June 29th International Mud Day

Wow, it’s time to get down and dirty! It’s International Mud Day, founded originally to give assistance to 58 children in Nepal. Now it belongs to the world (but it is still used to help children)!

It’s hard to imagine anything more tempting than jumping into a field covered in mud. Slipping and sliding, splashing and forgetting all the stuff your mom ever tried to teach you!

The World Forum for Mud Day was founded in 2009 by Australian Gillian McAuliffe and Nepal’s Beshnu Bhatti. Their intent was doing something fun, something nearly everyone can do and just letting go for a day.

And it’s fun for kids of all ages. No make-up required, forget finding just the right outfit, you don’t have to remember what fork to use, or about putting your elbows on the table (if you did they would probably slip off anyway!). It’s a day when everyone is equal, no one outshines another and the only true competition is trying to get on your feet, or stay on your feet.

Male or female, young or old, rich or poor.. we all look alike in the mud.

How to celebrate – Find a mud hole and dive in! Start your own International Mud Day charity in your area. Treat yourself to a mud pie.

April 26th National Pretzel Day

When we think of pretzels we often think Germany, and beer. Well, the world’s oldest snack food actually came out of France around 610 AD when Monks created the treat to represent children’s folded arms while in prayer. You can get pretzels salted, and unsalted, and in numerous different flavors today and generally speaking, while not exactly healthy, they aren’t all that bad for us. You can get hard pretzels or soft pretzels, big pretzels or small pretzels, you can even get them mixed with other snacks like popcorn, peanuts and raisins. (And you don’t have to have beer but it does make them better)

How to celebrate – Have some pretzels. Learn how to make your own pretzels. Become a Monk.

April 17th Blah, Blah, Blah Day

Have you ever listened to some one talk and eventually you start hearing blah, blah, blah? In marriage this often becomes the dreaded, “Honey Do” list. (Guess you don’t have to be married to get this list) The thing is, people have the ability to listen to something they aren’t interested in for about 15 minutes before they begin to think about what they are going to have for supper, all the places they have to go, did they do something they were supposed to do earlier. When we are speaking, we need to remember this. To say what we want to say quickly and to the point so the blah, blah, blah doesn’t set in.

How to celebrate – Try and count how many times today you fall into the blah, blah, blah’s. Make your presentations interesting. Burn your “Honey Do” list.

April 3rd World Party Day (SOCIAL DISTANCING Suggestions included :))

Of course, I guess any day can actually be a party day depending on your attitude. And I am sure people have birthdays everyday, but today is the official Party Day – So, party day it is! You don’t really need a reason to party, just being alive is reason enough! And it doesn’t have to be a big party… but I do think you have to have a least two people to officially call it a party. Oh what the heck, you can still have a party and fun by yourself too (Social Distancing). Maybe include some fur babies.

A party is a great time to wear a hat. I doubt anyone would say anything to you. Hats certainly show your personality and style so they are ideal for partying.

Do realize you may be the highlight of the people’s day so give it your all. Sing some songs, dance a little, and tell a few jokes. Actually, anything you do will probably brighten their day.

So go wild, go mad, go crazy! It’s World Party Day and somewhere, someplace, someone is waiting for you to make their day!

How to celebrate SOCIAL DISTANCING STYLE – Find some reason to party today. Have a games party with your household family. Throw a virtual party and use your phones or computers to share your parties in realtime. Make sure to wear a hat to show off to all those friends!

New Boxes Launching!

In these confusing and trying times, we are trying to stay true to the spirit of the mission of our company – interject a little fun into lives and bring families together.

With this in mind, we have some exciting news. We have decided to move up the release dates of some new boxes to our line of products.

All of these boxes, just like our others, will include items based on the offbeat, weird, and wacky holidays not typically celebrated in the mainstream, and a trivia card about those holidays.

The boxes that we are launching over the next few days:

• Peculiar Pet (for pets and their owners

• Baby, Kid and Teen versions of our Original Holiday Box – Bizarre Baby, Kurious Kids, Yeti Youngins (Teens)

• A kid’s version of our Bizarre Bibliotheca Book Box

We are hoping these boxes will help lift your spirits and give you something to do and talk about while you are stuck inside.

If you purchase more than 1 of our boxes, a multibox discount of 5% off all purchased boxes will apply.

Thank you to all our current subscribers and future subscribers for continuing to support small businesses during these times. We  you!

Happy Everyday because EVERY DAY is a holiday!!!!

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