November 16th Have A Party With Your Bear Day

This could be a tricky day, Have A Party With Your Bear Day. If your bear is a Teddy Bear then this can be accomplished pretty easily but if your Bear is alive and roaming the woods then there could be an issue. The first issues, is simple… you can do a themed party like Thanksgiving or Christmas as bears do not celebrate these holidays. What do you serve as snacks or treats and will anyone attending, other than the bear, enjoy what you are serving. (It is very important the items served be a delight to the bear of else the bear might eat your other guests. Do not serve alcohol, drunk bears are normally not good guests. And this time of year do you wake any sleeping bear to invite them to your party, they might tend to be grumpy.

How to celebrate – Invite any bears you know to your party. Make sure you have plenty of honey. Throw your party in a cave to make your guests at home.

November 10th Forget-Me-Not Day

November 10th Forget-Me-Not Day

Judge Robert S. Marx returned from World War 1 a wounded man. When he returned he saw other disabled men who seemed to be forgotten. He created a day that all should remember those men, not the just the ones who died, but the ones who returned as well. Sometimes the wounds were obvious, others were not. Sometimes, the obvious wounds are easier to recover from than those not seen. And so in 1921 he created Forget-Me-Not Day. This day works for all wars and conflicts. Anyone serving at any point continues to fight their own wars over and over again, even when they come home.

How to celebrate – Remember all those who served our country. Look up the veterans in your family. Visit the heroes everyone else has forgotten.

November 10th USMC Day

The United States Marine Corp was formed on November 10th, 1775. Though the armed service have repeatedly tried to remove the Marine Corp over the years it has become one of the most proven military forces in American history. Officially the land force for the Navy, the Marines began their service aboard ships as sharpshooters and a policing force for the Navy. Over the years, as a part of the Navy, the Marines were the first to arrive on the scene since they were transported by the Navy but today they are much more than originally intended. The Few, the Proud, the Marines. Semper Fidelis, meaning always faithful.

How to celebrate – Learn about the Marines history. Thank any Marine you meet. Visit a Marine Corp base.

November 6th National Nachos Day

If you are like me you may have assumed that nachos have been around forever. Well, apparently they haven’t. This appetizer, snack or meal was invented in 1943 by Ignaci “Nacho” Anaya in Piedras Negras, Coshulia, Mexico.

In an effort to serve the wives of military personnel stationed in Fort Duncan across the border in America (Texas) Anaya served them the world’s first recognized nachos. The wives apparently loved the dish and went back time and time again to partake of the treat, eventually making their own in Texas and spreading the treat all over the world.

Nachos can be made with ground beef, chicken, pork or without any meat at all. And while it is not the heathiest meal ever it isn’t all that bad for you either. It can be as spicy or mellow as you make it. Tortilla chips covered with cheese, fresh tomatoes, lettuce, salsa, avocado and, maybe, jalapeno peppers are both light and filling. Topped off with a little sour cream, there is hardly anyone who does not enjoy some form of nachos.

With all the heavy food served up in November, it might be a nice change of pace to serve up a nacho meal one night or for lunch. And really any topping will work still making the meal nachos, While I have never seen a breakfast nacho I do not see why it wouldn’t work, just add some bacon and scrambled eggs and you can make it for breakfast as well!

How to celebrate – Make nachos for lunch or dinner today. Create your own nacho dish. Celebrate Mexican heritage and customs shared with the United States.

November 4th National Candy Day

Today is National Candy Day. It is every child’s dream and most parents’ nightmare! The word candy actually comes from Middle England around the 13th century. That came from Old French, “culre candi”, which came from the Persian “Qand” or “Qandi”, which means sugar cane. The first “candy” was made from honey that was used to preserve fruit and flowers. The honey coated the fruit which happened to make a nice tasting treat. It also helped the digestive track and soothed sore throats.

It is believed that the first “candy” to reach America came from either Britain or France, or perhaps both, in the form of “Rock Candy”. Rock Candy was basically nothing but crystallized sugar, all of which was clear. That would have been in the 18th century and the process to make Rock Candy was so expensive that only the very wealthiest could afford it. Over the years we have learned how to add food dyes and flavoring to Rock Candy to make it somewhat more popular.

Chocolate did not come into the picture until centuries later even though Columbus took the cocoa plant back to Europe after his first voyage to the Americas in 1492. Other milestones for the candy industry came in the 1800’s when candy was made cheaper by production lines and crude machines. This candy was known as “Penny Candy” and for the first time in history, everyone could afford a sweet, at least on special occasions. By 1847 a candy press was invented making candy as cheap as it had ever been and in quantities that made it available even in remote locations. In 1851 the steam pan became available to melt down the sugar even faster and an industry was born.

In 1928 Hershey’s introduced Reese’s peanut butter cups, the first real sign that chocolate could be mass produced as well and sold in a package to consumers. The peanut butter filling was something new for the industry but was extremely well received.

During World War 2, soldiers were given M&M’s made by Mars Inc., for a pick me up because they were coated in a hard candy shell that did not melt while they were in the field. The first real use of M&M’s was actually reported during the Spanish Civil War in the 1930’s where Ernest Hemingway noted seeing soldiers with a hard shelled candy they carried around with them for an energy burst.

How to celebrate – Whatever type of candy you like best, today is the day to enjoy a piece or two. Try to invent your own new candy! Go back to the basics with this recipe for Rock Candy and make your own!

October 13th International Skeptics Day

Is today International Skeptics Day or isn’t it? Well, it may or may not be because this day sort jumps all around the calendar. It falls on either January 13th, October 13th or the first Friday the 13th of the year. So the first thing we can be skeptical about is whether or not Skeptics Day is the day we are celebrating it on. If you doubt anything might be real or not, no matter what that thing is, you are a skeptic. Now some people are skeptical of skeptics. No doubt this is a day we need to be skeptical of. Or do we?

How to celebrate – Doubt everything. Make someone prove what they say. Make a list of things you are skeptical of.

Oct 12 National Old Farmers Day

The oldest profession known to man has to be the farmer. If it was not for them, none of us would be here and there wouldn’t be any other professions!

I think farming is often not referred to as a profession, that is sad. These men, and women, have to know a lot to be able to provide others with the food and materials they require! They do not go to fancy meetings with champagne and caviar, they do not hold large meetings with stock brokers and accountants, they do not wear the latest fashions or make the internet go crazy with the latest fad. They provide life.

My father was a farmer for nearly 30 years of his life (actually a little longer), and I have never known a harder worker, ever. Farmers had to be inventors and pathfinders, explorers and businessmen, warriors and community leaders, long before any of those jobs were led by “professionals”. And you’ll never find a farmer that is not wise.

The entire world operates off the farmers’ seasons, daylight savings was established because of farmers, work days were formed because of farmers, and cities were built where farms could supply enough food for people to live.

Apparently Old Farmer’s Day has been celebrated since the mid 1800’s. The days do seem to vary probably because of the regions people live in. October generally becomes the time of year when crops are harvested and the farmer is set to work with limited time to bring in the fields.

How to celebrate – Thank any farmer you may happen to know, they are truly the ones who settled this, and every other, country. Spend a day in one of those “you pick” farms and see what it’s like to be a farmer for a little while. Learn the value of the farmer, it is rapidly becoming a lost art.

September 21st International Peace Day

It seems like since man was introduced to the world we have been at war somewhere. Greed, pride, misunderstanding, hunger – you name it we find a reason to go to war. But today is a day to celebrate peace. Put differences aside and appreciate what we do have and love our neighbors. The United Nations was formed after World War 2 and created International Peace Day on September 21, 1981. It went into effect in 1982 as the third Tuesday of September, but in 2002, it was changed to September 21st.

How to celebrate – Be thankful for what you have, more than what you could have. Stop blaming someone else for all your troubles. Try and figure out what you can do to help someone rather than hurt them. Partipate in the Peace Crane Project:

September 17th Constitution Day

Our government here in the United States did not happen over night. People formed their opinions on how the country should be run before the Revolutionary War began, through the war years (1775-1783), and afterwards, until finally having the last constitutional meeting on September 17th, 1787. 2 years later the constitution became the law of the land on March 4th, 1789. They didn’t get everything right but did provide for adjustments, or amendments, to that same constitution. So it is breathing and living as we find better ways to govern ourselves and adjust our form of government as it needs to be adjusted.

How to celebrate – Read the constitution. Be proud to be an American. Learn the amendments made to the constitution.

September 11th Make Your Bed Day

Do you normally make you bed everyday? It is the right thing to do but so often you either just don’t have the time or the will to get ‘er done! I have to admit, I am one of the above. My wife has created a beautiful bed when its made up, quilt, blanket, sheets, runners and about 400 pillows neatly arranged in layers from the largest to the smallest. It is quite attractive. It also takes me nearly an hour to make up. (I should note here it takes her about 5 minutes) Anyway, whether you normally make up your bed or don’t, today you should. You’ll feel better if you do.

How to celebrate – Make your bed. Sleep on the floor. Just stay awake!