August 13th Left Hander’s Day

If you are left handed, today is your day! It was created by Dean R. Campbell of Left Hander’s International in 1976. Finally a day to to celebrate being left handed after centuries of being thought of as witches and worse. In fact, in the 1600’s if you were left handed you better have hid it. For some unknown reason, I always wanted to be left handed, I thought it was cool, so I guess that’s why I am right handed (I definitely am not cool). Some of the great artists, thinkers and sports figures are left handed, or southpaws.

How to celebrate – Be proud if you are left handed. Be proud if you are right handed. Be proud if you are ambidextrous!

August 12th Middle Child’s Day

Life is rough if you happen to be the middle child of the family. Well, not really but let’s pretend like it is. Often considered the “forgotten” child, the middle child supposedly suffers from the hand-me-downs of the older child and all the attention going to the youngest child. There is probably a portion of truth to the “Middle Child Syndrome” but I think that also has many different factors that can come into play. I am a middle child, but I have two sisters and being the only boy I never really suffered from any of those things middle children complain of.

How to celebrate – Be proud of being a middle child. Show your middle child some special love today. Look at all the things you receive as a child, not what you didn’t get.

August 11th Son And Daughter Day

If you look at the “Perfect” family it would contain a mother and father, son and daughter. Of course, “perfect” is in the eye of the beholder and doesn’t really exist. Father’s often want a son so they can teach them the things they know while women want a girl so they can dress them up and relive some of their own youth through them. It’s odd then to think, that girls often become the apple of daddy’s eye while boys tend to lean towards their moms. It’s just nature, both the way things work out and the expectation we have. It doesn’t really matter, children are children and they deserve equal attention from both parents.

How to celebrate – Take your children to lunch, no matter how old or young they are. Find things you can do with both your son and daughter at the same time. Realize that what ever makeup your family is, it is perfect.

August 10th National S’mores Day

August 10th National S’mores Day

Got some chocolate candy? Grahams crackers? Marshmallows? If you do, you’ve got the makings for S’mores. S’mores were created sometime in the 1920’s supposedly by the Campfire Girls. It amazes me how long it took people to figure out the uses for chocolate. The chocolate chip cookie, s’mores… wow, what were they waiting for? They say you can even make them in a microwave in 12 seconds but why? Get your act together and make a campfire and make them the right way, like the Campfire Girls of old! Sometimes you just can’t beat the old ways of doing things!

How to celebrate – Go camping so you can make some S’mores! Become a Girl Scout or Boy Scout to properly celebrate today. Make your own S’mores by adding whatever you feel might improve something already pretty darn good!

August 10th Lazy Day

It’s summer. During the summer you are allowed many lazy days since it gets too hot to do anything anyway. It’s a day to stay in the hammock, dive in the pool or take a nap any time you want. You have to recharge more often during the summer than in the winter. There is just something about the heat that makes you feel like everything can wait until later to do. Doesn’t matter if you are human or animal, everything can wait until you get around to it and if you never get around to it, oh well. Don’t get too use to it though, summer will end soon and it we be time to resume the hectic life we all live.

How to celebrate – Chill out. Take a nap. Find some shade.

August 10th World Lion Day

The King of the Beasts! This feline roams Africa and Asia with few animals that will challenge it for it’s title. It’s easy to see that a Lion’s Roar could scare most beasts in the animal kingdom. The day was created to bring awareness of the plight of the lion which is loosing it’s natural habitat due to man’s invasion of it’s native lands. As with all animals, their worst enemy is man, that’s sad. The day was created by the Big Cat Rescue, Dereck & Beverly Joubert.

How to celebrate – Go on a safari, with a camera. Help preserve all animals habitats. See how you can help the Big Cat Rescue.

August 9th Book Lover’s Day

You either love them, or hate them. Personally, I love them! Books can take you places you might otherwise never go. You can visit other countries, other eras and other planets. You can be a part of a team that explores the Arctic, sail the seven seas, soar above the clouds, or solve mysteries like the greatest detectives of all time. Or you might even discover how the Evergreen Tree became the Christmas Tree (a plug to read my “Why The Evergreen’s Stay Green”, available on Amazon!) Books can keep you company, teach you things and give you a laugh. Once you’ve turned the first page you can never go back!

How to celebrate – Read a book today (or at least start one). Go on an adventure without leaving your living room. Write your own book.

August 8th National Dollar Day

August 8th National Dollar Day

It wasn’t until August 8th, 1786 that Congress implemented a national currency, each state printed their own money or used silver and gold to pay its debts before then.

Originally most currencies were coins made from silver and gold to show it’s true value. The first dollar bill was printed in 1862, during the Civil War, and instead of George Washington it was Treasury Secretary Salmon P. Chase that appeared on the bill.

Today there are mints that print the money in Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, West Point and Fort Knox.

How to celebrate – Take out a dollar bill and inspect it, it’s supposed to have some really cool codes contained in the images. Look for the no longer printed $2.00 bill. You are supposed to turn in any gold or silver backs you find.

August 8th International Cat Day

There are some 500 million cats in the world, most of which hang out at my front door. August 8th was chosen for International Cat Day by IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) in 2002.

Among the favorite breeds are Persian, Burmese, Shorthair, Siamese, Maine Coon, Balinese, Ragamuffin, Munchkin and Bengal.

Enjoy your cat and treat it like the King or Queen of any jungle it happens to be living in.

How to celebrate: Share pictures of your cat on the internet. Get your cat a special treat just for them for the day. Give your cat some catnip and let them have a mellow day. Adopt a cat if you do not have one.

August 8th Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day

I am sure today is a day you have been waiting for all year! It’s sneak some zucchini onto your neighbor’s porch day. Now this isn’t a day you can really repeat every year with the same neighbor, after the first couple of years they should figure it out so you will need to find a new victim. And, just saying, if you have nothing better to do than to sneak some zucchini onto your neighbor’s porch and waiting for them to discover it then maybe you need to get a life. The surprise and bewilderment really isn’t worth it! But since entertainment is a little harder to find these days, it’s worth doing at least once.

How to celebrate – Go buy, or grow, some zucchini. Find a neighbor with a front porch. Get a ninja outfit to accomplish your goal.