October 21st Count Your Buttons Day

Okay so, this could be a very valuable day. Counting your buttons can prove very valuable cause… well.. you need to know if one is missing. And if it is, it’s probably in that drawer where yo keep all the buttons you’ve found that you can’t remember what they belong to… that is if you can remember what drawer that is.


Buttons are important to us. It the old days they were even more important, before the zipper was invented. Some outfits use to have so many buttons that by the time you got all buttoned up, it was night and time to start unbuttoning them for bed. And let’s not even get into the trips to the outhouse!

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And buttons do not have to be round! They can be any shape you’d like for them to be. Just remember it’s you that has to button them and unbutton them… and, of course, count them. Each one is a blessing in it’s own right! So, you could say you are counting your blessings!


Naturally, it is possible that one go missing from time to time so you need to keep an accurate accounting of them. You need to know when one is missing and the only way to do that is to have an exact count of how many buttons there were before you lost it. It might not be missing at all! It might just be hanging out somewhere! Like whatever part of your body is doing because of your missing button.


So you better get busy because I’m gonna bet you have more buttons than you knew you had. And yes, snaps do count as buttons, you just have to push them… but don’t push them when they are not in the right place because, you’ll then be pushing all the wrong buttons!

How to celebrate – Go count your buttons.  Place your spare buttons on alert, they may be needed. Take care if any outfit has 13 buttons!


October 21st World Toy Camera Day

October 21st World Toy Camera Day


What child hasn’t had a toy camera? They go all over the place taking pretend pictures that at least in their minds is going to turn out perfectly! WTCD.org hopes that trend will continue as they created today, they also happen to sell toy cameras.


The only difference here is that they consider older cameras, real ones, to be toys. I’m not really sure if they are making fun of the day or taking themselves seriously but since they created it aren’t they sort of making fun of themselves!

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How to celebrate – Take your old camera out and take some pictures you can send to WTCD.org. Buy your child a toy camera. Read a book about photography.

October 20th National Brandied Fruit Day

So, you don’t care for fruit? Try some brandied fruit! You still might not like it but if you have enough… you won’t care! So you grew a whole lot of fruit over the summer in your garden and you know it won’t keep all year long, so what do you do with it?


You throw it a Mason Jar, add some sugar and brandy and you can save it all year long! If you need to know how, here’s a recipe! It becomes something entirely new, and can be very entertaining for those long winter nights. I mean, after-all, where do you thing fruitcake came from?


Now it doesn’t look all that pretty while it’s forming, or brandy-ing, but afterwards, wow! Suddenly everybody likes fruit! You can use practically any fruit you want, raspberry, strawberry, cherries, apple, pineapple… you name it and you can brandy it. I wonder if you can brandy vegetables? This could be a whole new thing to get kids to eat their veggies!


Or, what the heck, forget about the fruit all together and just go straight for the brandy! The better the brandy you use, the better the brandied fruit will be… obviously. And think about it, most alcoholic drinks are made from some sort of fruit… like wine.

How to celebrate – Brandy some fruit today. (Remember to pick it first!) Experiment, brandy whatever you like and see if it tastes better! Remember to buy some Mason Jars for your food storage.

October 2018 Bizarre Bibliotheca Box

World Post Day!


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October 2018 Original Holiday Box

  • Take your Parents to Lunch Day
  • World Pasta Day
  • Universal Music Day
  • Toy Camera Day


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October 19th Evaluate Your Life Day

Well, here’s another fine day that comes to us from the Wellcat.com organizaton. Evaluate Your Life Day. This sounds like fun! Though I am not sure how they are going to profit form it, but I am sure there must be someway.


I’m not exactly exactly sure we are capable of evaluating ourselves. We should know our strengths and weakness’. Of course, how those things effect others is kinda hard to see since we normally blame everyone else and not ourselves. That’s perfect for the world today where everyone else is wrong except for us.


But maybe we should take a look inward, at who we really are ourselves and try to find a way to improve ourselves. After-all, we really can’t change someone else, we can only change ourselves. “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.” There are a lot of rocks flying out there but, are any of them hitting the right target?


We are not as good as we think we are, nor as bad. We are just people, flawed, just a lot of us don’t realize that. So maybe today is a good day to reflect on who we really are. But we have to be honest with ourselves too. It is great to make yourself better, so long as it doesn’t make someone else miserable.


It is only alright to tell someone else they are wrong when you first understand what is wrong with yourself. Come to that understanding of yourself, and then you can advise others about what they are doing wrong. I really doubt Wellcat understands this because they only try to profit from every day they create.

How to celebrate – Improve yourself. Reflect on what you do. Stop worrying about yourself, worry about others.

October 18th National No Beard Day

Well, you can shave another holiday off the list, this is no beard day… and it’s national. So if you have one, today is the day to get rid of it… or hide it… which is sorta hard to do. With the summer rapidly falling behind us it is obvious it’s time to get rid of that beard.

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Because we all know we grow beards during the summer to keep us warm! So as the winter approaches, it’s time to get rid of it! That goes for women too. Not that many of them wear their beards openly.

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It seems like lately almost every baseball player is wearing a beard. I guess it has something to do with batting streaks and winning games. In the old days, men normally wore beards, mainly because they didn’t have razors. However, today is all about having no beard at all.


Well, guess it doesn’t matter, this is just something else that men allowed to be controlled for them. Some people like beards, some don’t… and no matter who the person with the beard is with, it all depends on whether their mate likes it or not.


And would ZZ Top be a band if not for their beards?  At least two out of three seem to think so! A beard, somehow, seems to give a man power. So, it is only fitting that it should be taken away.

How to celebrate – Shave off that beard! Shave off half your beard. Let’s strike for a new, improved, beardless Santa!