June 18th National Splurge Day

You owe it to yourself to splurge every once in a while, and since you need to, today is the day. You don’t have to go hog wild (Whatever that means) just do something, eat something or try something you normally would pass on.

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Yes, it will probably cost you something but sometimes it’s healthy to spend on yourself the same way you would to others. Buy yourself that gift that no one else has picked up your hints on or treat yourself to something you really want but have been denying yourself.

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Okay, you may not want to do it all the time. That could get costly. But one day is okay, unless you are thinking of buying a yacht you can’t afford or eat more than what your stomach will hold. You may not want to over do it, if you’ll still be paying for it by the time Splurge Day comes around again next year.

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But it is healthy to fulfill some of your dreams occasionally. It allows you to know things are always within reach, even if you have to save for them or struggle to achieve them. And it will always benefit others as well! It benefits the salesperson, the store, your family and those around you!


No, money can’t buy happiness… but it can get you close! Buy, do or say something you normally wouldn’t today… you’ll feel better for it. Today was created by Eventologist Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith.

How to celebrate – Do something you normally wouldn’t do. Buy something you normally wouldn’t buy. Eat something you normally wouldn’t eat.

June 18th National Splurge Day

It seems so appropriate that this year the day before Father’s Day is National Splurge Day. Splurge on your dad, he deserves it, doesn’t he?  I wonder if that’s what Adienne Sioux Koopersmith thought about when she invented the day in 1994?  Below are a few examples of how you might splurge on your dad for father’s day.

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How about a boat?  Just something small that he and his favorite 50 people can sail around the world.  Who knows, maybe he’d even take you along!


Or how about a game room at home where he can disappear for hours and play his favorite games?  Maybe, on very special occasions, he might even allow you to come in and play a game or two.


And there is always a home theater where dad can watch football or his favorite film. Then, when dads not home, you can use the theater yourself.

Airbus A380 Interior 07

Since you are splurging why not buy dad a plane like the one above. Sure, maybe he only travels a few blocks to get to work but think of how relaxed he’ll be when he finally gets there. It also may help with the family trips. Naturally it helps if someone in the family is a pilot but that needn’t stop you from making the purchase. You could always pull the plane behind your car like a trailer and show just how classy you really are.


And last, but not least, you could get dad his own personal railroad car. Just hook on to any freight train or Amtrak and leave the driving to them. You may not know where you are going or even want to be where you end up but think of the fun you could have along the way.


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… you could just splurge and get him a tie.

How to celebrate: Think about the most outrageous thing you can buy for someone and get it. Write down a splurge list you can work on over time.  Hire a butler for just one day and live the high life.