January 6th Cuddle Up Day

There is nothing better than starting your day with cuddling, unless perhaps its ending your day with cuddling. We all need contact with our species, whether we are human or animal, it re-enforces our emotions and helps us to relax. Well, most of the time. If you happen to be cuddling with your arm supporting someone it can be a little uncomfortable if they fall asleep. That said, with the weather in most places being colder it’s nice to fee the warmth of another beside us. Even animals spend a good deal of time cuddling, or in need of a cuddle. It’s human nature to want that contact and animal instinct to want to find it.

How to celebrate – Find someone to cuddle with. Give out hugs for free. Cuddle with your pet to let them know you care.

June 15th National Smile Power Day

A smile is a wonderful thing. It can actually give you a longer life, make yourself, and those around you happier. It can change a mood from bad to good, it improves your relationships with others and it offers the idea of great customer service. Smiles need to be genuine though as fake smiles are often seen through and can cause greater issues than if no smile was offered in the first place. If you actually care about someone it’s difficult not to smile as just seeing them makes you happier and a smile is a natural way to express it. So use your smile for the right, and real, reasons. Let people you know, know that you care by offering them a smile. It will make you, and them, feel better.

How to celebrate – Smile! Watch old reruns of Candid Camera. Offer a smile to a stranger, who knows, maybe you’ll make a friend.