May 5th Roller Derby Day

May 5th Roller Derby Day

This is actually a fairly interesting day, or at least how it got started, which no one seems to know why May 5th was selected but I guess it’s as good a day as any. Roller Derby, or a form of, was created in 1884 when an Endurance Race was started to promote the use of Roller Skates. The races would last for days and in order to win those participating sometimes pushed or shoved others out of their way. The Endurance Race ended in 1885 when Joseph Cohen and William Donovan (The winner) died just after the race. It turned into a Walkathon in 1929 promoted by Leo Seltzer. But that got boring pretty quickly and the pushing and shoving got started again. It soon became Roller Derby as we know it today and first appeared on television (CBS) on November 29th, 1948.

How to celebrate – Learn more about Roller Derby, its kind of interesting. Buy some roller skates.  Join a Roller Derby team.

June 18th Go Fishing Day

There was a time when going fishing meant getting supper for the night. Not so much anymore, it’s become a sporting event more than proving a meal for the family. Most fishermen I know throw the fish back in the water after catching it, hoping the next time they go fishing they will catch a bigger fish and have a harder challenge. Since fish don’t supposedly feel the pain, fishing has become a more humane sport. I am not sure anybody actually asked the fish that. There is something about the calm and quiet of fishing, it becomes a time when we can think and reflect on life and get in touch with nature. In fact I know a lot of people who go fishing that hope they don’t even catch a fish!

How to celebrate – Go fishing. Learn what fish it is you are trying to catch. Enjoy being in nature.

April 10th Golfer's Day

Like to play golf? I like the game but am not very good at it. In fact, I think I am one of few who has been asked to leave the green because I took too long to play a hole. (I didn’t realize 100 strokes was over the limit per hole) Anyway, no one sees to know exactly how this holiday came to be but it probably has something to do with the Professional Golf Association (PGA) beginning on April 10th, 1916. That is when the first professional tournament was held and first score card was altered. I hear from friends that live in Scotland, where golf got it’s start, that the original golfer played for nearly 50 years… no one had invented the hole yet.

How to celebrate – Go play a round of golf. Join a golf club. Hang out at a club house and look cool.