March 31st National Bunsen Burner Day

I remember my days back in high school and the science lab. There are really only two things I remember about the science lab. The first was that I was paired up with the prettiest girl in the entire school and the second was the Bunsen burner. Talk about your win-win!


German chemist Robert Willhelm Eberhard von Bunsen created the Bunsen burner and today happens to be his birthday.  His invention came in 1811 as scientific exploration blazed forward, in his case, literally.


The Bunsen burner combines gas and air to create a very hot flame.  The flame is used to heat up chemicals, normally in a test tube, to blend them together causing a chemical reaction. It’s also great for warming hot dogs. You may now understand why I did not do all that well in science during my high school years.


I understand giving scientist open flame to work with, they need it… however the idea of giving students flame and chemicals may not be the best idea in the world. Oh well, live and learn.


How to celebrate – Buy a Bunsen burner for your home. You never know when it might come in handy. If you have a child in high school, keep track of how many times something gets blown up in the school over the course of  year. Conduct your own experiments and find out what blows up and what does!

March 30th National Take A Walk In The Park Day

Now that Spring is here and all the snow has melted away, at least in the south, it is time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors! There is always something to see and something to do, even if that means doing nothing at all except enjoying nature.

images (1)

Everything is so green, so fresh, and so new you can stroll the grounds and see life anew. Flowers blooming, birds chirping, sun shining. Maybe not as colorful as fall but still delightful and clean.


Wild life comes out from its hibernation, babies are playful, and even the old grumpy creatures seem to be in a good mood. Everyone seems glad winter is over and bask in the warmth of the sun.


And nearly every park has some sort of playground for children to play, allowing their parents to relax while keeping a close eye on their offspring as they burn off some of that excess energy that spring always brings with it.


Yes, there’s something for everyone at a park, all you have to do is look for it, or maybe it will look for you. Either way, it’s no big deal.

How to celebrate – Take a picnic lunch to a park close to you and enjoy. Feed the birds and critters you find in the park, just make sure to keep your distance from them. Organize a clean-up crew and patrol a park keeping it clean for others.

March 29th Festival of Some and Mirrors Day

Magicians rely on it, business depends on it and people are delighted by it (Most of the time), Yes, it’s Smoke and Mirrors. Meaning, of course, that you don’t really know that what you are seeing is real or not.


It’s sort of like the shell game though at least in the shell game you know the pea is somewhere. With smoke and mirrors, what you think is there may not be there at all! What’s more, it may never have been there in the first place.

download (1)

For example, you know the picture above is not moving but still as you stare at it you will see movement. It’s like when you go into a store and find an item on sale for $2.00 when the normal price is $1.49. What a bargain! It’s on sale so it must be a good deal… but wait, it really isn’t!


And depending on the way you look at this smoke in a mirror your perception will change. It’s still the same picture, it’s your mind that causes you to see it in several different way. Sometimes this is called a mirage which can be very bad in the dessert. Actually, come to think of it, it can be a bad thing no matter where you are.


So shake you head and clear your mind, and see what is in the picture above.

How to celebrate – See if you can create your own illusion. See how many things you can find that take your attention away from what you are trying to concentrate on. Looking like you are actually doing work but aren’t is a particular art of smoke and mirrors.

March 28th Weed Appreciation Day

Boy, you think you are not appreciated!?! Try being a weed! Everybody tries to get rid of their weeds. We spray them, chop them out and curse them but they always seem to come back. At least they are determined.


Imagine going through life never being wanted, cared for or even admired. I actually wonder how many of us can relate to being a weed. I know there certainly are times when I feel like one.


Of course, when you get down you can always turn to weed to get you in a good mood. Well, not actually a good mood but a mood that you don’t care about what your mood is. Now I know many will disagree, but to me, this is the worst weed of them all. I use to be in a band centuries ago. There were 12 of us and I am the only one still alive, the rest all having passed either directly, or indirectly, due to this weed. If you are in pain, okay, if not realize that you are opening the door to real heartache.


However, other weeds are just like the plants we want to grow. They provide oxygen, eat up carbon dioxide and provide shelter for animals.


And there are actually some weeds that are good. Broadleaf Plantain, Chickweeds, lamb’s quarter, white clover and dandelions are actually good weeds! They protect soil, fertilize soil, condition soil and draw beneficial insects.

How to celebrate – Go outside and appreciate your weeds for a change. take a weed to lunch and show them a good time! Tell your neighbors why you have good weeds in your yard… spreading to their yard.

March 27th National Joe Day

This is another one of those days where you get to change your name if you want to. The only catch is, it has to be Joe, or Josephine if your female. Why Joe? Why not? Every morning you probably start your day with a cup of Joe so why not keep joe as your name for the day since you started it off that way.


Besides, who is cooler than Joe Cool? Wouldn’t you like the opportunity to be cool for the day? (Not that you normally aren’t anyway) The cool sunglasses, thew cool red shirt, the cool attitude.


Or maybe you could be like Josephine Bonaparte. Do you like short guys that want to rule the world? Could be a perfect match!


Or maybe you’d like to be the All American Hero, G. I. Joe. During World War 2 the Japanese soldiers use to call American’s Joe because it was such a common name. They were nearly certain to find at least one Joe among the men that faced them, or maybe even a Josephine.


And your final choice is Joe, as in Sloopy Joe, for those of us that are not real tidy but like to think we still have good taste.

How to celebrate – Take the name Joe for  the day and use it to your advantage. Call all your friends, and family, Joe. In fact call everyone you run into today Joe. It makes it much easier to remember their names and they will probably correct you giving you the name that escaped you. Then you can explain to them that it is Joe day, a perfect cover!

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March 2017 Original Standard Holiday Box

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