November 19th Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

Today is the day that Lincoln gave his famous Gettysburg Address to dedicate a national cemetery to those men who died in early July, both defending their country and trying to save a way of life. You can pick your side, both had their merits, both had their faults. It seems like there is a lot today that we want to try to forget, or erase from history but the truth is, history has brought us to where we are today, good or bad. And that’s what Lincoln was trying to say. Often it takes terrible things happening to teach us lessons we needed to learn, if we block them out like they never existed, then we have not learned the lesson history offers. Four score and seven years earlier our forefathers created the land Lincoln knew. It wasn’t perfect but it was better than most places and because we did learn our lessons we have made it all that better since. Don’t forget history because it is likely to repeat itself because of our ignorance.

How to celebrate – Read all of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. Study the causes of the Civil War.

February 1st No Politics Day

Don’t you get tired of all the politics? The daily drudge of who hates who and who is better than who? Does it really matter? it seems like all the politicians are after is what is good for themselves, not the people they lead. Of course, what is good for one is generally bad for another so I guess politics will never change.

It just seems like we are getting further and further apart, those who are conservative are getting more conservative while those on the liberal side are getting more liberal. We use to come to the middle to get things done, now all we do is get further and further apart so someone is always upset.

So here’s a day where we forget all that. Forget about who is a Republican and who is a Democrat and just get along with each other, like we use to. No military threats, no global warming, no speeches saying nothing we haven’t heard before.

Maybe it would be better if we got rid of all political parties and just let the best man or woman win the election based on who they are and what they believe in. It isn’t going to happen but its a nice dream.

How to celebrate – Don’t talk politics today. Don’t listen to the news, it’s bound to be political. Pretend you are neither a Democrat or a Republican.