October 13th International Skeptics Day

Is today International Skeptics Day or isn’t it? Well, it may or may not be because this day sort jumps all around the calendar. It falls on either January 13th, October 13th or the first Friday the 13th of the year. So the first thing we can be skeptical about is whether or not Skeptics Day is the day we are celebrating it on. If you doubt anything might be real or not, no matter what that thing is, you are a skeptic. Now some people are skeptical of skeptics. No doubt this is a day we need to be skeptical of. Or do we?

How to celebrate – Doubt everything. Make someone prove what they say. Make a list of things you are skeptical of.

October 13th International Skeptics Day

I am a little skeptical that today is actually International Skeptics Day. I mean maybe it is, but maybe it isn’t. It will have to be proven to me. Today we can all be doubting Thomas’. Sometimes it’s good to be skeptical, but then sometimes we just need to believe, after-all there are some things in life that just can’t be explained. Sometimes you just have to see it to believe it. But that, at times, takes the magic out of it. So make sure that before you go and prove it to yourself that you really want it to be proved. It’s sort of like that Christmas present under the tree. Maybe it’s what you’ve always wanted, maybe you didn’t even know you needed what is in that package and maybe sometimes it’s not really something you like, but you like the person giving it to you. There is no doubt that you have the right to be skeptical.

How to celebrate – Make people prove themselves to you. Take a leap of faith. Learn about those things you don’t know.

October 13th International Skeptics Day

Everyone is a skeptic, or at least the sane ones are. Often it drives us insane to try and be sane. Do you believe in UFO’s? Well a skeptic would generally say no, but if you have seen one you probably are not skeptic anymore. Do you believe Friday the 13th is an unlucky day? Well, International Skeptic Day is always the first Friday the 13th in the year. So if you are skeptical about it being unlucky, this is really your day!


A skeptic normally has to have something proven to them before they become a believer. In most cases, I think this is pretty good, to believe in something just because some one tells you you should believe in it means you will probably believe in anything, which I think is not so good.


Let’s all remember when people thought the world was flat. There were a few skeptics but most went along with that. Well in that case the skeptics were right cause it’s round. (Actually oval shaped but who’s counting?) Or those who said man would never fly? Well, maybe not man himself but the machines that man makes certainly do.


Or did a dog ever actually eat your homework? May have but most teachers aren’t going to believe that because 9 out of 10 times it’s proven to be a lie. Chicken Little believed the sky was falling, it wasn’t… or is it? Stuff from the sky certainly does fall. So I guess in the end, it’s what you believe and what you don’t believe until it’s proven either way.

How to celebrate – List everything you are skeptical about and then see if you can prove them either way. Sometimes you have to believe the unbelievable. Move to Iowa.

January 13th Skeptics Day

January 13th Skeptics Day


Prove it! Go on! Make me a believer! Today is Skeptics Day, don’t believe anything you hear unless someone can prove it to you beyond any reasonable doubt. Believe it or not the biggest group of skeptics exist in the science world! Of course, that’s a part of the science world. The proof is in the pudding.. whatever that means.


How to celebrate – Be skeptical! Be ready to prove whatever you say. Hunt for Bigfoot! Become a scientist, if just for a day.