August 3rd National Watermelon Day

The summer fruit. It’s 90% water, for which I think it gets it’s name and makes it the summer fruit. It’s like drinking a glass of water while eating a sweet fruit. It’s fun to eat as well, just ask any kid! It has become a regular part of our summer day, just like the heat and bright sunny skies. I remember planting some watermelon and not realizing it grew on a vine. Well the vines started over taking my yard and as the melons grew my 300 pound Mastiff dog became more and more frightened of these invaders from another planet. He would bark and bark at the melons, so much so, that we had to get rid of them.

How to celebrate – Enjoy some watermelon. Plant some watermelon but give it room to grow! Try some with salt to bring out even more flavor.

August 2nd National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Ice cream between a cookie, what a perfect food! Sure, it’s not all that healthy for us but it’s good so who cares! The ice cream sandwich has been around since the early 1900’s and like most food inventions, it was probably done by mistake. Today all sorts of combinations are available, split pea ice cream between two kale cookies, yum! But nothing will ever beat the simple vanilla ice cream between two chocolate cookies. It’s portable, refreshing and filling.

How to celebrate – Have an ice cream sandwich! Invent your own flavor of ice cream sandwich. See how many types of ice cream sandwiches you can name.

July 22nd Dog Days of Summer

July 22nd Dog Days of Summer

The Dog Days of summer last from July 22nd to September 22nd when heat, drought, thunderstorms, lethargy, mad dogs and bad luck abound. Let’s face it, it’s hot, even in places we normally think of as cool. For the next month we all have to suffer through these days, making the best of it in whatever way we can. With the invention of air conditioning, life has improved through the dog days, but still you need to take care when outside. Remember the sunscreen!

How to celebrate – Stay cool! Eat foods that help you body remain cool. Drink plenty of liquids.

July 22nd Hammock Day

Today does not require a lot of effort from you, it involves laying back in a hammock with a cool drink and maybe a good book or some soft music playing in the background. I kept reading about the dog days of summer and how the hammock makes for the perfect combination. Naturally the dog days are the hardest days to get through, when the heat is at it’s worst and everyone is looking for a place to relax and cool off. Now I guess this works for most people but to me, a hammock requires way too much work to get into, and even more to get out of. But then, I know I am always a bit out of step with the norm. The day was created by Bob Matthews of Holiday Insights in 2008.

How to celebrate – Get a hammock if you don’t already own one. Find your best spot to put up your hammock. Relax.

July 11th National Swimming Pool Day

July 11th National Swimming Pool Day

With summer here the best way to spend the day is in a swimming pool. It is a way to get some sunshine while staying cool at the same time. Swimming is great exercise and one of the few sports you can do while not sweating! Remember safety, always swim with someone else present, and never swim during a thunderstorm. Also make sure the pool has water in it and the chemicals required to keep it safe. Public pools may be a little out of fashion this year but many are open so make sure you keep your social distancing in-tact.

How to celebrate – Throw a pool party (provided you have a pool – or get a kiddie pool). Set up an above ground pool for the summer. Buy a new bathing suit. Go to a water park.

September 18th National Cheeseburger Day

What makes a hamburger better? Cheese! Now you can add all sorts of stuff to top off your hamburger, lettuce, tomato, onions, ketchup, mustard, mayo… well you get the idea, just about anything. But by adding cheese you just seem to complete the package! It doesn’t even matter what kind of cheese it is! Swiss, cheddar, American, provolone, or even go off the board by choosing a cheese you can’t even pronounce! And with the end of summer you may just get your last chance to grill that burger outdoors! Of course if you are lactose intolerant you may want to skip the cheese but for the rest of us… the more cheese the better!

How to celebrate – Have a cheeseburger. Experiment with the cheese of your choice. Add the cheese into the hamburger mixture to let it soak in.

August 3rd Campfire Day

It’s a hundred degree summer day outside, a perfect time to celebrate Campfire Day. Let’s add some heat to what is already hot! Now I love a great campfire, there is something relaxing and soothing about sitting by a fire… and a few hot dogs or marshmallows and you got a perfect evening of fun and down time. And I am not complaining that it falls on the first Saturday of August, it just might be a little nicer on a cooler fall or winter day when it’s no longer scorching outside. The day was invented, sort of, by Bob Matthews from Rochester, NY in 2017. I say sort of because campfires have been around since man harnessed the power to capture and make fire. It’s kind of odd we did not start celebrating it until 2017.

How to celebrate – Plan an evening under the stars with a family campfire. Make sure you take all safety concerns seriously about campfires. Try and organize a neighborhood campfire in your community.

July 22nd Hammock Day

Ah summer, it’s hot, maybe rainy and the kids are out of school. You will be under a lot of stress! So what’s the best way to relax? Gently swaying in the shade of a couple of trees while sipping your favorite beverage and maybe reading a book. It’s what the hammock was invented for! Well, not really but it works! Hammocks have been around since man decided he did not want to sleep on the ground. It is a cooler way to sleep, surrounding yourself an breeze available. They were also useful on ships. The hamock swayed with the rocking of the ships at sea allowing the occupant to not be trashed about and they could be raised and lowered as the need required, allowing for room in the tight quarters set aside for the sailors. Today was created by Bob Matthews who insists it is not a National holiday even though most sites show it as such. The day was created in 2008 for Holiday Insights during the “Dog Days” of summer.

How to celebrate – Buy a hammock. Check out all the different types of hammocks available. Pretend you are a pirate.

June 11th National Corn On The Cob Day

Now here’s a day we can all sink our teeth into, Corn on the Cob Day! Some of us wait all year long for this time of year when the corn finally gets ripe enough to pick and boil, steam or grill. Add a little butter and salt and it’s a party! Sweet corn was first grow for consumption in Mexico, 9000 B.C. (Or at least we think). It was as good a gold back then, and it helped that it was the same color! Anyway, it is a fun food to eat and it’s good for you as well. Don’t forget those little things you stick in the end of the cob to keep from burning your fingers!

How to celebrate – Have some corn of the cob today! Try grilling the corn instead of boiling it! Have a corn party!

May 24th Don’t Fry Day

Once again, with summer approaching and the weather better it’s time to get out and get a little sun! The thing is, don’t go out and get too much sun. The UVA and UVB rays the sun hits us with can be dangerous. Over 76,000 cases of skin cancer come up every year and much of it is preventable. The use of sun screen has helped, but covering up helps even more. It’s okay to get some sun and it’s even good for you creating Vitamin D which your body needs. However, most of us go overboard so that we can get that golden tan that seems to make us look healthier. The problem is that while we may look great we may be slowly killing ourselves. So go ahead and get some sun, enjoy the warmth, just protect yourself so you are around long enough to enjoy even more.

How to celebrate – Get your tan from a bottle. Find the sun screen that best suits you. Wear a wide brimmed hat to protect your face and neck.