May 2nd Brothers and Sisters Day

Though brothers and sisters do not always get along, mainly when they are young, as we grow older we realize just how important they truly are. They are, obviously, family and share more with us than even our wives and husbands often do. Family is so important. These are the people, more often than not, who will take that extra step to help us, be there when others won’t bother and know what we love and what we would prefer not to be involved in. I have two sisters, I could not love them more and enjoy every moment we get to share.

April 10th National Siblings Day

Today was created by Claudia A. Evalt after the loss of her brother and sister. It is supported by 22 governors and then President, Bill Clinton. Not everyone is lucky enough to have brothers and sisters, yes… I know we call everyone brother or sister but it’s not the same as an actual blood relation. In most cases we grow up with them, play with them, learn from them, teach them, and generally they are close in support when needed. Those that do not have brothers or sisters can’t really relate. That’s not saying anything against them, but how can they. A brother and a sister can be your best friend, or worst enemy, but they were there for your real learning stages and know what it means to share. I adore my sisters, they are key to my life and even though I don’t get to see them as often as I would like, they are there, and always have been (and hopefully always will be!)

How to celebrate – Take a sibling to lunch today. Get together with them on a regular basis even if its just to keep up. Remember they are blood relations; there are fewer things in life that mean more.

August 12th National Middle Child Day

The professionals say I should resent being the middle child of my family. That I am not the experiment my parents had with the first child and the cute third child that did everything right. Well, I guess I should be resentful, but I’m not. I have a wonderful older sister and an equally as wonderful younger sister. I do feel sorry for those who did not have brothers and sisters, they will never know what they are missing out on.

middle child day card

Or maybe it’s because my parents were so good at not making us kids feel we were any different, or maybe it’s because my sisters never made me feel like I was in the middle. To be honest I don’t think we even thought about it.


Now I realize many of you may have had a different experience. Life is full of experiences, they could be good or they could be bad. I often think it’s how we take them more than how they are intended. We need to take in consideration that we are all different people, none of us reacts exactly the same way to any set of circumstances. That said, we all also like to blame someone, or something, else so we do not have to assume the blame for our own faults.

Three cute golden retriever puppies in a basket.

I doubt animals even realize they are a middle child, or their mothers and fathers realize they even had a middle child. They treat each off spring as that off spring needs to be treated, doing what is required to let it grow. That being said, we are equally as animals. I really do not think that a parent says that’s the middle child so they aren’t as important.


Today we like to whine and complain, the loudest normally getting what they want. That’s sad. (The middle child is generally the most quiet, or so the experts say) I am not sure who the experts are, I am not sure what studies they undertook, I am not sure if they are a middle child themselves or not. I am not sure that what they think matters or what makes them an expert.  I think we are who we are… but I am proudly no expert.

How to celebrate – Enjoy being the middle child. If you get frustrated by the way your parents treat you, try changing the way you treat them! Spend more time enjoying life, it’s way too easy to find all the things wrong with it.

August 6th National Sisters Day

If you are lucky enough to have a sister you know how really special this day is, if you don’t I feel sorry for you… because you have never known the most loving, caring person in the world. I am lucky enough to have two, both are different from each other, and yet the same.


I’m the middle kid, I have one sister 4 years older than me and one 13 years younger than me. Though there were times I didn’t know it, they have been the one true joy of my life. They ask for very little and give a lot in return and take care of the family when no one else will, or can.


There are times I wish they knew that. Times when they are down or heartbroken, times when they are stronger than I ever could be. So me, sisters are something very special, I can only hope that you have a sister, or two, or three, so you know what I am talking about.


The Andrews Sisters were some of the most famous sisters in history. They sang together, bringing joy to a cheerless world. It’s fitting that we find a least one day a year to celebrate sisters, if for no other reason than them. However, Crayola recognizes Sisters Day as August 5th, Hallmark as August 7th. The truth is, at one time or the other they were both right… in a way. It’s actually the first Sunday in August and this year, that’s the 6th.  But to me, in reality, every day is sisters day, and always should be.

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How to celebrate – Do something nice for your sister(s) today. Make sure they know how important they are to you. If you haven’t spoken to your sister for a long time, find some reason to at least say hello.

April 10th National Sibling Day

If you don’t have any brothers or sisters you can go on your merry way and forget about today… but for those of us who do have siblings it is a very important day indeed. There is someone out there that really does know what you’ve gone through, been there when you needed them, and are missed when they are a distance away from you.


As children, siblings tend to fight a lot, each trying to get the advantage over the other. As we grow up, they often become your best friend and someone you know you can depend on. You may not always agree with them, there may even be times when you get mad at them, but in most cases, they are the first person you turn to in a time of need. Brothers and sisters are the most common siblings. They have different views on things, different likes and dislikes, but when it comes to loyalty, they are right there for you (I do realize this is not always the case but most brothers and sisters get along with each other).


Sisters normally live in a world of their own making. They have each other to rely on and don’t need outside friends as much as the single child. Normally they are within a few years of each other so the eldest is able to hand down experience to the next oldest and so on.  The youngest often give the most energy back to their other sisters completing the circle.

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Brothers often band together for sports, business, or just plain old fun. When one gets an idea, the others seem to always play it out as best as they can. The Marx brothers all went into comedy, the Jackson brothers went into music, the Earp brothers went into law enforcement (Well, sort of anyway).


And twins are very special. Often they are able to feel what each other feels, know what each other is thinking and normally, take the other’s identity at least sometime during their lives.

National Sibling’s Day was founded by Claudia A. Evart after the passing of her brother and sister. 22 states celebrate this day

How to celebrate – If you have a brother or a sister, or both enjoy them while you can. Find some way to express how important your siblings are to you. Call for a family reunion if you have been separated over the years.