August 21st National Senior Citizen’s Day

We are all going to get there someday, hopefully. We will be seniors at one time or another. Today, unlike in years past, that seems to be a bad thing. Like life experiences do not matter and the knowledge gained over those years means little. Well, it simply isn’t true, we should honor our seniors for what they do know, and what they have experience, particularly because we already know that history often repeats itself. Today was created by President Ronald Reagan in 1988, a senior himself, and proclaimed #5847. Let seniors still find a vital role in your life, and the life of the country, they have earned that right even if it’s just because they have lived as long as they have lived.

How to celebrate – Take a Senior to lunch. Listen closely to the stories seniors tell. Help create a timeline for a seniors life with highlights and goals attained.


Don’t Tell the Easter Bunny Episode 6 August 18-24 2019

Hey Holiday-ites! We are back. Our 2nd half of the mother/son duo is finally back from San Diego, so we are churning out more fun episodes for you.

Holidays in this episode:

August 20 – World Mosquito Day

August 22 – World Plant Milk Day


August 20 National Radio Day

Can you imagine a world without the radio? Okay, so we use it less today than we used to but it still is a viable medium for reporting the news and entertainment. The radio has been around since the late 1800’s, after the telegraph and telephone were put into daily use, which makes sense if you stop and think about it. So many people claim to have invented it that I am not going to get into that. It probably was invented by a number of different people in a number of different areas, any of which could claim being the first. It has been controversial in the past as well with such things as Orson Wells “War of the Worlds” where people listened to his story about an alien invasion, andmany believing it was true. The results were not good. Today the radio spends most time being used in our cars and considering how much time we spend there, it’s still operating strong.

How to celebrate – Listen to your radio! Create your own radio show. Remember your life experiences that included listening to the radio.

August 19 National Potato Day

Here’s a vegetable that often gets over looked but is used nearly daily by all. The potato! I love potatoes, they are my favorite starch. Mashed, baked, fried, boiled, broiled… sort of reminds of the Forest Gump shrimp routine! The potato has been harvested as a food for almost as long as man can remember. The first use of the potato appears to be in Peru somewhere between 5,000 BC and 7,000 BC. Either date, it’s a long, long time. The potato is fairly easy to grow and over history it has served man well. The potato itself is not fattening either! It’s the butter,s cream, cheese, and bacon toppings, among others, that we use with them that makes them fattening. So stop knocking the potato and use it. But use it well. There are, after-all, a few things in life we can still enjoy.

How to celebrate – Come up with your own potato dish. Think of the holidays without the potato! Grow your own potatoes.

August 18th Bad Poetry Day

Is there really such a thing as bad poetry!?! You bet there is! Like a bad joke, bad poetry tends to memorable. Try and recite a Walt Whitman poem or one by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow… it’s hard to do! Not only are they more complicated but often like ten pages long! Something like…. I am a poet, and my feet show it, they are Longfellow’s! is really easy to remember. And they are really bad! Poems are supposed to express our feelings at the moment so often they are not all that interesting. Bad ones however stay with us. I once saw a man on the street, walking on both of his feet, he tripped and he fell, on a banana “pell” and then walked home because of it. Can’t get much worse than that!

How to celebrate – Read a book of bad poetry. Make up your own bad poetry. Make a list of the worst poets you have ever heard.

August 17th National Honey Bee Awareness Day

August 17th  National Honey Bee Awareness Day

We all love honey and it’s good for us too! And if it weren’t for the honey bee, there would be no honey, or at least not naturally anyway. A bee flies nearly 55,000 miles to produce 1 pound of honey, and it takes visiting over 2 million flowers to get the nectar to create that same pound of honey. One bee will transport enough nectar to produce a half teaspoon of honey in its life (generally living from 122-155 days). That is pretty awesome! Think about that the next time you have some honey on your toast or in your tea. Today is a National holiday, created by Congress – declared the 3rd Saturday of August in 2009. U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Thomas J. Vilsek created it in 2009.

How to celebrate – Have some honey today. Think about the bees before you disturb their nests. Plant some flowers to help the bees out.

August 16th National Tell A Joke Day

We all need a good laugh. It breaks tension and actually makes us more productive as the day goes on. Even if they are stupid jokes they cause our minds to think about something other than the mundane things we have to do get by. The funny thing about bad jokes, we tend to remember them even more than the good jokes… that’s because we hear them, register them, and in an effort to forget them, we actually train ourselves to remember them! Sometimes they even make us laugh later, when no one is around, as we remember them and just how stupid they actually were! Sometimes they are actually brilliant in just how stupid they actually are.

How to celebrate – Make up some bad dad jokes of your own. Get a joke book. Get a bag of Laffy Taffy and read all the jokes on the wrappers.