November 5th American Football Day

Nov. 5th American Football Day

Most of the world calls soccer football, makes sense since you can really only use your feet, and head, and body. But American Football is much different. In fact, you use your hands as much, or more, than anything else. Did you know professional football started in 1920? It started as the American Professional Football League but was changed in 1922 to the NFL (National Football League). This is truly an American sport, along with Baseball.  There are 32 professional teams and numerous semi-pro teams. College football has become as popular as profession football. Here in America it is bound to stay, in fact it’s starting to catch on around Europe as well. It does make me wonder what they will call it there.

How to celebrate – Go to a football game. Watch football on television. See how many football players you can list without looking them up.

February 4th Super Bowl Sunday

Just in case you have been living in a cave somewhere, today is Super Bowl Sunday. It is the 52nd Super Bowl, which means it has been occurring for 52 years. Can you believe it? This year is predicted to the coldest Super Bowl ever in Minneapolis, Minnesota although, it will be under a dome so the weather shouldn’t really effect the game.


This year it is between the Philadelphia Eagles and (Surprise, surprise) the New England Patriots. I think we are all a little tired of New England always being there over the last few years but you have to admire their ability and wining attitude. (Something we all should aspire to)


Many of us remember the exciting 1973 Super Bowl VII when the Miami Dolphins beat the Washington Redskins! Well, it really wasn’t all that exciting, it fact if not for Garo Yepremian it might have been one of the more boring Super Bowls (Look him up!) but it did conclude the undefeated season for Miami. The only time in NFL history!


Since then, the Super Bowl has become more about commercials as companies reveal their newest award winning campaigns to get us to buy their products. In fact, nearly half of those watching will just be doing so for the commercials. And I doubt the commercials will take a knee. (But that’s an entirely different subject)


And if its not the commercials, then half-time draws nearly half the audience. (If you combine the commercials and half-time it makes me wonder who is left to watch the game itself!) Since Nipplegate, the whole world is watching! And guess what! Justin Timberlake is back!

How to celebrate – Watch the Super Bowl! Throw a Super Bowl Party! Enjoy the warmth where ever you are because its probably warmer than Minnesota!