January 11th Step In A Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day

This is a day that if you aren’t careful you may lose a few more friends than you gain. When we all were kids we probably didn’t mind getting splashed by our friends, we may have even looked forward to it, and returning it. But as we get older, not so much. Weddings, funerals and high society affairs are not places to splash a friend. In fact, I can’t think of a good place to splash a friend except maybe at the beach and even then, you’d better take care.

How to celebrate – Think of all the people you could splash but then, don’t do it. Go to the beach. Look for more friends.

August 4th U. S. Coastguard Day

Often the forgotten branch of our military, the Coast Guard was formed on August 4th, 1790 with 10 Cutters. They are charged with protecting our shores and waterways here in the United States. In later history they have become the life saving system for those on the water and the force policing the drug traffic being brought in via our ports and beaches. These brave men and women risk their lives nearly daily to keep the rest of us safe in so many ways. Originally called the Revenue Cutter Service, it was changed in 1915 to the U.S. Coast Guard.

How to celebrate – Thank a Coast Guard service person. Visit a Coast Guard base. Learn all the Coast Guard is responsible for.

August 3rd National Watermelon Day

The summer fruit. It’s 90% water, for which I think it gets it’s name and makes it the summer fruit. It’s like drinking a glass of water while eating a sweet fruit. It’s fun to eat as well, just ask any kid! It has become a regular part of our summer day, just like the heat and bright sunny skies. I remember planting some watermelon and not realizing it grew on a vine. Well the vines started over taking my yard and as the melons grew my 300 pound Mastiff dog became more and more frightened of these invaders from another planet. He would bark and bark at the melons, so much so, that we had to get rid of them.

How to celebrate – Enjoy some watermelon. Plant some watermelon but give it room to grow! Try some with salt to bring out even more flavor.

June 8th World Oceans Day

June 8th World Oceans Day

Today was created in order to try and save our oceans before they become too polluted to function as they were intended. It’s called the 30/30 plan as organizations all over the world try to save just 30% of the oceans across the face of the earth. Conservation groups tend to focus on areas close to their heart, whether that is erosion, saving sea life, sustaining the environment and so on. They need your donations and attention to save these precious resources. It’s like any other resource, abuse it and lose it.

How to celebrate – See how many oceans you can name without looking. (There are 7 of them) Go to beach. Get involved in an organization trying to preserve our oceans.

June 6th Turtle Races Day

June 6th Turtle Races Day

If you’ve got nothing to do for a couple of hours you might want to attend a turtle race. I imagine you can place bets and cheer them on as they go but I am not sure what you study in order to pick the favorite. Turtles can actually move pretty quickly when they want to; they normally just don’t want to. You also need to determine whether you turtle is a tortoise or a turtle. A tortoise does well on land, a turtle does well in the water. You may want to determine which you have before you start racing them! Turtle Races Day is always the first Saturday in June so the date does vary.

How to celebrate – Find a turtle race in your area. Create a turtle race in your area. Find a good book to read as you wait for the race to conclude.

May 22nd International Day for Biological Diversity

May 22nd International Day for Biological Diversity

Wow, that’s a mouthful! Today is used to study and utilize all that is biological, which covers practically everything! This year’s theme is “Our solutions are in nature.” The subject matters will include the ecosystems, water, food, medicines, clothes, fuel, shelter and energy, among other things. Doesn’t that just about cover it all!?! This day was created by the General Assembly in the UN in 1993. Since it seems to cover everything on the face of the earth I wish them luck with just one day to deal with it all!

How to celebrate – Visit the UN. Learn what biological diversity actually means.  Come to an understanding of how everything on the face of the earth must work in unity.

September 30th National Mud Pack Day

Mud… well, it’s always been there so humans had to find uses for it. It has always been good for minor skin issues, like bee stings and some rashes. (It also causes some rashes) It has been used to build walls since when it dries, it’s pretty strong. It’s used in combat to make soldiers invisible to the enemy and, of course, it’s something fun for kids to play in. However, someone figured out that it was really good to put all over your face to refresh your skin and open your pores. My guess is, some soldier came away from battle covered in mud and when he washed it off he must have remarked how beautiful he felt. From there, it got passed on to civilians who agreed once they tried it. Now it is a regular facial component. Naturally you need to use clean mud.

How to celebrate – Try a mud pack facial. Go outside and play in the mud. Make some mud pies!

January 11th Step In A Puddle And Splash Your Friends Day

Remember when you were young and found a puddle after a big rainstorm? The first thing you wanted to do was go out and play in it, and you hoped a friend would come along so that you could splash them. It wasn’t something mean, it was all about fun… and the muddier the puddle was, the better.


It wasn’t until we got older that splashing someone became a bad idea. Well, it never really was a good idea but the only one who really got mad was mom and she generally got over it pretty quick.


As we get older the idea seems to be rejected to splash your friend by jumping in a puddle of water. Note, I did not say it was less fun, just maybe not so much a good idea. Adult are normally on their way somewhere and since  they are in charge of cleaning their own clothing the idea becomes less appealing.


However, if you have a day that you have nothing special to do, nothing dress up to go to or an important meeting to attend… why not give is a splash!?! Maybe, if you have kids, take them along… they are pretty easy to soak and generally take it better.


So go ahead and have some fun today, hopefully it will rain where you are… if it doesn’t you can always turn on a hose unless it’s freezing out. Which makes me wonder, did whoever create today realize hat at least in the northern states the water might be frozen!?!

How to celebrate – Find a puddle. Remember to put on some old clothes. Wet suits for diving are not allowed.

July 5th National Bikini Day

Today is one of men’s favorite days, National Bikini Day. It is designed to celebrate Louis Reard’s fashion design, named for the Bikini Islands where America had first tested the atomic bomb used in World War 2.

download (2)

It was worn by Micheline Bernardini, a show girl, because no self-respecting model could be found to wear it in public. The date was, July 5th, 1946. It was first called the “Atome”before giving way to the bikini. The photos were taken at the Picine Molitor Swimming Pool in France.

images (2)

As the years advanced, nearly every woman wore a bikini in the 1960’s and in order to save fabric, they have been getting smaller and smaller ever since. In the fashions of today, those original bikinis would have been considered modest.

images (3)

As with any fashion, there are those who should avoid going along with the trend. The world would probably be a much better place if we did not all have to view that, no offense intended. (You certainly wouldn’t want to see me in a bikini!)

images (4)

However, we may be getting to the point where we are leaving nothing to the imagination. And frankly, if all you are going to wear is  a string, wouldn’t that irritate just a bit!?!

How to celebrate -Put on your bikini today! Go for a swim (Unless you re afraid to get your string wet.) Men, wear sunglasses so no one knows what you are really looking at!

May 30th National Water A Flower Day

Yesterday we talked about compost, today we are talking about watering plants. Get a theme here!?! But the name of the day is a singular item so do you have a favorite flower? If you do, it is the day to show your favoritism and water just that flower.

images (3)

Of course it’s generally a little difficult to water just one flower, they generally come in bunches. Also, do flowers have feelings? Try just petting one of your dogs or giving treats to just one of your cats and then look at the faces of the others. Trust me, you won’t feel good about it.

images (2)

Naturally, you don’t really need to worry about  their feelings if your plant isn’t real. So go ahead and water it but it won’t do you any good, it could even cause you more troubles. That’s the good thing about fake plants, they need no water, no compost and don’t have feelings. Or do they? How do we know those items created by someone that we thought enough of to buy, steal or obtain in some manner don’t have feelings?

images (4)

Okay, so maybe that’s taking things a little too far. But still, wouldn’t just be better to go ahead and water all your flowers? Maybe even water your neighbors flowers. Take care though, if you are like me you will probably over water your plants and kill them that way!


So just hope it rains and you don’t have to worry about it. But do you secretly have a favorite flower that you keep quiet about. Take a picture of it, the rest of the flowers will think you are taking a picture of all of them so they won’t know the difference.

How to celebrate – Determine which of your flowers is you favorite. Plant some flowers if you don’t have any. Watering does not include urinating on it!