June 3rd World Bicycle Day

If you want to get a little exercise and save the environment at the same time, start riding a bicycle! You can kill two birds with one stone, although that’s not real humane to be killing birds. Much of Europe rides bikes for every day travel. Of course, communities there are closer and tend to lend themselves more to bicycling. However America is starting to catch up by creating trails that can be used for work or leisure and even the bus system is allowing bikes to be carried on the front, or back, of the bus so that people can use modern transport for the longer distances. It does cause some issues in the rain and snow but a little preventive medicine can solve even those problems. Today was created by the UN in 2018.

How to Celebrate – Go for a bike ride. Make bicycling a regular part of your life. Look into racing bikes, you might be surprised how expensive they are.

May 7th National Tourism Day

Those of us that live in areas that thrive when tourists come to visit have seen lately what happens when they are no longer able to come. I admit I write these posts in advance of the actual day and as of now states like where I live, Florida, are suffering not because of just the virus but because of the effect it has on the economy. So many people who seem to hate tourism now wish it would come back (of course we all wish life would get back to any sort of normal). I know this is the same all over the world right now and that will hopefully change attitudes towards tourism. And remember, whenever you go someplace where you don’t live, you are a tourist too.!

How to celebrate – Thank a tourist, when we can again, for wanting to visit where you live. Learn how to spot tourists. Become a tourist yourself.

December 8th National Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day

Dec. 8th – National Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day

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Until recently, I thought time travel was something you did in a time travel machine. I guess you still can, if you can find one, but apparently, the most common time travel comes from just believing you have traveled back in time! That’s a pretty good trick!

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Oh, and you can die and come back and live the same life all over again as well. No matter, since you probably can’t actually do any of these, just choose one and pretend you are traveling.


How to celebrate – Read about time travel. Try and build your own time travel machine. Just imagine you are going back in time, remember not to change anything while you are there!