April 9th National Name Yourself Day

Have you ever wanted to change your name?  I mean, if your real name is Ima Dork, ya, perhaps changing your name permanently might be a good idea. Are you often mistaken for a limerick or rhyme with a name like, Willy Makeit?  Again, you may want to visit your local government office that permits you to change your name permanently.

Well, that’s not what today is all about.  It’s about changing your name for a day to one you can have some fun with.  Now we would not suggest changing it to say, Barack Obama.  That might be dangerous.  You might suddenly be visited by men in dark suits that wear sunglasses and have earpieces permanently attached to their ears.  You could, however change your name to something like Dick Tracy and walk around town talking into your wrist.  Although, no one would probably notice anything different about you these days.

No one knows where or how this bizarre holiday got started, or when except that is falls on April 9th.  So it’s one day out of the year you can be any name you so choice.  Make sure to change all you internet sites to your new name, your phone answering machine and even business cards if you are going to be handing them out.

So be Icabod Crane or Richie Rich or even Wonder Woman for the day.  Just don’t tke yourself too seriously because hardly anyone else will.

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