April 26th Richter Scale Day

Today we celebrate Charles F. Richter, born April 26th, 1900, the seismologist who invent the scale in 1935. The scale goes from 0-9 with 9 being the most severe. The few 9’s that have been recorded normally mean a Tsunami is to follow. So not only do you have to survive the earthquake, you now have a tidal wave to deal with. Most of us are aware that most of San Fransisco was nearly destroyed in the 1800’s by an earthquake that would have measured, if the Richter scale had been available then, at 7.8. It’s hard to imagine a 9. In 1812 an earthquake determined to be an 8.6 caused the Mississippi River to flow backwards in what is called a Fluvial Tsunami. When the earth’s plate shift, we are all bound to notice it whether we are directly effected or not. It is believed one day California will fall back into the ocean because of the plates underneath the coast.

How to celebrate – Rejoice if you live in an area where earthquakes are rare! Learn what type of destruction comes from every level on the Richter Scale. Listen to Carol King’s “I Feel the Earth Move”.