April 29th National Zipper Day

It’s kind of amazing that the zipper has been around as long as it has been Elias Howe created the “Continuous Clothing Closure” in 1851 but he never marketed it so people continued to button and unbutton as required. Howe’s patent was secure on April 29th, 1851. In 1893, during the Chicago World’s Fair, Whitcomb Judson introduced the “Clasp Locker”, an improved version of what Howe had created. It still didn’t catch on until Swedish scientist Gideon Sundback introduced the modern day zipper in 1913. Even then it still wasn’t called the “Zipper” until B. F. Goodrich dubbed the name in 1923.

How to celebrate – Appreciate your zipper. Imagine your life without a zipper. Sing “Zippity-Do-Da”.

April 29th Zipper Day

Where would we be without the zipper today.  We take it for granted, as though it has always been available to us but honestly, it’s a relatively new invention.

The first prototype zipper was made by Elias Howe in 1851. It didn’t work.  Next came Whitcomb Judson in 1893 who was already a successful inventor having created the Pneumatic Street Railway.  He went into business with Colonel Lewis Walker and formed the Universal Fastner Company, developing his “Clasp Locker” which debut came at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893.  The only real problem was, it still didn’t work.

In 1901, the company was reorganized in New Jersey where it continued to try and make a workable product.  They hired a Swedish-American electrical engineer, Gideon Sundback who, after a marriage into the family, became the head designer.  He eventually moved the company to Pennsylvania and renamed it “Talon Inc.”.  It took until 1913 for Sundback to actually perfect the modern-day zipper.  Complicating it, he began to fight with Talon Inc. and moved the project to Canada to avoid legal complications in the US.  Over the years, this has made many believe that the zipper was a Canadian invention… it was not.  The Canadian company, “Lightning Fastner Company”, began to produce and distribute the “Zipper” Sundback had invented.

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While the new “zipper” caught on with companies requiring a fast closing device it did not break into the everyday market until B.F. Goodrich included the zipper on a pair of rubber boots for the consumer in 1923.  This was followed by Schott NYC who began using the zipper on leather jackets in 1925.  Since then, the zipper has become a part of everyday life.  Who knew such a simple product could have such a complicated beginning!


How to celebrate:  Learn to appreciate your zipper, numerous men spent the vast majority of their lives trying to make it work!  Buy a pair of button fly pants so you can learn just how valuable the zipper actually is.  Find an interesting place to put a zipper, be different, use your imagination!

April 10th International Safety Pin Day

Can you imagine a world without safety pins!?! Well, for thousands and thousands of years, man knew nothing about the safety pin.  The Greeks did invent a brooch but it did not have a safety clasp on it for the pin to be secured in so it doesn’t count.  Two men did receive patents for their “safety pin” though, both in 1849.  Walter Hunt, and American, invented his safety pin and was awarded a patent on April 10th, 1849.  Charley Rowley, an Englishman, got his patent in October of 1849.  Neither had any knowledge of the others work.

Hunt needed to pay a $15.00 bet off and so invented his safety pin.  He happily sold his invention to the W. R. Grace Company for $400.00.  He paid his debt and pocketed $385.00, very happy with the results.  So was the W.R. Grace Company who went on to earn millions.

Something so simple and yet so useful.  Imagine how many people would have gotten “stuck” without the safety clasp.  All that loss of blood.  All kidding aside, the safety pin today is one of those items you just can’t live without no matter what job you have.

Here are a few uses for safety pins beyond the obvious.  Fix a zipper, close a rip, Close a tent, Emergency Fish hook, Clothespin, Repair a hole, Keep insects out of your pants, Splinter remover, Magnetized can serve as a compass point, Keep socks in pairs, Replace buttons, paper hole puncher, Escaping kidnappers.