February 11th National Inventors Day

Today was created by President Ronald Reagan in 1983 placing on Thomas Edison’s birthday, born in 1847. Imagine life without any inventions. We would still be living in caves. (although we may end up there again) Think about everything you have and use, someone had to invent it. Unfortunately, war offers inventors more than peace. Need makes for creation and war creates more need than anything in peacetime. Who knows what we will need next? Lets hope the inventors come up with it before we actually need it!

How To Celebrate – Invent something. Support any inventors you know. List as many inventors from the past as you can without looking.

September 2nd VJ Day WWII

There are three dates that mark the end of World War 2 with the surrender of Japan. The first is August 14th, 1945 when Japan sent a cable to the US stating their intention to surrender. August 15th, when the US accepted the surrender of Japan and then September 2nd when the formal surrender of Japan occurred on the deck of the USS Missouri on September 2nd. With the surrender of Japan World War 2 officially came to an end, Germany having surrendered earlier in the year. The world’s most horrific war had come to an end though it would, in some case, take years to get all troops to stop fighting as they had not received word of the surrender themselves.

How to celebrate – Read about World War 2. Learn why it was so difficult for Japan to surrender. Discover who was a part of the Allies, and who was a part of the Axis.

July 4th Independence Day

The United States declared it’s independence in 1776, we claim the July 4th as the date it all started… that isn’t exactly true. In fact, the signers did not all sign until late September, 1776. The war itself had even started with the siege of Boston. But just like every holiday we have had to assign a date to it so everyone can celebrate at the same time. July 4th seemed to be the best date so Independence Day is July 4th. We celebrate with parades, fireworks and remembering our forefathers. Fortunately the revolution worked and we are the land of the free. And guess who our best friends in the world are… the country we broke from.

How to celebrate – Rejoice on the 4th of July. Be proud to be an American. Read about the revolution.

November 21st World Hello Day

It’s funny what comes out of war sometimes. Not that war is funny but people often come up with things they may not otherwise think of. During the Civil War, among other things, it was instant coffee. The Revolutionary War gave us a whole new country! And the War between Egypt and Israel in 1973, it was Hello Day. Brian and Michael McCormack decided that maybe if we greeted ten people each with a “hello” we might eventually achieve Global Peace. Well, things haven’t exactly gone that way, the thought is good, but only if everyone participates. Have you been doing your part?

How to celebrate – Say hello to at least ten people. Try saying hello to people in ten different countries! Learn how to say hello in ten different languages.

November 21st World Hello Day

Today was created by Brian and Michael McCormack in an effort to show how much better the world could be if we all just stopped and said hello to each other. It was 1973 and war was raging between Egypt and Israel and the idea was “greet ten people for peace”.


I think, for what it’s worth, that saying hello to everyone you see is a great idea. It certainly doesn’t cost you much and who knows what you might find out about someone else, and yourself, by simply saying hello.


I watch most people walk around with their heads down, refusing to look up and make eye contact with another person. Maybe it’s because they said hello to someone, or looked someone int the eye and something went wrong. Or maybe we are afraid they might want something from us.


Take the handshake. It came out of ancient days when a friendship was forged with an enemy, or possible enemy. One would extend their hand showing they had no weapon in it, the other would do the same. Far too often today the handshake begins the problems. We look at the person we are shaking hands with as someone who should give their all for our cause… not just to show they aren’t going to try and kill us. Maybe we are looking for too much.

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I wonder how many simple “hellos” might lead us to something more if we just tried. After all, every friend you have today started with a… “hello”.

How to celebrate – Say hello to at least ten people today. (Better strangers than friends you have already) Say hello to someone you haven’t talked to in years. Learn “hello” in several languages and great people with their native language.

May 19th Armed Forces Day

Today we celebrate those branches of military service that have served our country since it began. The day was created by Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson on August 31, 1949. It was signed into law by President Harry Truman on February 20, 1950. Finally beginning to be celebrated later that same year on May 19th.


Prior to today, each branched celebrate their own birthdays, such as the US Army who formed in 1775. Obviously they were around for the American Revolution and have served as the main battle force ever since.


The Navy formed the same year since the Revolutionary  War took to the seas as well as on land. Ill prepared, the US Navy did a tremendous job with the few ships they had in service.

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The Marines formed as well in 1775, serving primarily aboard the ships as sharpshooters and landing forces. Since then the Marines have been the first to arrive in nearly every military engagement America has been involved in.

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To many people’s surprise, the US Air Force did not form in 1947. Prior to that it was a part of the US Army. Today it is a major strike force and a very deterrent defense against aggressors. During World War 2 the air force (Army) were among the few forces that could actually win against the mighty German Tiger tanks.


And far too often forgotten is the US Coast Guard. These men and women are known more for saving lives on the seas but it is their job to protect our borders from drugs, other illegal substances and invaders. While the US Navy is charged with foreign service it is the Coast Guard who keep watch at home.

How to celebrate – Thank those who serve, and have served, in our military forces. Study the history of each branch more closely. Be proud to be an American.

August 14th V-J Day

For America nearly 4 long years of war were finally over on August 14th, 1945. Many think World War 2 ended with the surrender of Germany, it did not. Japan fought on, through August 6th when the first atomic bomb was dropped, through August 9th after the second atomic bomb was dropped.


V-J stands for Victory in Japan, or Victory over Japan. It actually has three dates. August 14th when Emperor Hirohito cabled the US and told them he agreed with the Potsdam Declaration and surrendered. August 15th is when the news broke that the war was over and September 2nd, when President Truman declared the war was over. The Peace Treaty was signed aboard the U.S.S. Missouri.

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Of course for many the war wasn’t really over. Troops in the field had to get word, and accept it. Many of the Japanese refused to surrender. One soldier was still found to be hiding, and fighting, as late as 1971.


Naturally, was like this never really come to a stop. In many places today the results of the war are still in effect. There are still Nazis and Japanese who felt they should have won. There are still allies who feel the world will never be justified for the insults against mankind.


But for most of us, the war is over and the healing is still going on. In fact Germany and Japan have some of the mist robust economies of the world and it’s because America rebuilt them. (Their people also had something to do with it.) It was the kind of war that you never get over but you can celebrate that we have agreed to be friendly again. Or at least until the next time war breaks out.

How to celebrate – Celebrate with one of the few veterans from World War 2 that are still living. Remember how horrible the war was so we do not repeat it. Stop the extremes on either side because they are both wrong and we all know, two wrongs don’t make a right.

May 8th V.E. Day

Today marks the end of the war in Europe, May 8th, 1945. The actual day was supposed to be May 9th but when the press caught wind of the day the U.S. and U.K. decided to change the date to the 8th. Russia has kept the date of May 9th originally set.


The Third Reich had started the war in the 1930’s, it is no doubt one of the darkest times in history. The destruction in Europe and the loss of life still leaves it’s mark on society. Bombed out buildings and destroyed relics of the Normandy invasion still show themselves, some on purpose, some still under repair even nearly 70 years later.


War always shows the best of man, and the worst, the heroes and the criminals, the victims and those who profit from war. Germany, and her allies, actually surrendered on May 2nd but it took time to reach the troops in the field and to arrest those involved in the atrocities associated with war.

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The war itself raged on with those fighting against Japan but without Germany Japan was soon to fall. We now are losing many of those veterans that fought to preserve freedom. The saddest part of that is that we as a people tend to forget the causes and effects of the war, tending to make us repeat those same mistakes.


There should be no place for tyranny  or greed in the world but as long as man occupies the Earth there will be. Let us hope that here will also be the heroes to bring it to an end as well.

How to celebrate – Thank any veteran, not only of world war 2 but of any war, you may see for their service and sacrifice. Study the reasons for war so that you can at least try to help prevent future attrocities. Visit Europe and see the scares left behind.

May 30th Memorial Day

Memorial Day became official in 1868 when the Grand Army of the Republic met in Decatur, Illinois where survivors of the American Civil War from the Union side gathered to decorate the graves of their fallen comrades. Originally known as “Decoration Day” the Southern troops claim to have preceded their Union counterparts by doing the same in 1866. Either way the idea of celebrating the lives of those who fell in service to our country’s armed forces has become a major holiday of remembrance in the United States.


It got me thinking about how many wars our troops have been a part of since the Civil War. Some are obviously better known than others, but listed below are conflicts where soldiers fell fighting for what their country determined of value. Agree with the conflict or not, these men and women paid the ultimate sacrifice and should be honored. It wasn’t always nation against nation, in some cases, it was American against American, as in the Indian Wars or the Civil War. So here we go, you may not believe how many wars we have participated in…

Colorado War, Snake War, Powder River War, Red Cloud’s War, Formosa Expedition…


Comanche Campaign, United States Expedition to Korea, Modoc War, Red River War…


Las Cuevas War, Great Sioux War of 1876, Buffalo Hunter’s War, Nez Perce War…

Nez perce - removals

San Elizario War, Bannock War, Cheyenne War, Sheepeaters War, Victorio’s War…

Apache scouts

White River War, Pine Ridge Campaign, Garza Revolution, Yaqui Wars…


Second Samon Civil War, Spanish-American War, Phillippine-American War…

Gillmore Party Prisoners

Moro Rebellion, Boxer Rebellion, Crazy Snake Rebellion, Border War, Negro Rebellion…

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Occupation of Nicaragua, Bluff War, Occupation of Haiti, Sugar Intervention…


Occupation of the Dominican Republic, World War 1, Russian Civil War, Posey War…


World War 2, Korean War, Lebanon Crisis, Bay of Pigs Invasion, Simba Rebellion…


Dominican Civil War, Vietnam War, Communist Insurgency of Thailand, Shaba II…

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Multinational Force in Lebanon, Invasion of Grenada, Tanker War, Invasion of Panama…

Panama Invasion

Gulf War, Somali Civil War, Intervention in Haiti, Bosnian War, Kosovo War, Afghanistan…

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Iraq War, War in North-West Pakistan, 2011 Intervention in Libya & the War on ISIS…

How to celebrate: Decorate the final resting place of someone who has fallen in service to our country. Give a thought (or prayer if you wish) to those who fell in places you have never heard of. Fly your flag proudly for those who died for it.

March 25, 2016 National Medal of Honor Day

It is National Medal of Honor Day. A medal created for “personal acts of valor above and beyond the call of duty.” Created in 1861 for the Navy, the Army soon followed with its version in 1862.  An Air Force Medal of Honor was created during World War I.  To date, over 3,500 Medal of Honors have been awarded to military men serving their country’s needs.

There were few medals offered prior to the American Civil War.  In 1780, the Fidelity Medallion was offered to veterans of the Revolution.  For those who went above the call of duty another medal was awarded in 1782, called the Badge of Military Merit.  In 1847, a Certificate of Merit was awarded veterans of the Mexican-American War.

This is truly a holiday that does not get the recognition in the mainstream that it deserves. Congress declared this day a National Holiday in 1863 when the first Medal of Honor was awarded for Jacob Parrott’s actions during the Andrews Raid. Of the 24 Raiders only 6 members received this honorable distinction for their role in the “Great Locomotive Chase“. Oddly, Andrews could not receive the award since he was a civilian and the award was distinctly meant to be offered only to military personnel. Eventually the The Medal of Valor was created for civilians.

Other Medals of Honor were given out to civilians by mistake.  Buffalo Bill received one that was later taken back, as well as Mary Edwards Walker, though hers was restored by Jimmy Carter in 1971.

The most recent Medal of Honor awarded was on February 29. 2016 to Edward C. Byers Jr., U.S. Navy Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator for his role in the US Navy SEAL operation ENDURING FREEDOM, freeing American hostage Dr. Dilip Joseph.


Above is the Medal of Honor flag awarded with the Medal of Honor


So in honor of this day:

Fly your American flag proudly


Visit the Great Locomotive Chase Andrew’s Raiders Monuments and Markers in person or virtually


Thank a service member or vet for all that they do or write a Thank You Letter to a Medal of Honor Recipient


Watch the Walt Disney Film the Great Locomotive Chase