September 17th Constitution Day

Our government here in the United States did not happen over night. People formed their opinions on how the country should be run before the Revolutionary War began, through the war years (1775-1783), and afterwards, until finally having the last constitutional meeting on September 17th, 1787. 2 years later the constitution became the law of the land on March 4th, 1789. They didn’t get everything right but did provide for adjustments, or amendments, to that same constitution. So it is breathing and living as we find better ways to govern ourselves and adjust our form of government as it needs to be adjusted.

How to celebrate – Read the constitution. Be proud to be an American. Learn the amendments made to the constitution.

September 11th Make Your Bed Day

Do you normally make you bed everyday? It is the right thing to do but so often you either just don’t have the time or the will to get ‘er done! I have to admit, I am one of the above. My wife has created a beautiful bed when its made up, quilt, blanket, sheets, runners and about 400 pillows neatly arranged in layers from the largest to the smallest. It is quite attractive. It also takes me nearly an hour to make up. (I should note here it takes her about 5 minutes) Anyway, whether you normally make up your bed or don’t, today you should. You’ll feel better if you do.

How to celebrate – Make your bed. Sleep on the floor. Just stay awake!

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August 24th International Strange Music Day

What really constitutes as strange music anyway? This can be very subjective. However there are some strange ways of making music. There are famous sculptures that create music. Common household items can be used to create a symphony – hence the musical, Stomp. And then there is just weird music itself. But I believe the strangest music probably comes from instruments that are not common today…. There is a bubble organ (which is relatively new on the scene), a clackamore…and a laser harp (wonder if it’s dangerous). Who knows?????

How to celebrate: Look up some of the forgotten, and newest, instruments used to make music. Try to obtain one of these instruments and learn how to play it. Amaze your friends with a concert on your newly acquired musical instrument.

August 8th National Dollar Day

August 8th National Dollar Day

It wasn’t until August 8th, 1786 that Congress implemented a national currency, each state printed their own money or used silver and gold to pay its debts before then.

Originally most currencies were coins made from silver and gold to show it’s true value. The first dollar bill was printed in 1862, during the Civil War, and instead of George Washington it was Treasury Secretary Salmon P. Chase that appeared on the bill.

Today there are mints that print the money in Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, West Point and Fort Knox.

How to celebrate – Take out a dollar bill and inspect it, it’s supposed to have some really cool codes contained in the images. Look for the no longer printed $2.00 bill. You are supposed to turn in any gold or silver backs you find.

August 8th International Cat Day

There are some 500 million cats in the world, most of which hang out at my front door. August 8th was chosen for International Cat Day by IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) in 2002.

Among the favorite breeds are Persian, Burmese, Shorthair, Siamese, Maine Coon, Balinese, Ragamuffin, Munchkin and Bengal.

Enjoy your cat and treat it like the King or Queen of any jungle it happens to be living in.

How to celebrate: Share pictures of your cat on the internet. Get your cat a special treat just for them for the day. Give your cat some catnip and let them have a mellow day. Adopt a cat if you do not have one.

Opening your Chinese Lantern in the August 2020 Original Box

For our Original Box subscribers here is a video showing how to assemble your Chinese Lantern. The first part varies just a little when you push down for the bowl shape there us a bar inside that should catch.

July 25th National Day of the Cowboy

There is something about the life of the cowboy that seems wholesome, even heroic. Naturally, as with all people, there are good cowboys and bad cowboys but in most cases, the cowboy does his job bothering no one as he, or she, goes about their work. It can be a lonely job and isn’t often celebrated like the life of a lawyer or a politician but requires an equal professionalism and dedication without the fanfare or insanity of higher profile jobs. The day has been celebrated on the fourth Saturday of July since 2005.

How to celebrate – Watch an old cowboy movie. Visit a Dude Ranch. Read about the real old west.

July 20th International Chess Day

The International Chess Federation was founded on this day in 1924. The celebration was set on this date by UNESCO in 1966. There are over 605 million chess players today, many organized into the 181 Chess Federations in 178 countries across the world.

The modern game of chess is believed to have started somewhere in the 1200’s.  There are tapestries depicting Knights of the Templar playing chess during the Crusades.

How to celebrate:  Find someone to play chess with, perhaps in a park. Join the International Chess Federation. Play an online chess game.

July 8th Video Games Day

Some call today National Video Games Day, some call September 12th National Video Games Day. There are enough video games out there that more than one day to celebrate is probably good. I remember when video games first came out, they were simple and not very exciting, except that it was something new. Over the years, games have gotten more and more complex and even addicting. I must admit, I am a video game freak. I love the challenge until it gets way too hard and then frustration sets in. I absolutely love Red Dead by Rock Star games. It is amazing. Whether you like video games or not you have to admire the work done by some very smart people.

How to celebrate – Try a video game out. Look through all the choices, there has to be something there to interest you. Don’t get hooked, it’s easy to do.