March 21st International Day of Forests

International Day Of Forests – March 21st

Today has been declared a day to appreciate the forests of the world by the United Nations. Most of us just think of forests as trees but they are actually a great deal more. They store carbon helping our environment, they improve the climate around us often acting like a filter. They give us fuel for heat and shade to cool, they are a natural sound barrier, provide food, give a watershed to the soil, and provide a soothing mental health environment.  We need to do what we can to save them.

How to celebrate – Visit a forest today. Plant a tree in your yard. Learn about the positive and negative sides of logging. List as many animals as you can that live in a forest.

December 19th Look For An Evergreen Day

If you haven’t gotten you Christmas Tree yet it time to get out there and find it! While there are plenty of trees available the selection will leave fewer that you may want to adorn your family room!

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Martin Luther found the Evergreen to be the perfect tree to celebrate Christianity. It’s three points represent the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. It is a very beautiful tree, it’s scent is sweet and meaningful (Much like yesterdays Cookie Day) even though some of us are allergic to them.


Since it grows nearly everywhere, it is available to nearly every society and often associated with a fresh coat of fallen snow. There are a number of reasons why the Evergreen was selected to celebrate the season with. I like to think I have a story about one reason for it becoming the Christmas tree, it’s call “Why The Evergreen’s Stay Green”.


I know, I know… this is a shameless plug of a short novel I wrote. (Available on But I like to think that it could be the truth. It is another example of why the Christmas Tree has become important to a large number of us. It is a symbol, just like Santa and the Gingerbread House.

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And if you haven’t gotten your tree yet, it’s time! You will want to enjoy it for as long as you can and keeping it in your house until Feburary might be a little weird.

How to celebrate – Take the family out and find your Evergreen. Plant a tree this year so you have your own Christmas tree for next year. (Or the year after) Decorate your tree with items that have a true meaning to you.

April 28th National Arbor Day

“I think that I shall never see, a poem pretty as a tree.” Ain’t it the truth! Trees are one of man’s best friends as well as dogs. They provide3 oxygen for us to breath, shade for us to rest under and (In some cases) fruit for us to eat.


Arbor means tree in Latin, hence… Arbor Day. This is the day when we are supposed to plant a new tree and watch it grow. The first Arbor Day, or Tree Planters Day, was back in 1872. It started in Nebraska where the plains were devoid of trees. It was a effort to get trees growing in the area for all of the aforesaid reasons. Since then nearly 18 million trees are planted every Arbor Day. (Still not enough to replace all those being destroyed)


There is a tradition to plant a tree when you move into a house so that you can see it grow over the time you live there. it is hard to imagine that something this small might one day into something…


… this big! The tree has always been there for mankind. Think of Issac Newton and gravity, Johnny Appleseed and his legend and where would Robin Hood have hid out if not for the forest?


And we haven’t even talked about Adam and Eve! If not for the Apple Tree the world might still just be Adam and Eve roaming the earth alone. But seriously, trees are vital to our very existence.  We need to tree them for the value they serve man.

How to celebrate – Plant a tree today for whatever reason you choose. Learn what trees you can grow in your area that provide you with fruit. Stop and just admire a tree today and realize how much they provide to your life.