April 16th National Stress Awareness Day

Stress can kill you and it never does you any good. It doesn’t ever solve anything and generally makes things worse. The day is sponsored by the Health Resource Network (HRN), created in 1992. The tough part is realizing you are being stressed. Most of us don’t realize we are stressed when we are stressed. That is a key because if you realize you are getting stressed out by something you could probably stop it! You must first understand, stress accomplishes nothing and it can, and often does, make things worse. So chill out, whatever it is will get done when it’s supposed to get done and not before.

How to celebrate – Study what stress you the most and learn to avoid it. Learn some yoga stress relief programs. Enjoy your life.

April 16th National Stress Awareness Day

April 16th National Stress Awareness Day

Today we need to become aware of all that stresses us out and what we do to stress others out as well. We also need to learn what eliminates stress from our lives, and what eliminates stress in others. In other words… RELAX! Our lives are stressful enough, we certainly do not need to add more. The day was created by the Health Resource Network. Stress can cause all sorts of health issues and really, it has no useful purpose. And just remember, when you are stressed out it causes everyone around you to get stressed out as well.

How to celebrate – Learn the different ways to relieve stress in your life. Stay calm, getting stressed helps no one. Don’t repeat things that you know stress you out. Find a peaceful relaxing activity such as bike riding, yoga, reading…