November 26th Shopping Reminder Day

Like we really need a reminder but today is “Shopping Reminder Day”. I am not sure who doesn’t have shopping on their mind but if they don’t, you will need to remind them. There are some who believe yesterday was Shopping Reminder Day, the 25th of November, but being so close to Black Friday I know no one was forgetting to shop unless they were in a coma.


But I will be the first to remind you, you need to do your shopping and get it done and over with, waiting until the last minute never ends up well. If you weren’t involved in shopping on Black Friday today is a good day to catch up though. The crowds should have thinned out by now and Christmas is getting ever closer!

Beautiful young women shopping.
Beautiful young women shopping.

The deals are running out. I went out on Black Friday and many of the things advertised were already sold out. Of course, more could be coming in but the longer you wait the less likely you are going to be able to find those items you really want at a reasonable price.


And if you have already gone shopping for everyone else, go shopping for yourself today. There is always grocery shopping if you get desperate enough. This is the time of year when retailers are drooling, waiting for you to come in the doors and buy something.


Or you could wait until tomorrow and go cyber shopping, but you really need to look at the deals today and plan your day out. Just remember when things get tough, the tough go shopping!

How to celebrate – Go shopping? If you can’t get out, at least make a list of the things you need to shop for. You may need to make a list of things you’ve already bought too. You certainly don’t want to buy Uncle Harvey two gifts because you forgot.


November 24th Black Friday

Okay, so now we’ve all had a day where we got along with each other, way over eaten and shared and peace and harmony. Now it’s time to beat each other, run wild in the streets and search endlessly for a park space. It’s Black Friday!


It is the day when retailers begin to make profits, up to 70% of their yearly sales. Also one of the reasons so many retailers are going out of business. If they do not draw in the customers, they cannot afford to stay open because it will be followed by Cyber-Monday, the death nail of retailers everywhere.


It always amazes me how violent Black Friday becomes considering we are celebrating one of the happiest times of the year. Is your life really going to be better because you saved an extra hundred dollars on that big screen tv or a pack of batteries cost you 2 dollars less? Apparently so. People are now going to the malls armed to protect themselves and their loved ones.


Well, try to enjoy the day, even though most people aren’t going to. You can come back to all the left-overs after you have been out fighting the crowds. I hope you find the deal you are after! But try not to forget the reason for the season.

How to celebrate – Stay home and watch tv! Go out early, you’ll have even more time to get frustrated. Buy a suit of armor and defy anyone to touch you!

August 17th National Thrift Shop Day

One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. Keep that in mind while shopping at a thrift shop. Nearly every thrift shop has a charity connected to it, I think maybe it’s even a rule, so they do serve a purpose beyond just allowing you to find a bargain.


It really doesn’t matter what you are looking for, there is a very good chance you’ll find it at a thrift shop. True, somebody has probably used it before you get the chance and you don’t have the history of that person, but it’s sort of the same as a garage sale so… deal with it.


The fashions are probably not going to be the latest fad and I draw the line at underwear!


And while you might find good deals, don’t expect to find that very valuable antique because the staff gets to see everything first. But there may be something of value to you that would be considered priceless.


And remember that at least a part of every dollar you spend will go to support some good cause. You get something, and you give something. It’s a win-win for all.

How  to celebrate – Spend part of your day today thrift shopping. If you don’t need anything, donate to a thrift shop today (it will probably be tax deductible). If you don’t need anything, shop for someone else who does… that makes it a win-win-win.