November 18th Occult Day

Do you believe in the Occult? Many do, many take it seriously, many to some lesser degree and some not at all. Astrologers are considered to be a part of the occult as is Alchemy. Witches and Warlocks are in the cult, in fact any group following something out of the ordinary or believing in a world of things not clearly visible to everyone. That actually covers a lot of territory. The main difference is based on what society deems to be dangerous and what it doesn’t. The most recognized symbol of the occult is, perhaps, the Ouija board. If you don’t want to tempt fate, don’t play with it… the occult is not a game.

How to celebrate – Determine what you feel is a part of the occult and what is not. Be careful of what you believe in and what you don’t. Know the difference in what you consider fun verses something that needs to be followed.

August 13th Left Handers Day

If you happen to be left handed most of the world will never be ‘right’ for you. I personally found left handers to be sexy, though I was right handed. I saw it as something different and thought that was cool. Being left handed does come with its disadvantages though. Where are they seated at the dining table? Is there really a left handed screwdriver? Computer set-ups are often backwards of what they need. In the old days people who were left handed were thought to be witches or warlocks and many left handed people suffer from dyslexia as they have to break their natural instinct to read from right to left. Today was created on August 13th, 1976.

How to celebrate – Be proud to be left handed. See how many things in your every day life would be backwards to left handed people. Never force a left handed person to be right handed.