November 30th National Mason Jar Day

Thanks to the great people at NATIONAL DAY CALENDAR we now have our very own day “NATIONAL MASON JAR DAY” !!! We at Unboxing the Bizarre are thrilled to be recognized by this very fine organization.


Of course we couldn’t have done it without John Landis Mason who invented the metal ring lid that seals the Mason Jar in 1858. Prior to his invention glass jars had be used for perserving food but had been sealed with a wax that often allowed the contents to spoil. The metal ring creates an internal vacume that can perserve practically anything for as long as you need it.

Beers for the holiday season

It’s an American tradition! (Also available in Canada and around the world). Mason’s patent is #22186. Mason was a Philadelphia tinsmith. His legacy lives on with companies Ball, Kerr and Golden Harvest.


We are so proud to have been allowed to set this National Day Calendar Day in honor of a product that has served people so well. It is due this award as a part of our past, present and future.


How to celebrate – Fill the jar with your favorite recipes, make a minature Fairy Garden inside the jar or hang them from a chandelier!

November 29th Square Dance Day

One of the most American dances you’ll ever find is the Square Dance… only it didn’t really start in America. The English, Irish and Scottish were doing their own form of the square dance long before Americans joined in.


America did add in the caller, that person no one can understand, barking out the steps you are supposed to take. “Dosey Do” and “Swing Your Partner” are among the favorites! The dance is very popular in the southern states and mid-western regions where country music is king.

square dancilng

Naturally it’s a very colorful dance, sort of reminding one of the can-can for women. Men are generally a little more low key but can be equally as bright. It is a great way to excercise and a lot of elderly people are still involved with regular square dance groups.

maxresdefault (1)

There are competitions but most people just enjoy it as one might enjoy a night of bowling or shuffleboard. But if you are going to dance, you might want to learn it before you go, if you listen to the caller the moves will be done before you are able to conciously understand them.


How to celebrate – Learn how to square dance! Join a square dance group, after all you will need others to do the square dance. Learn how to be a caller and confuse everyone, it’s a great laugh.

November 28th Make Your Own Head Day

Not happy with the head you’ve got? Well today is your day to do something about it! Now lets be clear here. Don’t cut off your head and throw it away, you’re going to need it before you are done. This is all about making a self-portrait of yourself, or the way you would like to look.

images (2)

You can make it out of clay, wood, stone, paper mache, silly putty or even draw yourself as you see yourself to be, or want to be. The beauty of this is that you can make yourself look exactly like you are iIf you are good enough at it), or like anyone you wish you looked like.


You can give yourself long hair or short hair. Blonde, brunette, or a red head. Height and weight don’t matter because you are just concerned with your head. You can give yourself glasses or take them away, be bearded or clean shaven, big nose or little nose… or even no nose at all!


You can be bald headed if you want. You can make yourself look thoughtful, comedic, or vengeful. Your choice! No one seems to lay claim to this day, maybe it’s because they didn’t do a very good job of duplicating themselves.


How to celebrate – Make a copy of your head in whatever format you feel most competent in. Get your whole family to make their heads! Hold a contest to see who did the best job.

November 27th National Pins And Needles Day

Anxious? Nervous? Just can’t wait anymore? If you are feeling any of those things then you will enjoy today, it’s Pins And Needles Day. The idea I suppose comes to us from sitting on pins or needles, not a very comforting thought.

Pins and Needles Sheet Music Cover

It actually comes to us from a play on Broadway called, Pins and Needles. It was written by Harold Rome and ran for 1108 performances in 1937 and was introduced by the Ladies Garment Workers’ Union. Now it makes sense! They used pins and needles in their everyday work! And they felt unappreciated and wanted better pay along with being treated like human beings. Imagine that!


Since then, most people have forgotten about the play but it’s title has continued to be used as a typical cliche from the past. The labor unions form in the early part of the 1900’s had a strong effect on America and I suppose across the world. Most say they were good, some questioned what was gained verses what was lost.


The world, in the mean time, is filled with pins and needles. Sewing needles, hypodermic needles, needles used to fill balls with air, safety pins, bobby pins, push pins… it’s almost impossible to go through a day without encountering one kind of pin or needle. They have served mankind well. Of course they have also caused damage and are often associated with drug use.


How to celebrate – Think of all the items held together in your home by pins and needles. See how many different types of pins and needles you can name. Check out the play “Pins and Needles”.

November 26th Shopping Reminder Day

Like we really need a reminder but today is “Shopping Reminder Day”. I am not sure who doesn’t have shopping on their mind but if they don’t, you will need to remind them. There are some who believe yesterday was Shopping Reminder Day, the 25th of November, but being so close to Black Friday I know no one was forgetting to shop unless they were in a coma.


But I will be the first to remind you, you need to do your shopping and get it done and over with, waiting until the last minute never ends up well. If you weren’t involved in shopping on Black Friday today is a good day to catch up though. The crowds should have thinned out by now and Christmas is getting ever closer!

Beautiful young women shopping.
Beautiful young women shopping.

The deals are running out. I went out on Black Friday and many of the things advertised were already sold out. Of course, more could be coming in but the longer you wait the less likely you are going to be able to find those items you really want at a reasonable price.


And if you have already gone shopping for everyone else, go shopping for yourself today. There is always grocery shopping if you get desperate enough. This is the time of year when retailers are drooling, waiting for you to come in the doors and buy something.


Or you could wait until tomorrow and go cyber shopping, but you really need to look at the deals today and plan your day out. Just remember when things get tough, the tough go shopping!

How to celebrate – Go shopping? If you can’t get out, at least make a list of the things you need to shop for. You may need to make a list of things you’ve already bought too. You certainly don’t want to buy Uncle Harvey two gifts because you forgot.

December 2017 Guillory Family Video Review

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November 2017 Guillory Family Video Review

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