November 21st National Stuffing Day

Today is National Stuffing Day. The day to decide whether you fix your stuffing inside the turkey or outside the turkey.


To make traditional stuffing or something out of a box.


Or follow some recipe that sounds good to you created by a famous chef. Now I understand this is the true meaning of stuffing day but I feel it should be – THREE STAGE STUFFING DAY – instead.


The first being the traditional fixing of the stuffing as first written down in a Roman cookbook, “De Re Coquinaria” in early Italy. But there are two other stuffings that should go along with “Stuffing Day”.



Stage two is stuffing yourself at the Thanksgiving Day table until you are nearly ready to explode. Even if you don’t eat the stuffing you’ll be stuffed, and isn’t that what Thanksgiving Day is all about?



Stage three is all about sitting in front of the television watching football, whether you like football or not, in your OVER-STUFFED chair. Of course, sleep is soon to follow whether the game is exciting or not!

So, I call for the THREE STAGE STUFFING DAY – Stuffing the turkey, stuffing yourself, and relaxing in your over-stuffed chair!

How to celebrate – Get stuffed in any of three ways you choose, or better yet… all three!