April 30th National Honesty Day

How honest is the world around you? How honest are you with the world around you? It’s difficult to be honest all the time. Who do you trust to be honest with you? The Government? Your friends? Your family? Are you honest with yourself? The day was created by M. Hirsh Goldberg, a secretary to the Governor of Maryland in the 1990’s. He created the day at the end of April to offset April Fools Day at the beginning of the month. Is honesty the best policy? Today is the day to find out.

How to celebrate – Be honest with everyone you see today. Read about “Honest” Abe. Be honest with yourself today.

August 22nd Be An Angel Day

We typically think of Angels as God’s helpers, soft and kind on the gentle side, warriors on the more aggressive side.  They are capable of doing great things, both large and small. They can guide us, protect us, lead us and watch over us but you do have to believe.


On the more human side, they are those who generally do good, are good and fill our hearts with joy. In my opinion, you can’t make yourself an Angel, that is fake, but you can become an Angel (And still be alive) you just have to let your heart guide you through your day. Jayne Howard Feldman believed an Angel helped her create this day on August 22nd, 1993.

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Most of us don’t stand a chance. We look at what is happening around us, to us and the anger builds up until we lash out. An Angel rarely lashes out but when they do, watch out! You don’t stand a chance against the power they hold.


You can be kind and caring, loving and generous and still not be an Angel. It is indeed a lofty goal to reach for. And for those non-believers, when an Angel touches you, you will believe and become that there is more to life that the little bitty part of this world that you occupy.

How to celebrate – Create your own definition of being an Angel. Try to be an Angel by putting others ahead of yourself. If you do have a Guardian Angel (Which you most likely do)  try and figure out who it is.