March 8th Be Nasty Day

Now here is a day you can forget about and truly make everyone feel better. No one takes credit for Be Nasty Day and I wonder why? Other than the Muppet’s Grouch I don’t know one single nasty person who is liked. And in truth we can all be a little nasty from time to time. The idea is not to stay there very long. And being nasty is also in the eye of the beholder, what is considered nasty by one may not be to another. And remember that everyone can have a bad day.

How to celebrate – Give a nasty person a wide path. If you wake up in a nasty mood don’t take it out on others. Watch Sesame Street.

Oct. 15th National Grouch Day

Oct 15th National Grouch Day

We all know them, some of us may even be one of them… the grouch of the day! Normally this is unacceptable but for today, and today only, it’s okay to be a grouch. The day has been celebrated since 1976 and supposedly came from Sesame Street’s “Grouch”. Could be, but I think there have been grouches for a lot longer time than that. I think a lot of the “Grumpy Old Men” are older than that. A grouch can be funny if you watch them and think about what they are grumpy about. In most cases, it’s nothing at all that makes them that way, it’s just who they are. Well, enjoy your grouch, love them and listen to them complain… after all, they won’t be around forever.

How to celebrate – Record a grouch so they can see how silly they sound. If you wake up grouchy, go back to bed. List all the grouches you know.

November 10th Sesame Street Day

November 10th Sesame Street Day


The first Sesame Street television show appeared on PBS, November 10th, 1969. It was created by Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett using Jim Henson puppets… Bert & Ernie, Oscar the Grouch, the Cookie Monster, Grover, Big Bird and Elmo, among others.


The idea was to teach youth numbers, colors and the alphabet. Mayor Michael Bloomberg created today to honor Sesame Street in 2009. Today, HBO and PBS show the series.


How to celebrate – Read about the Jim Henson puppets. Watch Sesame Street. Watch Jim Henson’s other creations – like the Labyrinth.