February 5th National Weatherman’s Day

Everyone wants to know what the weather is going to be like so they can plan accordingly. We look to our weatherman (weatherperson) to tell us what to expect. Half the time they are right! The first weatherman in the US was John Jeffries who kept weather records from 1774 to 1816. Today celebrates his birth on February 5th, 1744. With the weather extremes that come today it is important to listen to your weatherperson, they can save your life. For the most part, weather is a record of the history in your area. Records tell us what to expect, even though as of late weather hasn’t been one for the records. Of course equipment has changed almost as much as the weather and makes the predicting a little more exact.

How to celebrate – Thank your weatherperson. Watch the forecasts every day, keep your own record of how often they are correct. Remember a 50% chance of rain does not mean maybe it will rain, and maybe it won’t. It means 50% of the cover area will get rain.

February 5th National Weatherman’s Day

Don’t you just love it when the weatherperson says there is a 50% chance of rain? In short, it means, maybe it will rain, maybe it won’t. Actually, they are more right anymore than they are wrong. It has become a true science. Even though it is called Weatherman’s Day, like everything else, it should be Weatherperson.


According to the US Air Force, the day belongs to John Jeffries who was born on February 5th, 1744. He kept a complete record of the weather in his area from 1774 to 1816. In fact, it is the Air Force who created the day to honor his accomplishments.

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On a daily basis, we may think they are guessing since even with as much science as it there is, they do still sometimes get it wrong. Of course, it isn’t really their fault, it’s mother nature not cooperating with what is apparent to all the predictors.

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However when it comes to major storms, hurricanes, blizzards or severe heat spells you had better pay attention to them because while it may not matter in the everyday events of your life, in those more serious times, it could be life saving.

How to celebrate – Thank your local weatherperson. Track your weatherperson and see how often they are right in your area. Check each weatherperson’s prediction against each other and see which one is right more often.