New Boxes Launching!

In these confusing and trying times, we are trying to stay true to the spirit of the mission of our company – interject a little fun into lives and bring families together.

With this in mind, we have some exciting news. We have decided to move up the release dates of some new boxes to our line of products.

All of these boxes, just like our others, will include items based on the offbeat, weird, and wacky holidays not typically celebrated in the mainstream, and a trivia card about those holidays.

The boxes that we are launching over the next few days:

• Peculiar Pet (for pets and their owners

• Baby, Kid and Teen versions of our Original Holiday Box – Bizarre Baby, Kurious Kids, Yeti Youngins (Teens)

• A kid’s version of our Bizarre Bibliotheca Book Box

We are hoping these boxes will help lift your spirits and give you something to do and talk about while you are stuck inside.

If you purchase more than 1 of our boxes, a multibox discount of 5% off all purchased boxes will apply.

Thank you to all our current subscribers and future subscribers for continuing to support small businesses during these times. We  you!

Happy Everyday because EVERY DAY is a holiday!!!!

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February 10th Umbrella Day

This is perhaps one more useful tools ever invented. It keeps the rain off of us, or the snow, it shields us from the sun and the wind (With limitations) and it can be very stylish used in the right way with the right fashions. It can also be used to reach objects just beyond our grasp and to fend off would be attackers, human or animal. The biggest problem with the umbrella is that we never seem to have one with us when we need one ! That is the reason for making a fashion statement and just keeping one with you at all times!

How to celebrate – Find your favorite umbrella. Try and remember where you left your umbrella last. Buy umbrellas to match your outfit.