April 7th Caramel Popcorn Day

Popcorn is always a good snack, and in most cases, it’s a healthier snack as well. Of course that means not adding a lot of salt and butter, even though it makes it so much better. Perhaps add caramel and make it even less healthier, but oh so,so,so much better. Cracker Jacks got it right though, caramel popcorn and peanuts, two of America’s favorite treats combined (and of course that treasured surprise!) It seems that salty/sweet snacks have drawn great interests as of late (they probably always did but we lacked the way to combine them). Today is the day to enjoy yourself, forget the diets and health foods, and have some caramel popcorn.

How to celebrate – Have some caramel popcorn. Learn how to make your own caramel popcorn. Buy some Cracker Jacks.

December 13th Ice Cream Day

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! Who doesn’t like ice cream!?! Oddly I found most of the information on today was about the ice cream cone… then why isn’t it Ice Cream Cone Day? Ronald Reagan proclaimed July National Ice Cream month so, how did today end up in December? Maybe it’s because ice cream is good any time, any place! Anyway, Charles E. Minchef is credited with serving the first ice cream cone on July 23rd, 1904 (again, this is December!) though his claim was challenged by Italo Marchiony from New York City who had been serving lemon ice in New York City since 1896. However, lemon ice may, or may not, have been ice cream! And what does all this have to do with Ice Cream Day and December? I don’t know and I don’t care.

How to celebrate – Have some ice cream. Figure out your favorite flavor of ice cream. Thank Thomas Jefferson who introduced ice cream to America.

October 14th National Dessert Day

Well if you feel guilty about eating a dessert after a meal today is your day not to worry about it. In fact, today you should be eating that dessert because it National Dessert Day. Heck, maybe you can even forget the meal and just go directly to the dessert! and maybe, if you are like me, I feel a little guilty but I eat it anyway so does today give me the right to eat two desserts? And if you are one of those that doesn’t eat all your dinner because you want to save room for dessert, well today you don’t need to worry about it. Maybe you could have a healthy dessert lie some fresh fruit or something. Is carrot cake a healthy dessert? Even though the French make a ton of desserts, Americans are some of the most dessert concerned people in the world. Why are we concerned? Because we might miss out!

How to celebrate – Have a dessert today. If you normally have dessert anyway, have two today! Have dessert before your meal so you don’t have to leave room for it.

February 19th National Chocolate Mint Day

So some holidays are a little difficult to find something to write about. For me, this is one of those days. We are celebrating chocolate, a good thing, and mint, a good thing as well, and the mixture of them combines. The mint does make chocolate more refreshing, kind of cleansing the palate while eating something that covers up the taste of nearly everything else.

So, anything that can include, be made of, or calls for chocolate can have mint added to it. Ice creams comes to mind first, then hot chocolate. Andes Mints are all about the mint and chocolate of course.

Thus, adding mint to chocolate seems to be a natural progression or extension of something most of us think is pretty good anyway. Don;t question it, try to figure it out or even think too much on the subject… just accept it.

How to celebrate – Add some mint to your chocolate. Add some chocolate to your mint. Why isn’t peppermint made out of pepper?

December 16th National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

Not that we need the added tonnage these days before Christmas but today is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day. It is a day where you can drown anything in chocolate and eat it, serving your country as you do. (Well, not really your country as it isn’t official but you can pretend anyway.


Pretzels work well. The combination of sweet and salty is always a welcome treat. Chocolate covered potato chips, broccoli, nuts… you name it and it can be covered in chocolate. I suppose you could even cover chocolate with chocolate if you so choose

images (1)

You can even cover up things so that you can’t tell what they once were. I hope this was once a banana but who knows? The fact is that you could cover anything and leave it to the consumer to guess what it is. Probably wouldn’t matter much since most people are actually just after the chocolate anyway!


Strawberries are always a favorite. In fact, nearly every fruit works well with chocolate. Blueberries, raspberries, grapes… you name it, it works. White chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate… it’s all good. And now you have a national day to celebrate it on.chocolate-covered-raspberries-6

How to celebrate – Take whatever you may have in the house and cover it in chocolate! Send your loved one some chocolate covered strawberries. Experiment with different items you would not normally sample with chocolate.



December 8th National Brownie Day

Sweet, today is National Brownie Day! The first recipe for a brownie came from Fanny Farmer in 1896 but no one seems to know exactly when or where the brownie was invented. Who cares? When they come to the table no one is thinking, “Gee I wonder who invented the brownie.


Now if you don’t know how to make brownies, here’s a recipe. Personally, I just buy them. (And no, they aren’t as good) There is something about walking into a house with fresh brownies cooking that just makes it feel like a home.


Now I will admit, they are better with nuts but we must remember there are those allergic to nuts so lets make sure that if we are likely to be serving them to people with that allergy to leave the nuts off the brownie, no sense in temping them and then not allowing those people to participate in the days festivities.


And let us remember that the only single ingredient that makes a brownie even better is a nice tall, glass of milk. Then again, there are people who are lactose intolerable so milk may be a problem along with nuts. If you have friends that are allergic to both nuts and milk, just don’t invite them over.


A tasty treat, great smelling and better served warm (Maybe with some ice cream) what would be better than a brownie right now!?! It’s great for breakfast, lunch or dinner or even just a snack in-between.

How to celebrate – Have a brownie. Make some brownies. Invent your own recipe for making a new and different brownie.

December 7th National Cotton Candy Day

Very few people have never tried cotton candy before, even fewer don’t like it after they have tried it. It is a favorite at carnivals and festivals and while normally served during the summer months, for some unknown reason it’s celebrated here in December.


The cotton candy machine was invented in 1899 by William Morrison and John C. Wharton. They took their invention to the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904 and it instantly became a hit. It was originally called Fairy Floss. Morrison was a dentist and Wharton a confectioner.


Originally most cotton candy was pink, but today you can have it in practically any color you want though the flavor doesn’t really change all that much. It’s been a kids favorite for years and adults generally take to it as well. Even though it’s nearly pure sugar it is refreshing and light.


And I guess you can even use it for clothing, though I serious doubt you want to sweat too heavily in it. It’s flavor is also infused into many of the food and drinks we consume today. They even make grapes into a cotton candy flavor.

images (2)

But it still is best when served as it was intended.

How to celebrate – Have some cotton candy today. Look for the cotton candy grapes in your grocery. Buy a cotton candy machine and start making it yourself.