October 19th National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day

Well, back to the exciting stuff! Today is National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day – a day I am sure we have all been waiting for!

Actually the Chamber of Commerce does play an important role in our lives. It helps regulate free trade in our communities. Businesses that become members of the chamber are reported on as to their fairness, products, and service. Businesses do not have to become members but are highly encouraged to do so.

The idea is to help the consumer find the best product available to them locally. They also field complaints and let consumers know if there is a problem with one of the local companies. They are usually independent and judge pretty fairly, more often than not, taking their lead by what the community says about the businesses without interference.

The Chamber also creates different events in the community to help advertise the businesses in the community and any special dates that the community should be aware of. They often help the local tourism groups and generally serve any activity going on in their county, city, or community.


The National Chamber of Commerce was established in 1912 as an organization that serves the local Chamber of Commerce groups and makes sure they remain fair and impartial. President William Howard Taft formed the Chamber in December of 1911 before Congress who overwhelmingly approved of the Chambers formation.

No, it’s not very exciting and there are times, in some communities, that it’s even hard to find someone at the Chamber, but when they are there, they do good work. When moving into a community, it’s a great idea to check with the local Chamber of Commerce to see who is who and what is what. It may save you a lot of time getting to know your business neighbors.


How to celebrate – Look up your local Chamber of Commerce, nearly every city, or county, has a chamber. Get your business registered with the local Chamber. See what special events the Chamber in your area has planned for the year.