August 8th Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day

Have you ever noticed that no matter what vegetable you may like, but not your favorite, always seems to be the most prolific growing in your garden? You can count on Zucchini to be one of those vegetables. Now I like zucchini, no problem there, but having it at every meal for 6 months in a row does get to be a bit much.

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I planted a garden for my family and myself and just on a whim I added eggplant. I did not know how to cook eggplant and while I did not hate it, it wasn’t exactly my favorite. Naturally, when my garden started to grow, the only thing that grew in large quantity was the eggplant. I gave away as much as anyone wanted and still had an ample supply to feed several armies on the march. Even when the rest of the plants died off my eggplant was still growing!


I’ve spoken about watermelon before and I will again because if it starts to grow, it never stops! The nice thing about watermelon though is that you don’t actually have to carry it over to your neighbors porch to get rid of the excess, it will actually make it’s way over to them on its own!

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I tried planting blueberries and got three berries, I tried planting strawberries and got one, and my raspberry plants never produced the first berry at all. But even today, after I pulled all my eggplant plants up and burned them, they grew wild in my yard! I finally moved.

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How to celebrate – Warn your neighbors if you plan on planting zucchini, or eggplant, or watermelon. Buy a black outfit so that you can place your bounty on your neighbor’s porch at night without being seen. Make sure you plant your garden where neighbors can’t see it if you intend on making nightly deposits to rid yourself of over stack (that garden is a dead give-a-way of who is mysteriously giving away vegetables no one wants.


August 3rd National Watermelon Day

What can’t you do with a watermelon? It’s a tasty treat, makes great drinks (alcoholic and not), it’s a sweetener, you can throw them off buildings, and put a smile on everyone’s face by serving it up, cold preferably!


A watermelon is made up of 90% water so you don’t even need to serve a drink when offering it. Some watermelons have seeds and some don’t. Some are sweeter than others but everyone of them is good in it’s own way. It offers us potassium and dietary fiber along with high levels of vitamin A and C.


Talk about vines though… wow, if you try and grow them on your own, make sure you have lots of yard! The vines spread out everywhere! I grew watermelon one summer and it did really, really well. At the time I had a 300 pound dog that was scared to death of the vines though and barked at them all day!

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And you do have to worry about critters getting into them. People are not the only creatures on earth that enjoy watermelon. It comes from the Cucurbitaceae family, which is better known as the cucumber. Watermelon was first created in Africa, and in Egypt it was first harvested as a regular part of the diet.


And as I said earlier, it’s uses are almost unlimited. Here are a few ideas.  Tis’ the season! It’s colors are already set for a great Christmas in July! Green and red!

How to celebrate – Well, get some watermelon and enjoy! Start your own watermelon garden! Use the supplied recipes to try something with watermelon you’ve never had before.