December 31st National Champagne Day

Out with the old, in with the new, it’s a New Year’s tradition. And so is popping the cork on a fine (or cheap) bottle of champagne. The idea is to begin the new year by celebrating with some of the most cherished beverages ever made for adults. However, even if you choose to just the cheap stuff it will still give you the desired results.


Most champagne comes from southern France, but California has stepped up it’s game lately. Champagne is generally accepted as the beverage to celebrate things with. The victory of a big game, a wedding or, in this case, the coming of a New Year.


Let it tickle your nose as the New Year approaches but make sure you save at least enough for a swallow at the dropping of the ball, right after your kiss, to ring in the New Year.

New Years Eve Kiss

Or you could be like the couple above and celebrate all three things at the same time. This New Years Eve, lets all lift the glass and let bygones be bygones and start off fresh celebrating the New Year and all the promise it brings.

How to celebrate – Share a glass of champagne with someone you love. Have a champagne breakfast on New Years Day. Drive safely.

December 30th National Bicarbonate of Soda Day

Most people have perhaps of the most useful tools known to man sitting on their shelves in the kitchen, bicarbonate of soda. We know it better as baking soda. It is sodium carbonate or sodium bi-carbonate that when mixed with water becomes carbon dioxide.


You may not appreciate all it can do. For years it was used to help make bread rise, and of course it still is used for that same purpose but it also can be used to ease heartburn and stomach indigestion, and removes odors from foods left in the refrigerator.


It can be used as a fire extinguisher for grease or oil fires and has been used as a cleaner on practically any surface (Though it may leave scratches if not diluted properly. It can be used as a meat tenderizer and minimizes flatulence from any bean dish. it can clean and polish silver and works well as a way to remove burnt on foods from dishes.


Of course the most widely known source for bicarbonate of soda is Arm & Hammer which has been around since 1867. This is a must for every kitchen or work shop.


How to celebrate – Make sure you have some Bicarbonate of Soda in the house. Place some bicarbonate of soda in your refridgerator. Keep some bicarbonate of soda in your bathroom for those “special” moments.

January 2018 Original Holiday Box Video Review – The Guillory Family

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December 2017 Mini Holiday Box


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December 2017 Original Holiday Box

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December 29th National Pepper Pot Day

Is it cold where you are? Need something hot to eat to warm you up? Try some Pepper Pot Soup! It is a thick spicy soup first enjoyed during the American Revolution at Valley Forge.


George Washington ordered his chef to prepare a meal for the troops that were hungry and freezing in their winter camp. The desertion rate continued to grow, not because the troops were afraid of the British but because they could no longer stand the cold which they were ill equipped for. The chef basically threw everything he could get his hands on into the soup, tripe being the main ingredient along with bits of other meat and peppercorn.


Desertion was no longer the issue at Valley Forge, neither was the cold… both being replaced by trying to find a way to put out the fire in the soldiers mouth! The dish was served on December 29th, 1777 and we have celebrate it since then as “The soup that won the war!”


Also known as “The Philadelphia Pepper Pot Soup” you can either make it up yourself with this recipe, or buy it prepared from a number of different soup companies.

How to celebrate – Spice up your life and fix some Pepper Pot Soup for your family. Visit Valley Forge. Research what Tripe really is.