Oct. 21st Day of Wonder

Oct. 21st Day of Wonder

If you guessed that today celebrate Wonder Woman you are right! Did you know she’s over 75 years old!?! She began her world saving career in All Star Comics #8 as Princess Diana of Themyscira, where ever that is. Among her special powers of super strength, voice impressions and ability to turn really nice circles, she has her lasso of truth. I have heard that the lasso also gave her the other powers she has but I cannot confirm that. It seems our early heroes had to come from another planet where they were normal but when reaching earth they suddenly had super powers. Seems to be a pretty common theme with Superman having the same advantages over us weak humans. What isn’t weak about us earthlings is how rich we made the creators of these fictitious characters.

How to celebrate – Find some Wonder Woman comics. Watch the old reruns of Wonder Woman. Create your own new superhero.

September 25th National Comic Book Day

When I was younger I loved my comic books. Of course back then they were a little different than they are now. Okay, they were a lot different. We had Superman and Batman but they weren’t as popular as Classics Illustrated which were comic books but were historical in nature. They dealt with real people doing real things. I am not sure when all our kid’s heroes started becoming something they could never be or achieve, but they have. While comic books are still fun they are no longer educational and in some cases maintain adult content. So maybe comic books aren’t as big with kids anymore, maybe they are still being sold to us relics that never totally grew up.

How to celebrate – Read a comic book. See if you can find any of the old comic books. Start a comic book collection (it will be costly). Make your own comic book.

September 25th National Comic Book Day

Comic books officially got their start in 1933 when Famous Funnies came out. There were elements of the comic book printed in Japan in the 18th century and again in Europe in the 1830’s but it’s first actual recognition was the American contribution.


I grew up on comic books, mainly the Classics Illustrated. These were comics based on novels or historical events, sort of a cliff notes for the real thing. I enjoyed them and learned a lot about history because most of them were accurate in the stories they depicted.


My absolute favorite was one about a Sergeant serving in Europe during World War 2. It was fiction but I am sure a lot of what he went through was real to many.  Sgt. Rock again tried to represent things real people went through.


Of course, most comics are about super heroes and monsters. Nothing wrong with that. I never really related to them because I knew man could not fly or see through walls, still they were (and are) entertaining and generally give us characters to look up to.


However today, there are a lot of comic books that tell a different story. I am not sure what they are teaching the young but I have also found that the young don’t really buy comics all that much anymore anyway. 

How to celebrate – See if you can find a copy of your favorite comic book growing up. Read one of your kids comic books. Admire the artwork of a comic book, whether you approve or not it is quite good.

April 9th National Name Yourself Day

Have you ever wanted to change your name?  I mean, if your real name is Ima Dork, ya, perhaps changing your name permanently might be a good idea. Are you often mistaken for a limerick or rhyme with a name like, Willy Makeit?  Again, you may want to visit your local government office that permits you to change your name permanently.

Well, that’s not what today is all about.  It’s about changing your name for a day to one you can have some fun with.  Now we would not suggest changing it to say, Barack Obama.  That might be dangerous.  You might suddenly be visited by men in dark suits that wear sunglasses and have earpieces permanently attached to their ears.  You could, however change your name to something like Dick Tracy and walk around town talking into your wrist.  Although, no one would probably notice anything different about you these days.

No one knows where or how this bizarre holiday got started, or when except that is falls on April 9th.  So it’s one day out of the year you can be any name you so choice.  Make sure to change all you internet sites to your new name, your phone answering machine and even business cards if you are going to be handing them out.

So be Icabod Crane or Richie Rich or even Wonder Woman for the day.  Just don’t tke yourself too seriously because hardly anyone else will.