September 24th National Cherries Jubilee Day

Well, if you are going to have a dessert, this is a good one to have! You get the sweetness of ripe cherries, the bite of cognac or brandy, and the balance of vanilla ice cream all to savor. And… You can set it on fire! Presentation is half of the enjoyment! Though kids love this, it’s meant for adults. I found no real history on cherries jubilee, I would bet it’s a French thing. Anyway, it’s a fun dessert and works either during the heat of summer or the cold of winter.

How to celebrate – Have some cherries jubilee! Try another fruit instead of cherries – raspberry jubilee, kiwi jubilee, blueberry jubilee. Forget the cherries and vanilla ice cream and just go for the cognac or brandy!

August 14th National Creamsicle Day

Seems like summer is filled with special treats we all can enjoy. Today is National Creamsicle Day and it’s a summer treat that lasts all year round. To find its beginning, we have to go back to Popsicle and William “Frank” Epperson again, who we visited last month.

The Creamsicle came about as a result of continued development of the Popsicle. Vanilla ice cream is coated with an orange flavoring – the two working well together and proving more refreshing than just a bowl of ice cream. For years, the orange flavoring was the only choice, but recently raspberry has been added (my favorite), as well as many other fruity flavors.


One of the newer favors is strawberry shortcake – a little heavier than orange or raspberry, but still very tasty.

images (1)

As usual, the Popsicle brand is being expanded into other realms of the snack world. There are creamsicle flavored drinks, both cold and hot, and now even a creamsicle donut.


And for those who still can’t get enough, there is even a creamsicle pie.


Check out the recipe for yourself.

How to celebrate – Enjoy a Creamsicle, whether it is the ice cream treat, the coffee, the doughnut, or the pie. Try making your own type of creamsicle. Send suggestions to Popsicle for flavors they might add to their treats.