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May 31st What You Think Upon Grows Day

This is sort of an odd day celebrated on May 31st because it was Norman Vincent Peale’s birthday, born in 1898.  You may remember him as a pastor at Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan, New York where he preached for fifty years.  Or you may remember him for his “The Power Of Positive Thinking” book, or one of the others he wrote afterwards.

It was his thought that you make yourself into whatever you think you are. If you think positive thoughts, positive things will happen to you. If you think negative things, negative things will happen to you. In other words, whatever mood or attitude we project is what we will receive.

Why do you think inspirational and motivational quotes do so well on social media – they are a reminder of what Peal was preaching – positive thoughts exude positiveness!

I have noticed that those who believe strongly in something generally seem happier. They have a safe place to fall back to and something to look forward to. Those who believe in nothing, or very little, have a dark outlook on life and seem sadder. They have no place to go when things do get bad because they can only react to what is unfolding in front of them. There is nothing more than the here and now.

If y0u are friendly towards others, others will be friendly towards you.  If you are standoffish from people they will stay away from you. If you feel sick, you are sick, if you feel good, you are healthy. I think quite often those who say they are catching a cold really do catch a cold while others say it’s allergies tend to think they will be better the next day and generally are.

In other words, are we projecting our own way to the future? Can we think our way into having a better day? Can we think our way into being sick? We certainly can find new friends if we are friendly but is that what we really are after? Are there people out there that really want to be unhappy?

To know someone else you really have to know yourself first. Good or bad, we will project on them what we feel when we meet them. They will be doing the same to us. Does this all sound confusing?  Probably because I don’t know what to think myself.

How to celebrate: Make a list if several positive attributes about you. Read i e of those attributes evey morning before you get started with your day. Make a list of goals and strive to do a baby step every day to reach that goal. Don’t get upset when you, your spouse, or child does something like spill milk. Instead just know it happened and fix it. Make sure others see you as you want them to see you. Try not judge others before you get to know who they are. Pay it forward – this type of giving will make you feel good. Remember little things can make a huge difference. Johnny the bagger spread his power of making people happy and it rubbed off on others and changed lives – all because of a positive attitude!

And start watching some great motivational presentations or read some good books such as the Power of Positive Thinking,  The Happiness Advantage, and A Kick in the Attitude.

Norman Vincent Peale, Shawn Achor and Sam Glen will change your life!

May 30th Memorial Day

Memorial Day became official in 1868 when the Grand Army of the Republic met in Decatur, Illinois where survivors of the American Civil War from the Union side gathered to decorate the graves of their fallen comrades. Originally known as “Decoration Day” the Southern troops claim to have preceded their Union counterparts by doing the same in 1866. Either way the idea of celebrating the lives of those who fell in service to our country’s armed forces has become a major holiday of remembrance in the United States.


It got me thinking about how many wars our troops have been a part of since the Civil War. Some are obviously better known than others, but listed below are conflicts where soldiers fell fighting for what their country determined of value. Agree with the conflict or not, these men and women paid the ultimate sacrifice and should be honored. It wasn’t always nation against nation, in some cases, it was American against American, as in the Indian Wars or the Civil War. So here we go, you may not believe how many wars we have participated in…

Colorado War, Snake War, Powder River War, Red Cloud’s War, Formosa Expedition…


Comanche Campaign, United States Expedition to Korea, Modoc War, Red River War…


Las Cuevas War, Great Sioux War of 1876, Buffalo Hunter’s War, Nez Perce War…

Nez perce - removals

San Elizario War, Bannock War, Cheyenne War, Sheepeaters War, Victorio’s War…

Apache scouts

White River War, Pine Ridge Campaign, Garza Revolution, Yaqui Wars…


Second Samon Civil War, Spanish-American War, Phillippine-American War…

Gillmore Party Prisoners

Moro Rebellion, Boxer Rebellion, Crazy Snake Rebellion, Border War, Negro Rebellion…

download (3)

Occupation of Nicaragua, Bluff War, Occupation of Haiti, Sugar Intervention…


Occupation of the Dominican Republic, World War 1, Russian Civil War, Posey War…


World War 2, Korean War, Lebanon Crisis, Bay of Pigs Invasion, Simba Rebellion…


Dominican Civil War, Vietnam War, Communist Insurgency of Thailand, Shaba II…

download (7)

Multinational Force in Lebanon, Invasion of Grenada, Tanker War, Invasion of Panama…

Panama Invasion

Gulf War, Somali Civil War, Intervention in Haiti, Bosnian War, Kosovo War, Afghanistan…

download (8)

Iraq War, War in North-West Pakistan, 2011 Intervention in Libya & the War on ISIS…

How to celebrate: Decorate the final resting place of someone who has fallen in service to our country. Give a thought (or prayer if you wish) to those who fell in places you have never heard of. Fly your flag proudly for those who died for it.

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May 29th End of the Middle Ages Day

The Middle Ages were no doubt a difficult time to live in. It was a time of crusades, dark thoughts and feudalism.  Kings and Queens ruled through strength and ruthlessness – dealt to both friend and foe alike. On May 29th, 1453 that all came to an end. Well maybe not over night but at least things started to change. Battles began to subside.


And a Knights place in society began to disappear.


Why did all of this happen? Because Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Empire.

With the Byzantine Empire now crushed, the Greeks that resided there since early in the Roman Empire days left, scattering across Europe. With these scholars and artists an entire new movement spread where ever the Greeks went.


A new era had begun, the Renaissance. Art became more important than battles. Saving people was more valuable than slaughtering them. Education began to feed more than the feudal system ever did.

Kings and Queens still ruled nations but the people began to have a voice. It was an Age of Enlightenment that in a sense, started the world all over once again.


How to celebrate: Study the Renaissance. Go to an exhibit of Renaissance art.  Imagine yourself a King or Queen and trying to serve them instead of them serving you. Find a Renaissance fair to participate in.

May 28th National Hamburger Day

With summer coming, or in some places already here, the idea of swimming pools, lemonade, and cookouts begin to fill our thoughts. What spells summer more than an outdoor cookout while you enjoy a cool lemonade by the pool.

So where did the hamburger come from?  There are many that claim ownership of the ground beef delight. Congress recognizes Louise Lassen, a Dutch immigrant (legal), who created the treat in 1900 as reported by Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro. But that would not explain the reports in the Boston Journal in 1884 or the Chicago Tribune in 1896.  Others have claimed to have invented the hamburger, namely Charlie Nagreen, Frank and Charles Menches, Oscar Weber Bilby, Fletcher David, and Otto Kuase ,who later founded White Castle, and whose claim goes back to 1891.

images (1)

It may have even been first served in Germany, though most believe it was created in the US. The UK has its own version, generally made out of either turkey or bison.

The world’s largest hamburger is not in debate though, created by the Black Bear Casino in Carlton, Minnesota, in 2012 –  weighing 2014 pounds. Even Wimpie would be impressed by that.

images (4)

And lets remember that hamburger is also a part of tacos, pizza, spaghetti, meatballs, picadillo, egg rolls, chili, nachos, pot pies, stuffed potatoes, meatloaf…

So just start a cookout in your backyard and see how many neighbors are your friends!  Find kids you never knew you had. You might even discover a pet that has been missing all winter reappears.

images (3)

How to celebrate: Have a cookout this holiday weekend. Try to fix your own 2,000 pound hamburger. Go to McDonalds or any other burger joint you prefer.