April 19th Patriot’s Day New England

New England is the birthplace of the American Revolution. As such, it is appropriate that they celebrate their part in history on the 3rd Monday in April. This year actually falls on the date when the Revolution started, the night of Paul Revere’s ride, April 19th, 1775. We hear a lot about Paul Revere’s ride and how it gave the silversmith fame but he actually was captured after alerting Lexington that the Redcoats were coming. It would have been odd to warn the British were coming since most everyone at that time was British! So William Dawes and Dr. Samuel Prescott finished his ride warning the rest of the local communities.

How to celebrate – Read Longfellow’s, “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere”. Visit New England in the spring. Read about the American Revolution.

April 18th National Animal Crackers Day

April 18th National Animal Crackers Day

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my… oh and Elephants too. These were the most common early on animal crackers. Animal crackers have been a child favorite snack since the 1800’s when they were produced and exported from the UK. Eventually they began to be produced in the US as well and in 1902 they featured  the Barnum’s and Bailey’s Circus Wagon as a container with circus animals making up the majority of the critters inside. They even became popular for children’s Bingo chips at one point. Today Nabisco makes the Animal Crackers we all know and love. Of course, there are numerous animals now and the circus wagon has become a thing of the past. There are new and different flavors to try along with the shapes but they still remain one of children’s favorite snacks of all times.

How to celebrate – Buy some Animal Crackers. Learn how to make your own animal crackers. Try playing Animal Crackers Bingo!

April 18th Pet Owner’s Independence Day

Another odd holiday from the good people at Wellcat.com, created in 2002. The general idea is that anyone owning a pet can take today off , if they work, and spend it with their pet. Of course lately, we all have been spending more time with our pets since we have had to be at home more. I am not exactly sure what the Independence Day is all about? Maybe it’s because Pet Day was already taken. While it makes little, to no, sense to me… it’s okay. I love my pets and I am independent of them. (They do not influence my vote)

How to celebrate – Take your pet to lunch. Just make like it’s a regular day and give your pet all the love you can.

April 17th Record Store Day

I remember spending hours at my local record store when I was younger. It was called “Peaches” and it had every type of music available. Since I was a musician back then, and actually had some records out, so I always looked for mine there… and for those of friends who also had records out. Never did find any. Records use to come in 78rpm, 33rpm and the most popular in my time, the 45rpm. Today was created by the recordstoreday.com people in 2007. Never even knew they existed. Records are starting to make as come back, I’m not sure why, but they are. I loved the covers!

How to celebrate – Break out your old record collection. Get a turntable. Visit one of the many retro record stores.

April 16th National Eggs Benedict Day

Eggs Benedict were originally meant to feed the rich, and famous, a lush breakfast most could not afford. It is made from eggs, Hollandaise sauce and Canadian bacon on an English muffin. It was first made in New York City either for Mrs. LeGrand Benedict in 1893 or for Mr. Lemuel Benedict in 1894. Delmonico’s in New York City also lays claim to Eggs Benedict but states it was on their menu in their 1860’s. Who knows, and frankly, besides those laying claim to it, who cares!?! It is a delicious way to start your day. Does anybody know who Mrs. Benedict or Mr. Benedict were? Too bad it wasn’t Benedict Arnold!

How to celebrate – Have Eggs Benedict today. (It doesn’t have to be for breakfast) Visit New York City. Visit Delmonico’s and see if Eggs Benedict is on the menu!

April 15th Titanic Remembrance Day

April 14th, 1912 the White Star Line Titanic struck an ice berg at 11:40 pm. Two hours later, on April the 15th she sank taking 1522 people with her. Some people remember the Titanic for striking the ice berg on the 14th, she actually sank on the 15th and for some unknown reason many celebrate this day (Well they don’t really celebrate it) on April 16th. The truth is, it was never supposed to sink and perhaps if it had been treated as if it was able to sink, it might have still be afloat on April 16th. That said, we remember the ship and those lost when she went down today.

How to (sort of) celebrate – Visit one of the many Titanic exhibits across the world today. Read the passenger list of those on board the Titanic. Watch anyone of the dozen movies made about the Titanic.

April 14th National Dolphin Day

“We call him Flipper, Flipper, Flipper (But I don’t remember why) There is no doubt if you spend much time at sea or around the shore line you will have had an encounter with a dolphin. They are intelligent creatures, very friendly and train people well how to feed them. Naturally, Flipper was a television show about a dolphin who was like a Rescue 9-1-1 pet of the sea. And dolphins have been known to rescue people from time to time. We do tend to like to cage them up so we can see them better and I am pretty sure they don’t care for that side of humans too much, but still we seem to get along pretty well together.

How to celebrate – Watch old reruns of Flipper. Support Sea World for their efforts to save sea life. Learn how to be friends with an animal instead of owning them.

April 13th Scrabble Day

So when was the last time you played Scrabble? It’s been a while for me because everyone in my family is too smart and scores lots of points making me feel dumb and worthless. Of course, that’s not why Alfred Mosher Butts intended the game when he created it back in 1938. It was just a fun way to pass the time, back when not every game was on the computer or telephone. I sort of miss those days. We actually talked to each other, enjoyed each others company (When not being a sore loser) and made eye contact. That doesn’t happen much anymore. So why April 13th? Well, that was Alfred’s birthday.

How to celebrate – Play a game of Scrabble. See all the board games Hasbro, Inc. has available. Study the dictionary before playing.

April 12th Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

Here is an American favorite! I don’t know, maybe it’s a worldwide favorite as well but it is also one of my favorites, the grilled cheese sandwich. Oddly, it did not exist until the 1920’s when someone actually produced sliced bread! I’ll bet the minute sliced bread became available someone was melting cheese on it. It is comfort food, friendly food and family food (best served with soup). And you can change it up a lot with the type of bread you use and the flavor of cheese you pick. Mix it up, or stick with the known, it’s a fun food to eat and yummy as well!

How to celebrate – Have a grilled cheese sandwich today. Try a different type of cheese than usual. Throw a grilled cheese sampler party.

April 11th National Pet Day

Today was created by Colleen Paige, Pet and Family Lifestyle Expert, in 2006. It should have been created long before that! Pets are more than just animals in our houses, yards, they are a part of our families, friends and lives. Whether your pet is a dog, cat, rabbit, snake, whatever, it depends on you but you also depend on it. My dog is one of my best friends. No, it’s not like my wife or kid, it’s can’t go have drinks with me at a club and though it tries really hard, it can’t catch the football I throw around in the back yard. But she is always there, trying to make me smile and ready to give me kisses for absolutely no reason at all.

How to celebrate – Love your pet. If you don’t have a pet rescue one from a shelter. Give your best friend a hug. not just today but every day.