September 5th Beard Day

September 5th Beard Day

Here’s another day for the ladies… or maybe not. Today is the day we celebrate the beard. I’m not really sure why, but we do. The first recognition of the beard came from the Vikings in 800 AD. (Though I am pretty sure there were beards before that) Having a beard is the simple act of not shaving. It can apply to women as well as men. (Remember the Bearded Lady!) The art of growing a beard has become more and more refined over the years. In fact, there are titles for the best beards, just ask ZZ Top.

How to celebrate – Don’t shave today. Cultivate your own beard. If you have a beard check it for any missing birds in your area.

October 9th Leif Erikson Day

Leif Erikson was a Viking, Norseman and the first person to set eyes on the North American soil. He sailed from Greenland, his home, and saw many different lands though it was not in his interest to land where their was nothing visible to be pillaged. It is known he set sail in 1002 A.D. and during this voyage he sailed by North America but did not set foot on land as he saw little of use to him. So Columbus still gets credit for landing, though over the years people have deemed that something they would rather forget. Congress created a resolution celebrating Leif Erikson Day in 1964. It makes you wonder who else might have discovered the America’s perhaps even before Erikson. We will never know but if not for these daring individuals, we might have no history to celebrate.

How to celebrate – Pretend to be a Viking. Read about Leif Erikson. Learn how to sail.