July 29th International Tiger Day

Animals need our help, or rather, they just need us to let them live in their natural environment without interference. In the case of tigers, there are probably only 3,000 left in the wild and maybe even less by now. The day was created by the International Tiger Summit in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2010. As we destroy their natural habitat to build a new mall or cut down trees so someone can sit on a new chair, we destroy a home for some other animal. It’s not that we can’t have those things we want either, just do it responsibly.

How to celebrate – Go on a safari before they are no longer available. Contribute to the International Tiger Fund. Learn where the products you use come from.

January 12th Feast Of The Fabulous Wild Men Day

Okay, so here is a day that is somewhat subjective. What kind of man do you consider Fabulous? What kind of a man do you consider wild? Well, if you know one that you consider is one or the other, today is not for them… they have to be both.. at the same time.


And is the feast about having dinner with them or about looking at them, or… again… both? What one considers makes someone fabulous, or wild, can vary so I doubt we will get everyone to agree on today. However, all things considered, this might be a good thing to be kept private. The feast, however, is open to celebration so long as no one really knows what you are feasting about.

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Remember too that fabulous does not mean popular or great all the time. Einstein probably was never considered a hunk but he was great, and he was fabulous! I doubt that wild would apply in his case but what is considered wild by one may not have the same definition by another.

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And then there are those that might be considered both fabulous and wild but not necessarily someone you would want to feast with, or over. So who do you consider consider both fabulous and wild? Do you actually know them or are they just someone you think is fabulous and wild?

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For me, but I am a man, the most fabulous is obvious. And, considering what he did while he was alive, could be considered wild as well. And we all know what feast we celebrate with Him.

How to celebrate- Make a list of your most fabulous and wild men. Have a lunch at a gym. Go ahead and dream