June 15th Smile Power Day

For those who are able, particularly lately, to start your day off with a smile it will be so much better for those you see and even for yourself. The smile does need to be genuine, fake smiles normally cause more problems than they help. That said, when you see someone with a real smile, one they mean it can make a rough day better for anyone who is lucky enough to view it. It’s all about enjoying the small things in life and seeing the good, instead of the bad, in the people around you. It’s all about your outlook on life, there really is a lot to smile about if you just look for it. So understand the true power of the smile and start your day off with a smile, you will be all the better for it as well a those who see you.

How to celebrate – Find something to smile about. Spend your morning doing things that make you smile. Greet others with your very best smile.

February 16th Do A Grouch A Favor Day

Know somebody you would call a grouch? Most of us think they are just grouchy by nature but in reality, something caused them to be grouchy. If you do them a favor (and I don’t mean ignoring them) maybe they won’t be so grouchy! We all suffer set-backs, which is generally what tends to make one grouchy. It’s not that something has gone wrong, it’s that everything seems to have gone wrong. The best way to change that is by one thing going right. Maybe it will only take a smile, or maybe a little more, but one way or the other, it will be worth it.

How to celebrate – Find someone you would call grouchy and send them a happy text or smile. Find some favor you can do for them to start to make them feel better. Think about who might feel you are a grouch.

October 4th World Smile Day

It’s nice to smile. It makes others feel better and actually makes you feel better as well. If you start your day off with a smile you are more likely to end your day with a smile too. Today was created by Harvey Ball, an artist, in Worchester, Mass who created the smiley face we all know, and sometimes, love today. His artwork first appeared in 1963. It is always celebrated on the first day of October, a great way to start the month off!

How to celebrate – Start your day with a smile. Always return a smile offered to you! End all correspondence today with a smiley face.

June 15th National Smile Power Day

A smile is a wonderful thing. It can actually give you a longer life, make yourself, and those around you happier. It can change a mood from bad to good, it improves your relationships with others and it offers the idea of great customer service. Smiles need to be genuine though as fake smiles are often seen through and can cause greater issues than if no smile was offered in the first place. If you actually care about someone it’s difficult not to smile as just seeing them makes you happier and a smile is a natural way to express it. So use your smile for the right, and real, reasons. Let people you know, know that you care by offering them a smile. It will make you, and them, feel better.

How to celebrate – Smile! Watch old reruns of Candid Camera. Offer a smile to a stranger, who knows, maybe you’ll make a friend.

December 21st Look on the Bright Side Day

This time of year many people suffer through the holidays, lonely, sad and looking for something they can’t find. Maybe its because they are looking too hard or looking for things they can’t get. Either way, looking for something beyond what you have is looking on the dark side, not the bright.

And we do have a choice. One side looks at everything i the world as being bad while the other looks at it as the best it can be, given the time and surroundings. We can always find bad things around us, that is the easy part. Looking for the good is difficult but it is there.

If all you have is today, take it. Make it yours and do something good with it. Be optimistic and good things will happen, opening so many doors where doubt and sorrow closes them.

Being negative never serves any purpose, never. Caution is fine, doubt sometimes works, but just saying no to everything only gives you nothing in the end. So today is the day to look for the bright things in life.

How to celebrate – Look for the good things in your life. Make a list of all the positives you control and keep it with you. Try and brighten other peoples days, it will brighten yours as well.

April 14th International Moment of Laughter Day

One thing 99.9% of us like to do is laugh. Some of us live to laugh. Some of us can laugh at ourselves, which is really, really good for you. It is also very contagious. Try not laughing when someone around you is laughing even if you don’t know what they are laughing about!


Even animals laugh. Cats, dogs, monkeys, snails… well, maybe not snails (Although they could I suppose it’s just their faces are so hard to see). laughing is very good for you. Laughing releases endorphins, and does a lot of other technical things, that improve our quality of life. It has been known to make sick people better and at the very least, it doesn’t hurt anyone. (Unless you laugh so hard you bust a gut or are laughing at someone who is very angry).

images (3)

Even the smartest among us know the value of laughter. They may be laughing at us instead of with us but if we laugh along at least we won’t be left out! I know I do a lot of things that should be laughed at every day! If no one else is around it’s up to me to get the ball rolling and start laughing.

images (4)

People are prettier when they laugh as well, probably because they become a little more vulnerable then they were when they weren’t laughing.  We were meant to laugh, it takes less effort to laugh than to frown.

images (5)

Even sometimes in sorrow there is laughter, or there should be. I remember going to a very somber funeral, nothing funny about that but it was outside and most of the women were wearing hats. Well, this lizard kept jumping from hat to hat without the people wearing the hat knowing it. Those who saw it happening just couldn’t keep from laughing, though I know we were thought less of because of it. The day was created by humorologist, Izzy Gesell.

How to celebrate – Pick your moment today to just burst into laughter. Always look for something funny going on around you. If you look for it you will be surprised what you find. Get others around you to laugh, you will be improving their quality of life!

February 16th Do a Grouch a Favor Day

Are grouches born that way or is it a trait they learn over time? We may never know but there certainly seem to be a lot of them. Obviously there are things that can cause someone to be grumpy… a lack of sleep, the weather, a bad day… or maybe just life in general.


Most people want to be happy., sometimes it’s just not in their genes though. While they probably do bring on many of their issues themselves, there are many things that can happen to make them that way during the course of a normal day.


Well, how about spoiling their day by making them happy! I know its a challenge but it is so worth it if you can make a grouch smile. It takes talent, surprise and will power. They most certainly will resist.


They may even get angry but in the end, they will forgive you because your intentions are good. And the best part of it is, that once you figure out what makes them smile, what changes their mood… if it works once it will work again.


And isn’t that smile worth it!?! You know it is and probably, those around you and the grump, will thank you as well.

How to celebrate – First you will need to find a grouch. Once you have found them, figure out their weakness. Then apply the means required to make them smile, laugh or at least acknowledge that the day isn’t going to be all bad.

February 7th Wave All Your Fingers ay Your Neighbor Day

To be a good neighbor you must be friendly. The best way of showing friendship, from a distance, is with a friendly wave. Not just a hand wave, but using all your fingers as was intended by inventing the wave in the first place.


We wave at babies, they wave back… maybe they know what they are doing and maybe they don’t. However the message is sent. An added smile is helpful. It lets those know who you are waving at that you are actually happy to see them, even if it’s fake it’ worth the added effort.


Like the handshake of old days, the wave probably was originated by leaders at war with one another showing the other side that they wanted to peacefully talk, intending them no harm. By waving an empty hand it showed that at least that hand had no weapon in it. Of course you had to be careful that the other hand was equally unequipped!


So whether you are waving hello…


… or goodbye…. give it the best shot you can.

How to celebrate – Make sure to wave at your neighbors as you see them today, remembering to use all your fingers to do so. You can wave at total strangers as well! They may wonder who you are and why you are waving but I’ll bet most wave back! Wave at yourself in the mirror today, might as well start your own day off with someone wishing you well!

September 12th National Encouragement Day

In a world where so much is based on competition, bias, and opinion we really need to slow down a little and relearn the art of encouragement. Sometimes just the littlest bit of help – a kind word, a nudge, or just believing in someone goes a very long way. A hug, a pat on the back, or even a smile can spell the difference between failure and success.


The Encouragement Foundation at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas realized this back 2007 when it announced Encouragement Day. Mayor Belinda LaForce led the way for Searcy pronouncing September 12th as a Day of Encouragement which was quickly followed by Govenor Mike BeeBe naming September 12th as a State of Arkansas holiday. President George W. Bush added his approval announcing September 12th of every year as a National Day of Encouragement.


As parents, we always try to encourage our children to do the very best they can. It doesn’t have to be perfect, even a near miss has its merit, but to let someone know we are in their corner routing for them can make all the difference.


It might be a sporting event, or a spelling bee, or maybe just learning how to ride a bike. Or maybe it’s trying to get a new job, or learning how to drive, or riding a roller coaster for the first time.  When you think about it, it doesn’t really matter what it is… a word of encouragement helps everyone and hurts no one!


It also lets someone know you care and that they can rely on you when they are truly in need. It costs you nothing and the rewards are generally very, very high… often meaning as much for the one who gives it as to the one who receives it.

How to celebrate – Encourage someone in your family with a word of encouragement. Give a total stranger a word of encouragement. Give a hug to someone who needs it. Pay it forward for a time you may need someone to do the same for you.

June 15th National Smile Power Day

With the tragedies happening in our city this week we could really use a heaping dose of Smile Power Day!

There’s only one thing more contagious than a yawn is a smile. The smile is the most powerful tool on earth. It can warm the heart, chase away the blues, and make people feel good about nearly any situation you find yourself in. See if you can resist smiling at these smiling faces.

images (6)


images (8)

Sometimes it’s the little stuff in life that makes you smile the most. In fact, it doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are a smile is a smile. It’s universal. It means the same thing in any language.


And a smile is perhaps the sexiest expression to ever stir the heart. It’s hard to resist a smile.




When you smile, your eyes sing.  ou are truly giving someone the best gift you could ever give them, just smile.

How to celebrate: Smile at everyone you see today. Give your loved one a true smile. Return any smile you are lucky enough to receive.