March 17th St. Patrick’s Day

If you are Irish you certainly know about today! It is the celebration of that beautiful, and often troubled, island. It honors Saint Patrick, who I have covered before so I will not go into detail here. He was not Irish, but brought Christianity to Ireland in the 400’s AD.

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Known as the Emerald Isle the national color is obviously green. The lush green lands of Ireland that brings us the national dish of Corn Beef and Cabbage, and of course, potatoes. It was once a wild land and while civilized now, by others standards, much of Ireland still appears wild and unclaimed.


It is the land of shamrocks and leprechaun, both meant to bring one luck, but both of which have some dark history to them.  Oddly, there are some 34 million people in America that are descendants of Ireland. The reason it is odd is because it is 9 times the population of Ireland itself!


If you come from Ireland, or have Irish relatives, you have a great deal to be proud of. I am not sure dying your dog green is such a good idea, but what the heck. The Irish have always been dependable people, normally of good cheer and though sometimes can show their hot tempers, make for some of the best friends on earth.


How to celebrate – Go green! Check your family tree for relatives that came from Ireland. Try and find the end of your rainbow!


March 16th Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

Today is the Absolutely Incredible Kid Day, founded by Campfire USA in 1997. It used to be the third Thursday of March but now seems to vary a bit. Meaning, I guess we lucked out by it falling on the third Thursday of the month!

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We all know kids are great! Mainly our own kids but all other kids come in a close second. They make us laugh, cry, and often serve as a mirror to other members of the family. My kid is, no doubt, the best kid in the world… though he is no longer considered a kid and I may be a little bias. They truly are a combination of being themselves, and who we have molded them into.

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They may be great thinkers, great athletes, funny, loving, weird, space cadets, political, handsome or beautiful. They are who we see them as. Each one as precious to us as they can be, often the reason we live and sometimes a vision of who we would like to have been ourselves. Whoever they are to you, they are your kid and always will be.


Now there is a bit of confusion about the day because it has been brought to my attention that perhaps they meant an actual “kid”. Meaning, a young goat. Now, if you choose to celebrate a goat instead of your child well, that’s your choice.


But if you do, you may have to have an entirely different scene of who your “kid” plays with.

How to celebrate – Look at your child for who they really are. Give your kid a hug. Let your child know just how special they are.

March 15th Ides of March

You would think that the first day of spring, according to the Roman calendar, would be all bright and sunny. After all, the sun is shining, the snow is gone and plants are in bloom everywhere. This is a good thing, unless you have allergies to those plants.


So why do so many people fear the Ides of March? With spring brings new life, wonderful smells and everything should be good, unless your name happens to be Julius. Julius Caesar to be exact. That’s when his supposed friends and countrymen decided he was not getting the point they were trying to make so they helped him get it, literally.


But that was back in 44 BC. Since then the typical terms remembered are “Beware of the Ides of March”. Well, just because it happened to Julius doesn’t mean it’s going to happen to you. Just don’t get around any crowds, particularly if they are your friends!


Oh and, don’t hang out too much with your snowmen at this point because they are probably going to leave soon.  So if your name isn’t Julius you probably won’t have any issues. You could probably even Caesar the day! It is the first day of spring, according to the Roman’s!


So Rome outside and enjoy your day. Watch where your walking so you don’t get stuck by anything and whatever you do… don;t talk politics!

How to celebrate – Wear toga today. Plant some flowers, Pansies might work. Don’t go Roman too far from home.

March 14th National Pi Day

Today is National Pi Day! It also happens to be Albert Einstein’s birthday, born on March 14th 1879. It also happens to be the 3rd month of the year and the 14th day of the month, making it 3.14.


The day was created by Larry Shaw in 1989 while a physicist in San Fransisco, Ca. Congress passed a resolution (HRE224) on March 14th, 2009 declaring it a National Day. You could say it’s a day that just keeps on giving, and giving, and giving. You might say it never ends.

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That all said, I am still not sure why it is important that we have a number that goes on forever. I am sure there is a good reason. I am glad someone knows why because I certainly do not. After all it led to some really good stuff like… like… the atomic bomb!

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At least someone has turned the equation into a dessert… I understand dessert. Well, at least they put it on the right day, I’ll give them that! In fact, I’ll give them all of it because it just doesn’t matter to me. I don’t think I am going to solve the world’s troubles… but then, I don’t think they are either.


How to celebrate – Have a piece of Pi. See if you can add it all up to mean something. Just forget about it and go back to bed.

March 13th National Earmuff Day

Well now that winter is on it’s way out, supposedly, it’s a great day to finally celebrate Earmuff Day!  Since nobody would have given you that second glance wearing them when it was freezing and snowing they would not have stood out as much. Now that the weather is getting warmer, people will see them!


Chester Greenwood was the first to patent his invention of ear mufflers on March 13th, 1877.  I can only assume that someone, somewhere, had created earmuffs earlier than 1877 so the key word here is patent. Although since nearly everyone before that time wore their hair longer so who knows, maybe they didn’t need them!


Naturally, some will get carried away, that should go unsaid. I mean, why not make a fashion statement out of your earmuffs, particularly if you are going to wear them when they are no longer really needed. They may also come in handy when you really don;t want to hear what someone else is saying… they give you an excuse for not hearing them… in which case, men would probably wear them all the time.


Ear muffs are a good idea. They keep your ears warm which lets face it, are not particular a part of your body that is protected by a lot of fat.

How to celebrate – Wear your earmuffs today. Create your own design for some earmuffs. Learn how to say “what” in many different languages.

March 12th National Girl Scout Day

Lord Baden-Powell started the Boy Scouts in 1910. Not to be outdone, Lady Olave Baden-Powell formed the Girl Scouts. Their first meeting in America came on March 12th, 1912, organized by Juliette Gordon Low in Savannah, Georgia with 18 girls.


The U.S. Congress recognized the organization officially on March 16th, 1950. Since  then it has gone through many changes but kept the same basic philosophy of educating young women with things they need to know.


Their motto, appearing in the Girl Scout handbook in 1947, “be prepared” has remained a part of what drives them forward. “To serve God and my country. To help people at all times. And to live by the Girl Scout Law” is their pledge.


Oh, and sell a lot of cookies! The Mistletoe Troop in Muskogee, Oklahoma started the tradition in 1917 and since then there have been countless volumes of cookies sold. 25% of all those cookies sold are their Thin Mints, the most popular among all the varieties.


In a time when tradition and values seem to be waning, it’s nice to know that heir are still organizations out there that want to build the moral values of children instead of destroy them.

How to celebrate – Buy some Girl Scout Cookies. Start your own Girl Scout Troop. Support the Girls Scouts.



March 11th National Johnny Appleseed Day

Most people only get one day to be celebrated in their name, Johnny Appleseed gets two, March 11th and September 26th! That’s because He was born on the 26th (1774) and supposedly died on March 11th (1845). No one seems to know exactly when he passed on so the March 11th celebration may not be exactly right.


This is not the only controversy concerning John Chapman (Appleseed’s real name). There is no doubt that he did spread the use of apple orchards starting in western New York and Pennsylvania. He went West, which back then was Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana. The controversy comes in where he gave away the seedlings for free, but later came back and claimed that since he had planted the orchards originally, they belonged to him even though he did not own the land.


He was a very religious man, he preached at ever place he stopped. He did not take money and went barefoot most of the time. He wore a pan for a hat and generally wore ragged clothes. While at least some of this shows good intent, was he in disguise? we may never know.


Still, he did serve a purpose, which most of us would like to think we could as well. Every time you eat an apple, have a piece of apple pie or look at the apple of your eye, you probably think of Johnny Appleseed, even if subconsciously. That’s a nice way to be remembered.

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How to celebrate – Have an apple. Visit an apple orchard. Give a teacher an apple.