September 10th Sewing Machine Day

The first sewing machine appeared in France during the 1830’s. Before that, all clothes were sewn by hand requiring hours and hours of work for just a single garment. If you can imagine those days of the elaborate military uniforms for hundreds of thousands of soldiers all having to be made by hand it is amazing. All those elaborate ball gowns we commonly think of during the 1700’s in Europe and the Americas had to be made by hand. We as society also use to have at least one sewing machine per household for repairing clothing, today we tend to just throw clothes away and the sewing machine disappears from our every day lives.

How to celebrate – See if you have a working sewing machine at home. Try making some of your own clothes. Visit a sewing machine museum.

June 13th Sewing Machine Day

Today we are celebrating that machine that has kept us clothed since the 1830’s in France, and in the US, since 1846. For years the sewing machine was a valued tool in nearly every house in the world. It has given us new clothes as well as repaired old clothes, helped us with table cloths, napkins, hats… well you name it and a sewing machine probably made it. It’s rare to find a sewing machine in homes today. It’s easier and faster to just go out and buy what we need, and in some cases even cheaper. The hours spent on making clothes at home, such as prom dresses and wedding gowns is pretty much lost today, it’s sort of sad, but life goes on.

How to celebrate – Look around and see if you still have a sewing machine. Learn how to sew. Be thankful you don’t have a sewing machine.

July 25th National Thread The Needle Day

If you are going to sew you first need to thread the needle. When I first saw the day listed I thought this was going to be something about surfing. Nope, it’s all about threading the needle so you can either make something or repair something that requires sewing. Now I have tried to sew things in myself time, I admit I am not very good at it. I think a lot of the reason why I am not very good at it is because it takes me hours to thread the eye of the needle which means when it comes time to actually do the sewing part, I am either tired or frustrated so I just want to get the job over with! Someone should invent and sell the pre-threaded needle. Of course you could only use it once but who cares, life would be so much easier!

How to celebrate – Sew something. Thread some needles just for fun. Spend some time trying to make your point.

June 13th National Sewing Machine Day

Just think what life would be like without the invention of the sewing machine. Before the 1830’s sewing was done by hand, requiring a great deal of effort and time. The credit often falls to Elias Howe who patented his invention in the Untied States in 1846, he began sales in 1851. However, the first sewing machine was actually invented by Walter Hunt in 1832 in Europe. Either way, breaking that sewing machine out of you attic or closet and start sewing again, it will save you a lot of money and you might even have fun using it.

How to celebrate – See how machine sewing machine manufacturers you can name. Count up all those items in your home that could use mending. Start a sewing club .

June 13th National Sewing Machine Day

Today we celebrate the invention of the sewing machine. Unfortunately, no one really knows why today is the day but that doesn’t really make any difference, just accept it. But what an invention it was, and it continues to evolve today.


Modern day sewing machines are a lot different than the original ones. They practically do everything themselves and even make you a cup of coffee while you wait. It hasn’t always been that way though. The early models were powered by humans since they came before electric.


The first patent came in 1755, being awarded to one Charles Federick Wiesenthal. It was a very basic model. Englishman Thomas Saint madel one a little more practical in 1790. France claims a model as early as 1830 and John Fisher made the first including all the parts of the other models in 1844. Elias Howe claimed the first patent in the US in 1846.


Josef Madersperger, Barthelemy Thimonnier, and Walter Hunt also lay claim to patents for the modern day sewing machine. I guess we owe them all a lot since so many seem to have had a hand in providing us with the modern day sewing machine. It is said, “A stitch in time saves nine” meaning that one stitch sewed the right way will save nine being made to cover up faulty work.


How to celebrate – If you have a sewing machine, use it today! If you don’t have a sewing machine, buy one so that you can save those nine stitches in the future. Give a thanks out to the seamtresses that make our lives so much better.