January 3rd Festival of Sleep Day

Most of us lose a lot of sleep over the holidays. The Surgeon General has stated that sleep is important for people. Well duh! Today is the day to make up for all that lost sleep. Naturally if you are driving somewhere or at work you may want to wait until you get home but then grab your favorite Teddy Bear and get to work!… err ah…. sleep!


Of course history is filled with great sleepers. Rip Van Winkle instantly comes to mind. Poor guy, who was just a little lazy, went off to sleep in the woods to get away from his nagging wife (there is obviously more to this story). When he did finally wake, everything, and everybody around him had changed.


And of course Sleeping Beauty who’s life changed as well when she finally woke. 


And of course there were these guys, who never could afford three beds. And their snoring noises are legendary! I suppose it was alright for them, they seemed to get a lot of sleep but no one around them did.


Well, you don’t have to be a genius to figure out how to celebrate this day and while it might not be the most exciting day of the year, it is well worth while.

How to celebrate – Get some sleep! Paint eyes on your eye lids so everyone thinks you are awake when you are actually sleeping. Let sleeping dogs lie.

August 15th National Relaxation Day

Why do these days always seem to fall during the work week? Clearly someone who is either retired, or not working created them. Seeing as how no one has claimed it, it makes me think it may be the latter.


However, that being said, today is a day to sleep in, and let your mind, and muscles, take a break (or serve in Congress which is about the same thing). We do need to relax though, it builds us back up, and makes us actually more productive when it is time to work.


In some ways, wouldn’t it be nice if we could sleep walk through our day. Get our work done while we sleep so we can accomplish two things at once! Or how about doing one of those 5k runs!?! If we could sleep through it we could get in shape while catching up on our sleep! Most work an 8 hour day and they say, whoever they are, that we should get 8 hours of sleep too, perfect! Get them both done at the same time!


Then when we are awake we can spend more time… you got it… relaxing! We could be the most relaxed creatures on earth! The same “they” also say we are most creative when we are relaxed. I assume that’s because we don’t have to think about what we have to do. I know a lot of people that I have worked with don’t ever seem to be thinking about work when they are working.


So today is your day to relax. Sit back and let your mind wander, your muscles unwind and your nerves settle. You deserve it because… well because… just because.

How to celebrate – Spend your day relaxing. Figure out your own relaxation schedule, so long as it doesn’t require any effort. Don’t worry, be happy.

January 3rd 2017 Festival of Sleep Day

January 3rd is a day so many of us have been looking forward to all year long (of course the year has only been two days). It’s a day to catch up on sleep you lost over the holidays. A day to sleep in, take a nap, or get 40 winks.


Babies usually sleep up to 11 hours at night and take 2-3 naps a day according to the experts. I am not sure who these experts are but I don’t believe they’ve ever had a baby themselves. So since babies supposedly already sleep between 15-18 hours a day I seriously doubt the holidays had very little affect on their sleep.


Elderly people also sleep more. Sometimes it’s not because they want to, but nature takes over and there you are, sitting in a chair watching television, and all of a sudden, it’s the next morning. This is great for dogs and cats as well, who sleep most days away anyway.


It’s the adult that tends to need to catch up on their sleep. Christmas presents to wrap, parties to go to, and of course, work all cut into those hours we could be sleeping away blissfully. Most adults require between 7-8 hours of sleep a night. When we are running on 4-5 hours a night we tend to lose our sharpness and objectivity. It’s too bad that the 3rd falls on a Tuesday this year and that most of us will be back at work. As I have seen stated, its normally not cool to sleep at work unless you are a mattress tester.


But if you can, sneak in a nap, 40 winks, or sleep the day away like Sleeping Beauty did. Who knows, maybe you’ll be awaken by a Prince or Princess and your life will change forever. If nothing else, you’ll at least feel better for it.

How to celebrate – Take a nap. Sleep in. Learn how to sleep walk so it looks like you are working but really catching a little shut eye.