefore, do not make a fat scarecrow)


They can even be good-natured, even funny if you like. The animals probably won’t even notice the difference. If they do, maybe their laughter will notify you to take action. Of course, the smarter creatures will know your scarecrows aren’t real so if you can make them move, that ought to shock them. (No pun intended)

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Naturally I can mention scarecrows without resorting to the ultimate scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. Hey! Maybe you could call your garden Oz and pretend your scarecrow is Ray Bolger! Your wife can be Dorothy and the husband the Tin Man. After all, hopefully your garden will be green! (Or you could go as the Wicked Witch and a Flying Monkey but then you would be teaching the creatures attacking your garden bad things)


If you are creative, maybe you can make an entire family of scarecrows. You can even leave them up because it’s only four months to Halloween. Yes, they may sort of look like ghosts but what’s scarier? Ghosts or a bunch of clothes on a stick?

How to celebrate – Have some fun, build a scarecrow. Enter one of many scarecrow building contests that take place this month. Build a patriotic scarecrow for the 4th of July.



June 30th National Meteor Watch Day

One of summer’s favorite activities is laying out at night on the lush grass of your yard and watching for falling stars, or meteors. It helps if you do not live in the city where lights generally get in the way. So it might be worth your while to go out into the country to get your best view.


It can be quite spectacular. Sometimes you can see meteor showers if you are lucky. And though they do fall during the daylight hours you aren’t going to see them. I am sure there are those who think they are spaceships, but they more than likely aren’t.

images (1)

It’s sort of like fishing. You have to be patient and wait. Keep your eyes open and thoughts clear and if you give it long enough, you will probably see one. So here, just like fishing, you can’t give up after ten minutes.


And you might want to watch where you lay down. Remember there are a lot of creatures that like to come out in the dark as well. So laying on your car hood works well, so long as that car isn’t moving. There are a lot of spectacular sights to be seen in the night sky, it’s a relaxing and beautiful view and often gives way to some astonishing thoughts and ideas.


Now while meteors have been known to hit the earth lets hope the worst of them is like the one that struck Siberia on June 30th, 1908. It knocked down trees, and people, for 40 miles around.

how to celebrate – Plan to spend a night out watching the stars. Look up when you might see the best meteor showers, they are posted. Don’t go out if it’s lightening and thundering.

June 29th National Hug Holiday

Today is National Hug Holiday Day. It was created by Hugs For Health Foundation. All sorts or creatures need hugs, just make sure they want it before you give them one. And it may be a little odd to ask them but trust me, it will be better for everyone concerned if you ask first.

hug 2

That G.I. coming home after a deployment will probably want one, probably it would be better coming from his family or his friends.. and I would not go running up to a soldier to give them a hug if they don’t know you.


I am glad bears don’t have the same restrictions we humans do. They will hug practically anything or anyone. Of course you might end up in many tiny pieces if you try to hug one. But isn’t it funny that even one of the most unpredictable animals in the world likes hugs too!


And then there’s your best friend. If they know you they will normally accept a hug even though they probably don’t really want it. It’s kinda hard for them to hug you back. I’m not sure they understand why you are giving them a hug but I don’t think they really care… they just enjoy being around you.


So try using this coupon. See if you give it to someone and they respond by giving you a hug. My guess is they won’t… but woudn’t the world be a better place if we could actually hug each other without being concerned about it.

How to celebrate – Look for someone who needs a hug. Hug your loved ones. Be safe and just hug your pillow, it will not reject you.

June 28th Paul Bunyan Day

Paul Bunyan was a man, he was a big man… oh wait, that’s Daniel Boone. But he was a big man, of course he wasn’t real but that’s not important.  It is believed his character was created by French Canadians during the Papineau Rebellion in 1837. He obviously became more well known that the rebellion he was created for!

images (4)

Paul’s companion in gianticness was Blue, an Ox. It is said that Paul scooped out the Great Lakes to make water bowls for Blue. Blue must have been very thirsty. Apparently Paul and Blue traveled between Canada and the US, and even though created by Canadians they have become more American since writers began issuing stories of his tales in the early 1900’s.


Paul is credited with creating logging, like that didn’t happen before 1837, clearing North and South Dakota for farming and trained “carpenter” ants to do logging for lumberjacks. Blue is credited for creating Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes by leaving his foot prints behind.

BATHGATE, ND (AP) The statue of Paul Bunyan, with a “Welcome to Brainerd, Home of Paul Bunyan” sign, on Pembina County, N.D., Highway 1, for the filming of a police chase scene for the movie “Fargo.” (Courtesy of Gramercy Pictures)

He also looks a little scary! I wonder if many children feared Paul as much as they honored him. But isn’t that what legends are all about? What one calls a hero, another calls a monster. So far as we know, Paul never hurt anybody, unless of course he stepped on someone he didn’t see.

parade crowd

Anyway, today is the day to celebrate the man, the myth, the legend of Paul Bunyan and Blue his Ox. Probably made bigger than life because they needed heroes bigger than life, sort of like we all do.

How to celebrate – Visit the Paul Bunyan Days along the US/Canada border.  Read about Paul Bunyan and the legends associated with him. Find out why Paul Bunyan was created in the first place.

June 27th Sun Glasses Day

Sun glasses are cool, they always have been and they always will be. Sometimes they make a fashion statement, sometimes they help hide our identity and sometimes they let us watch things, or people, and not let them know we are watching.


However, all things considered, they provide our eyes with protection from the UV rays that can cause eye damage over the years. They can also help keep dust out of our eyes and keep rain from blurring our view. I know sunglasses have been around since at least the American Civil War. Some soldiers, if they were lucky enough, are seen wearing them in old photos.


And spies wear them to both hide their identity and to watch super secret things going on without those doing it knowing they are watching. They create a disguise… in some cases, not very good disguises but none the less it has some effect.

images (3)

But mainly, they just make us look really, really cool. Some are successful, some are not. It really does become a matter of choice. The cooler you are as a person the cooler sunglasses you are going to wear.

images (1)

But let’s remember the main thing is to protect your eyes. After all, don’t you want to look in a mirror and see how cool you look? The only way you can do that is to protect them.

How to celebrate – Find the best sunglasses for you. Don’t just buy them, use them! Pretend you are an international spy while you wear your glasses.

June 26th National Canoe Day

Start today with a splash! Launch that canoe into a nearby lake, pond, river or any body of water you choose. Canoes have been as much a part of American history as practically any other tool. And a canoe originally was a tool.


It is believed the first canoe was made by the Carib Indians of the Caribbean as they traveled from island to island and fished. The word canoe comes from the Carib language “Kenu”, naturally meaning… wait for it… canoe.


If not for the canoe Lewis and Clark might never have left on their mapping discovery of the western half of the United States. Rivers were the easiest way to cover the greatest distances and to be able to carry the most supplies to extend that exploration.


The earliest canoes were simply fallen trees that were hollowed out so that people could fit inside them. Some were obviously better than others. Once an important mode of transportation the canoe has become more of a sporting tool than an exploration tool. Although in some parts of South America and Africa, the canoe still serves in discovery!


They are light, can be easily transported and can carry either a number of people or a great deal of supplies. It takes a little skill to pilot a canoe but it reasonably easy to learn so practically anybody can operate one.

How to celebrate – Go for a canoe ride today. Find a fallen tree and carve out your own canoe. Join in a canoe race.

June 25th Global Beatles Day

Global Beatles Day June 25th, 2018


“All You Need Is Love!” according to John Lennon. That’s what started it all when the Beatles did a BBC airing during the Summer Of Love, 1967, that was broadcast in 26 countries.


Of course the Beatles had been around longer, since 1960 with “Love Me Do”. Global Beatles Day was founded in 2009 so we will never forget John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr or George Harrison.

images (2)

They changed music forever, fashion, hair and just about anything you can think of. Some of tgeir hits included “Let It Be”, “Here, There And Everywhere” and “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”.

images (1)

How to celebrate – Listen to the Beatles. Throw a Beatles party. Learn how to play guitar.