June 19th Father’s Day

Father’s Day, in some places better known as St. Joseph’s Day, was first thought of in the US by Grace Golden Clayton in December 1907 when she brought the idea up to her pastor.  Mother’s Day was already being celebrated and only seemed fair that there should be a day for Father’s as well. Fairmont, West Virginia celebrated the day on July 5th, 1908 with Grace and her church celebrating a “Day for Father”. It didn’t go over too well, it seems it conflicted with the celebration on July 4th, our Country’s birthday.

So Father’s Day disappeared for a while.  Sonora Smart Dodd brought the idea up again, placing the date on June 19th, 1910 in Spokane, Washington. It fared a little better but still did not take off until she brought in back in the 1930’s. Maybe it had something to do with the depression and people needing a reason to celebrate, or maybe it was because so many fathers were disappearing because they coud not deal with the pressures of having to take care of a family when they had no way to do it. It made those fathers that stuck it out seem all that much more valuable. Still, Congress refused to allow the holiday as a national celebration.

Then finally, in 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson proclaimed Father’s Day as a national holiday to be celebrated by the entire country to honor their fathers.

Now I know fathers can be good, or bad, or even non-existent. I can only speak about my own father. My father has been an inspiration to me. He always seems to know the right thing to do, the right things to say and what is important. He is always there when I need him.  Whether I agreed with his opinion or not growing up, I felt the need to respect what he said. I have learned a lot of very valuable things from him.. it wasn’t math or science, reading or writing… it was about showing up, about standing up for people that could not stand up for themselves, and it was about listening.

A father doesn’t always say things but they nearly always do something. He doesn’t have to be a carpenter to build you a tree house. He doesn’t have to be a teacher to educate you. He just has to be there. Here’s to all the fathers that show up. Happy Father’s Day!

How to celebrate: Just spend some time with your dad or any other person you consider a father figure in your life. Buy him a gift that means something, not that just satisfies your need to give something. Take an interest in what your father does, even if it isn’t something you understand, after all, he’s done that for you all your lifetime.

June 20th Father’s Day

Today we celebrate our father, grandfather, their grandfather, their grandfather’s father, their grandfather father’s father….well you get the drift. It’s not so much about what being a man is as it is about being a father, the proud moments, the ups and downs of life – all through the connection of your child. Most fathers want their children to be happy and successful. When I see my kid happy – I know they are successful. Today always falls on the 3rd Sunday of June and was first celebrated on May 18th, 1910 in Spokane, Washington.

How to celebrate – Spend your day with your father or anyone in your life that was a father figure to you. Don’t worry about getting him another tie (He really doesn’t need it) Be happy, that’s the best thing you can do for dad.

June 19th World Sauntering Day

Confidence, style, fashion and attitude all make up the world of sauntering. Sauntering is walking with style, not just any style but a casual yet fashionable style like they use to walk during the Victorian days. It was walking with a purpose and that purpose was to look good while walking. Today we tend to just walk to get where we are going, the quicker the better for the most part. But if you saunter you are making a statement as you walk, sure… you may arrive too late to get where you are going and you may make anyone wait caught behind you, but what’s more important… your saunter or someone’s else suffering for it! Today was created by W.T. Rabe of Mackinac Island, Michigan in the 1970’s.

How to celebrate – Walk with style. Dress up in Victorian clothing so everyone knows why you are sauntering. Make sure to carry your umbrella!

June 18th Take A Road Trip Day

Another holiday created by Bob Matthews of Rochester, NY, today we focus on taking a road trip somewhere… probably close by where you live. You can take longer trips, and since the kids are out of school and public transportation is somewhat questionable, getting in the car and just taking off is kinda fun. You don’t even need to plan where you are going. (Best if this is just a day trip) Get the whole family in the car and take off, enjoy the day and explore new things that you might miss in your usual travels. This holiday is always on the third Friday of June, making it available for a three day weekend.

How to celebrate – Take a road trip. Fill up the gas tank in your car. Experience something you always thought you’d like to do but have never gotten around to.

June 17th Eat Your Vegetables Day

It is very practical that “Eat Your Vegetables Day” fall nearly dead center of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month. Remember back when you were a child and you hated your vegetables? Well now as am adult it’s somewhat surprising how many of those vegetables we like. It’s also surprising how many we still won’t even try because of our childhood impressions. Clearly vegetables are good for you. They provide nearly everything we need in our diet, help us to keep our weight down and help us to maintain energy.

Hoe to celebrate – Eat your veggies! Try some vegetables you wouldn’t evenm taste as a child. Learn different ways to make your veggies more palatable.

June 16th International Waterfall Day

Waterfalls are spectacular. They are beautiful to watch, often dangerous to hang out in, and are awesome to feel the power of. The tallest waterfall in the world is Angel Falls, in Venezuela, which drops some 3,212 feet. The widest is Khone Falls, at 35,376 feet wide in Africa. By comparison Niagara Falls drops 167 feet and is 2,200 feet wide. It’s volume of water is 150,000 gallons a second. You have to wonder where all that water comes from? (but that’s another story) Today was created by Bob Matthews of Rochester, NY in 2020.

How to celebrate – Go see a waterfall. Build your own waterfall in your backyard. Go take a shower.

June 15th Global Wind Day

Today was created by the European Wind Energy Association in 2007 to bring awareness of the efforts to harness wind power to light our homes and cities with. There is little doubt the idea is a good one even though its always going to be only a part of our energy consumption problem. We all pollute the air around us, every country in the world. Those that cry the most about the pollution are generally those that create the most pollution. I applaud the efforts of those wanting to bring down our thumb print on the environment but until we can get some of the worst offenders to go along with it, wind power (While a really good idea) will never answer our needs.

How to celebrate – Build a wind tower on your property and cut down on your use of energy. Remember how the world was when we had sailing ships instead of ships with engines. Do your part to cut back on energy use.

June 14th Chinese Dragon Boat Festival

Also known as the Duanu Fewstival or Tuen Ng Festival today celebrates patriotism and sacrifice in China. It is based around Qu Yuan, a poet who lived from 343 – 278 BC. The dates do change from year to year, obiously today is the day for 2021 but in 2022 it will be held on June 3rd. Chinese celebrations include the eating of a “Zongzi” dumpling, going on long walks, hanging Mugworts and Calmus (Whatever they are), drinking Realgar wine, writing spells and wearing perfume pouches. I’m sure we’ll all get right on that!

How to celebrate – Visit China. Build your own Chinese Dragon boat. Hang your Mugworts and Calmus. (Both are plants)

June 13th National Weed Your Garden Day

Weeds in your garden are an issue. The obvious answer is to pull them out! Pretty simple, huh! However do not be surprised if they seem to be back the next day, weeds grow fast! That said, not all weeds are bad. Dandelions and Purslane are edible so you can eat them as you pull them is you like, you might want to add a little salt though. And milkweed has medicinal uses as well as being a great pollinator. Still you do not want them in your garden as they grow quickly and damage your other plants. Today was created back in 2015 though apparently there is no record of who created it.

How to celebrate – Weed your garden. Harvest your garden’s weeds for other uses. Learn the difference in weeds and plants you want to grow. (If you are like me, I pull the plants I want to keep and leave the weeds!)

June 12th Red Rose Day

Red Roses say love. Remember that old song, “I’ve got some red roses for a blue lady”? Well, roses are designed to make someone happy, they are beautiful to look at and smell pretty too (although an increasing number of people seem to be allergic to them). But like anything concerning love, it does have its thorns as well. Also, make sure when sending roses to someone that you send the right color… red ones might get you into trouble! Roses mean even more when they come from bushes you have planted and cared for yourself!

How to celebrate – Plant some roses… if you intend to use them today you had better have done this several months ago! Study the different colors of roses to get your sentiments across the right way. Buy some fake roses with a rose scented candle.