July 15th National Ice Cream Day

So what’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? Do you like simple flavors like strawberry, chocolate or vanilla? Or do you like the more complicated flavors like Chocolate Double Fudge Vanilla Bean Brocoli Stem Grasshopper best? Well, whatever your favorite is, today is the day to enjoy it.

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It was like a hundred years ago that Baskin Robins came out with 31 flavors. Today there are probably more like 31,000 flavors! It is believed that Italo Marchiony came up with the first ice cream cone in 1896 somewhere in New York. It was lemon flavored. But this cannot be documented. Charles E. Minches did, however, serve an ice cream cone at the 1904 World’s Fair in St.. Louis. But it was not until President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the day the third Sunday in July in 1984 for it to become official.

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Does any of that really matter though? We are talking ice cream here, one of the worlds most favorite treats, particularly during the summer.And today we are even making ice cream without cream in it for the lactose intolerant!


Well fancy or plain, ice cream is always a treat enjoyed by nearly everyone. It tastes great, cools you down and relaxes you… at least until the sugar rush kicks in!

How to celebrate – Have a bowl or cone of ice cream. Invent your own new flavor of ice cream. Have an ice cream tasting party and try some new flavors.

August 3rd National Watermelon Day

What can’t you do with a watermelon? It’s a tasty treat, makes great drinks (alcoholic and not), it’s a sweetener, you can throw them off buildings, and put a smile on everyone’s face by serving it up, cold preferably!


A watermelon is made up of 90% water so you don’t even need to serve a drink when offering it. Some watermelons have seeds and some don’t. Some are sweeter than others but everyone of them is good in it’s own way. It offers us potassium and dietary fiber along with high levels of vitamin A and C.


Talk about vines though… wow, if you try and grow them on your own, make sure you have lots of yard! The vines spread out everywhere! I grew watermelon one summer and it did really, really well. At the time I had a 300 pound dog that was scared to death of the vines though and barked at them all day!

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And you do have to worry about critters getting into them. People are not the only creatures on earth that enjoy watermelon. It comes from the Cucurbitaceae family, which is better known as the cucumber. Watermelon was first created in Africa, and in Egypt it was first harvested as a regular part of the diet.


And as I said earlier, it’s uses are almost unlimited. Here are a few ideas.  Tis’ the season! It’s colors are already set for a great Christmas in July! Green and red!

How to celebrate – Well, get some watermelon and enjoy! Start your own watermelon garden! Use the supplied recipes to try something with watermelon you’ve never had before.

August 2nd National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

There is nothing quite so tempting as a sweet, cold treat on a hot summer day. The ice cream sandwich certainly qualifies as that and at just 1 cent it would be even more tempting, that is, if this was 1900, and the streets of New York City. Ice cream placed between 2 milk biscuits was all the rage, sold out of push carts on the street it was something hardly anyone could resist.


The modern-day ice cream sandwich was invented by Jerry Newberg, who had been selling ice cream at Forbes Field in New York. It quickly spread all over the world being called Monaco Bars, Giant Sandwiches, Maxibon, Cream Between, and Vanilla Slice just to name a few.


As the sandwich continued to develop, chocolate ice cream, strawberry ice cream, and any combination there of has been added. The wafers making it a sandwich has been made from not only cookies, but oatmeal, rice crispy treats, and many more interesting items as well.

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Companies not known for ice cream have even gotten in on the craze. They may use birthday cake ice cream, wild berry ice cream, or any flavor you can imagine to tempt you to buy their product.


And who knows what the future of the ice cream sandwich will be? Maybe it won’t look anything like what the originals did. But it won’t matter, it’s still ice cream between two “sandwich buns”, and still great on any hot summer day.

How to celebrate – Enjoy an ice cream sandwich readily available at any nearby grocery store. Make up your own ice cream sandwich using whatever ingredients you want. Have an ice cream sandwich party where everyone brings something different for all to try.