July 27th Take Your Pants For A Walk Day

Wow, it’s easy to see that these are the dog days of summer. The National Days are really reaching… today is take your pants for a walk day. I suppose you could reason that what it is really telling you is to go for a walk, and if you are walking in shorts or naked, then take your pants along with you. It’s sort of appropriate if you think about it though. So many of our talk show hosts and news reporters sitting a desks are dressed in suits from the waist up but wearing shorts, or less, below the camera view. So, if this includes you, take your pants out for a walk so they can see the light of day and hope, that if needed, you still fit in them. And we should note that it is also Take your Houseplants for a Walk Day (makes ya kind of wonder if someone just accidentally misspelled it at some point – thus creating 2 national holidays).

How to celebrate – Put on a pair of pants. Go for a walk. Go back to bed and wait for tomorrow.

August 5th National Underwear Day

Yes, there is a National Underwear Day. You may wonder why but I say… why not!?! Seems like we celebrate everything else! So, today was created by Freshpair, a company that sells underwear… like, so who else? They tried to break a world’s Guinness record by having 800 people in their underwear on the streets of New York City. Ah… it wasn’t enough but they did create the day! August 5th, 2013.


Let’s just say, no big deal. With the way a lot guys wear their pants anymore you can see that many in a single hour! And can you believe how expensive underwear is!?! I mean, it’s supposed to remain unseen, unless you or one of those guys that thinks everybody wants to see their underwear.


Now underwear has changed over the years. Thank goodness. The look above is one to treasure for sure. And my guess would be it’s a little warm, not bad if you live in the Arctic but where I live… no way.


Of course, if you go older than that things get a little rough, literally. Talk about chaffing! And since they normally rode horses back then… I don’t even want to think about it. So yes, underwear it getting more comfortable, fashionable and safer.

images (1)

And most of us probably don’t care. I did just hear that for women, if you are wearing the wrong size bra it can give you a headache. I am not sure how that comes to be but.. there you have it.

How to celebrate – Look into buying some new underwear. Pull your dang pants up! Try to figure out why we have a National Underwear Day.